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30: 141 021 590

Advertising publications, postage on
Alaska ...
Appointment of cadet-midshipmen..
Appointments ad interim.....
Appointments during recess of the Senate..
Appointments in the Medical Corps...
Appraisers at the port of Baltimore
Army supplies, contract for......
Army transportation over Pacific Railways
Arrest of Indian agent under State process
Assignment of government contract.
Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company land grant
Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company
Bank taxation ....
Bond deposit of national banks
Bonds dated on Sunday ..
Bond of corporation engaged in distilling.
Bounty of colored soldiers..
Bridge across the Portage Canal.
Bridge at Fort Snelling
Camp Wright, California.
Case of Brownell Granger
Case of Charles L. Phillips .
Case of Chief Constructor Easby
Case of Chief Engineer Ziegler
Case of George H. Giddings.
Case of John B. Burt
Case of Lieutenant-Colonel Saxton.
Case of Lieutenant Greely..
Case of Maj. Joseph B. Collins
Case of Paymaster Bellows
Case of Paymaster Rodney
Case of Prior H. Coleman
Case of Romulus J. Percy
Case of the propeller Kent.
Case of the steamer Nuestra Signora de Regla
Case of the steamer Smidt...
Case of Thoinas Lanigan-modification of contract
Case of William H. Dinsmore.
Certificates of merit for soldiers

014 266 183 516 571 277 572 353

94 187 653 125

10 630 424 123 121 203


45 366 567 383 290 624 312 101 319 227 620 339 275




132 225, 300

470 484

66 191 216

110 .236, 239 200, 317

678 537 414 619


570 .239, 617

384 611 412 116 106 13

Chelsea Naval Hospital grounds.
Cherokee Indians ...
Cherokee lands-removal of intruders..
Claim against mail contractor-compromise.
Claim of Charles P. Birkett
Claim of Fabbri & Chauncey
Claim of William P. Wood
Claims for Army supplies...
Claims of colored soldiers and sailors
Claims under treaty of 1819 with Spain
Commander of military department....
Commissioner of the District of Columbia..
Commission of pay-inspector in the Navy..
Commutation of quarters ...
Commutation of quarters while on leave of absence
Compensation of district attorney.
Compromise of claims of the United States..
Compromise of claim to real property
Computation of service for longevity pay, &c...
Contingent fund of War Department
Correction of patent
Court-martial-accuser or prosecutor
Court-martial jurisdiction..
Creek orphan fund...
Customs duties
Cutting or removal of timber
Dam at Lake Winnibigoshish
Deed of Indian ....
Departmental printing and binding
Desertion from the Army..
Desertion from the military service
Detail of Army officer for civil duty
Disbarring attorneys practicing in departments
Discharge of seamen in foreign port...
Dismissed officer-right to court-martial.
District attorney-temporary appointment..
District of Columbia eight per cent. certificates.
District of Columbia 3.65 bonds
Duty on ale and beer.
Duty on ont hoops ...
Duty on glass bottles
Duty on mixed cotton goods....
Duty on steel wire....
Duty on wrought scrap-iron.
Eight-hour law...
Employment of Indians in co-operation with troops
Employment of the military as a posse.

31 Page. Enrolled Missouri militia--homestead

472 189 552 325

57 396 170 499 488 268 599 538 515 173 359 660 269 648 315 445

58 451 162

147 Entry of dutiable merchandise ....

158 Examiner of State claims in War Department....

378 Exchange of gold and silver for United States notes

381 Exemption from enrollment and license...

563 Expenses of soldiers as witnesses...

147 Extradition-explanatory evidence.

642 Extra-territorial imprisonment...

678 Fire commissioner in the District of Columbia.

179 Foreign-built vessel.....

533 Forfeiture....

41 Forfeiture under the internal-revenue law.

185 Fort Brown, Texas..

465 Fort Porter military reservation...

592 Franking privilege of Members of Congress.

271 Free list ....

486 Fuel for Army officers..

92 Government advertisements..

616 Graduates of Naval Academy-relative rank

296 Hamilton-Brooks cigar stamp

443 Harper's Ferry property.....

322 Holding two offices-compensation

7 Ice-harbor at mouth of Muskingum River..

387 Injunction of State court

257 Importation of antiquities

353 Improvement of Kentucky River .....

405 Improvement of the navigable waters of the United States.

534 Improvement of South Pass of the Mississippi .. .128, 133, 153, 221, 306,

335, 345, 302, 392, 420 Increase of pensions.....

594 Indian deed, approval of, by the President

310 Inspector-General's Department

63Internal revenue ....

248 Internal-revenue suits...

24 Internal revenue-tax on distilled spirits ..

634 Iowa Railroad land grant

457 Jurisdiction of court-martial...

43 Kansas and Neosho Valley Railroad lands.

181 Kansas school-land grant-indemnity ..

430 Land of the United States at Sandy Hook.

205 Liabilities of sureties on mail contracts

61 License of vessels in the coasting trade.

247 Lien of inland carriers ...

74 Life-saving Service-disposal of wrecks..

645 Light-house ....

631 Light-house at Great Beds, Raritan Bay

360 Loss of date and suspension in the Navy

587 Lotteries

5 Page.

Louisville and Portland Canal.....

Marshal's fees-service of process

Military Academy

Military prisons-court-martial jurisdiction

Minnesota Railroad land grant.......

Minnesota Railroad land grant of July 4, 1866

Mississippi River Commission-mileage

Missouri River, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad Company

National Board of Health .....

National Home for Volunteer Soldiers

Nautical Almanac

Naval court-martial-jurisdiction....

Navy regulations-settlement of naval accounts.

Newspaper postage

Offeuse against foreign government

Officers and soldiers—their pay as witnesses

Official correspondence-penalty envelope

Official envelope ......

Pardon-restitution of fine...

Pardoning power of the governor of Dakota

Paymasters in the Army.

Payment by mistake

Pensions for service in war of 1812

Pilots on l'nited States vessels

Port of Genesee-transportation in bond.

Postmasters-expiration of term

Post-trader-license tax...

Post-traders-traffic with Indians

Power of attorney-assignment..

Proceedings of Naval Examining Boarıl-rehearing.

Property lost in the military service...

Prosecution of claim against United States.

Protests and appeals in customs cases.

Providing and repairing lock-boxes.

Public buildings....

Public buildings at Omaha.

Purchase of land .....

Rank of aids of the General of the Army...

Readjustment of account for mail service.

Real estate acquired in satisfaction of judgments.

Refund of customs duties....

Registration of trade-marks.

Reissue of patent....

Relative rank of assistant surgeons.

Remission of forfeiture...

Removal of intruders from Cherokee lands.

Rendition of public accounts

Repayment of duties....

Repayment of tonnage tas


119, 414








.56, 605, 651






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