Introduction to Polymer Science and Chemistry: A Problem-Solving Approach, Second Edition

CRC Press, 2013 M01 11 - 770 páginas

Industry and academia remain fascinated with the diverse properties and applications of polymers. However, most introductory books on this enormous and important field do not stress practical problem solving or include recent advances, which are critical for the modern polymer scientist-to-be. Updating the popular first edition of "the polymer book for the new millennium," Introduction to Polymer Science and Chemistry: A Problem-Solving Approach, Second Edition seamlessly integrates exploration of the fundamentals of polymer science and polymer chemistry.

See What’s New in the Second Edition:

  • Chapter on living/controlled radical polymerization, using a unique problem-solving approach
  • Chapter on polymer synthesis by "click" chemistry, using a unique problem-solving approach
  • Relevant and practical work-out problems and case studies
  • Examples of novel methods of synthesis of complex polymer molecules by exciting new techniques
  • Figures and schematics of the novel synthetic pathways described in the new examples

Author Manas Chanda takes an innovative problem-solving approach in which the text presents worked-out problems or questions with answers at every step of the development of a new theory or concept, ensuring a better grasp of the subject and scope for self study. Containing 286 text-embedded solved problems and 277 end-of-chapter home-study problems (fully answered separately in a Solutions Manual), the book provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject. These features and more set this book apart from other currently available polymer chemistry texts.


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