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the day of redemption. Blessed hope ! Sweet expectation ! Transporting prospect ! Heavenly assurance ! Bless the Lord, O my soul !

“July 15.—It is Jesus constitutes my heaven below. What a delightful manifestation of the Savior I have just had. An angel's tongue might tell, but mine utterly fails. This is the day of the week on which I received an unction from the Holy Ghost, in a manner and measure of which before I had no conception. What a blessed reality is religion : 0 how divine ! The Lord communicates with the soul as clearly, as convincingly, and as feelingly, as man with man, face to face.

“ 19.-Since I wrote last I have not had those lively feelings of nearness to God until last evening, when great grace rested upon me. I think I never had such humiliating views of myself, and such a sense of the condescension of God. My soul got low at the feet of Jesus, and I bathed them with my tears. How sweet! and how welcome to my soul! It was indeed refreshing, and I could only praise and adore my God, and admire the mysterious, wonderful relation I sustain to him as my Father-my Savior-my Sanctifier. What a debt of gratitude I owe for all the goodness of the Lord ! He has taken me up and set me among princes ; from being a child of the devil, to be an heir of heaven.

“In contemplating my latter end, the question arose what inscription would you have on your tomb-stone ? And in thought I answered:

66. Here lies - A sinner, born again; a sinner, washed, and justified, and sanctified. A sinner, once an heir of hell, a child of the devil, by wicked works ; but by grace, a child of God and an heir of beaven; a miracle of grace, deserving all the miseries of the second death; and yet an expectant of endless glory and felicity. Farewell earth; welcome heaven. I am nothing; Jesus is all.'

“ July 23.-In reviewing the goodness of the Lord to me during the past month, I think I have experienced clearer and more powerful manifestations of his love and sanctifying grace than in any former month of my life. What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits towards the unworthiest of his creatures ? Through fasting, my body is weak, though I feel strong in the inner man. May the months to come find me more spiritual and heavenly-minded. I long for increased conformity to the Lord Jesus. O for daily transformation into his likeness, tiil I shall see him as he is. I know not what a day may bring forth; but more and more am I impressed with the absolute necessity of a well-laid foundation for future usefulness; and yet I have a most earnest desire to be in the field, whence is the cry, 'Come over and help us.' Still the providence of God seems clearly and forcibly to utter his voice, 'Stay,' and I willingly submit; and enter the sophomore instead of the junior class, and lo spend another year in hard study of the Latin and Greek, that I may be well grounded. How different my views from those entertained a year ago. With disgust I perused to-day some of my records made about that time, and was strongly tempted to destroy them. But I still preserve them as mementos of my folly; yet lessons of wisdom have been learned from those very circumstances; lessons invaluable, though bought at a very dear rate. I hope they will be turned to good account. All things work together for good, to them that love God.' This I believe, and am persuaded those things were for my good; for through chem I have seen and known more of myself-more of man-more of God. I have since possessed a contented mind, which has been a continued feast. My feet had well nigh slipped, but the Lord held me up. To his worthy name be all the praise.

“ Abraham went out, not knowing whither he went. I know nothing of my future destiny. I see, should my life be extended, six years of preparation before me. I feel much interest both in the Palestine and Burman missions. But, speak, Lord, thy servant heareth. If there be a spot on earth where thou wilt render me a co-worker with thyself, I consult not my own will. Nay, if thou hast nothing for me to do, I would stand still and see the salvation of God. I am not my own-I am the bought property of the great Head of the church. Gr, or stay-live or die. Amen.

August 10.–Last evening's hour of devotion was spent on the bed, to gain relief for the suffering body It was a seasonable and light affliction. It showed me my frailty-my insufficiency-my dependence on the Lord for every mercy. How important is health for usefulness. Hence the necessity of great watchfulness and care to guard against disease, particularly in the minister, and candidate for the holy office. Alas ! how many young men throw away their aster-life, during their preparatory course. May I be guided wisely, having—1st. devotion, 2d. exercise, 3d. study, as my principal daily objects, with an eye single to the glory of God. " Aug. 21.—This evening I had

blessed season, in waiting upon the Lord. My spiritual strength was


renewed. I had a refreshing view of Jesus. O how much better than the pleasures pursued by the world ! There is a ball in the neighborhood this evening. Once I loved such scenes: but then I was a child of sin. The Lord be praised for turning my mind from folly at so early a period. Was it that I might do something in his cause before I die? I trust he is training me for usefulness. I know not;-but He will make it plain. Lord, make me holy. Help me to exercise myself unto godliness, and to strive in all things to approve myself unto thee.”

In all Mr. Taylor's papers, whether journal, notes, or letters, we find the same spirit of piety and Christian benevolence; the same ardent desire that others should enjoy the sweet communications of divine grace with which his own soul was enriched. And while he la. bored and prayed for his own growth in grace, he was ever ready to use all the means within his reach to awaken the careless, to bring sinners to repentance, and to urge on the Christian in his race Among the numerous letters from which our selections and extracts are taken, there is not one which does not breathe the spirit of love to Christ and to the saints.

To Miss H- he wrote from Lawrenceville, Au

gust, 1823.

Since I had the opportunity of inquiring, as I was wont to do, into your spiritual condition, you, doubtless, have had many a conflict with the world, the Hesh, and the devil. But what are these? They are, indeed, enemies of our souls; but he who is made of God nnto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and

redemption,' will give us the victory. Whatever our conflicts or trials, afflictions or disappointments, id this vale of tears, let us receive them as included in the legacy of our Lord: 'In the world ye shall have tribulation ; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.'

“ On how many places have we inscribed, 'Hitherto hath the Lord helped us! Then let us believe that 'the Lord will provide.' I am a witness that the Lord will provide The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. - We are of more value than many sparrows.' Will not the Lord take care of his children? The cattle upon a thousand hills are his-the earth too, with all its fullness. He hath stores of blessings to supply not only our temporal but our spiritual necessities, and will he not do it? Yes, there is in our Father's house oread enough and to spare. Even here on earth, we may feed on angels' food; and how delicious! I trust you have been richly fed at the table of our Lord from day to day. The time was when we were strangersentire strangers to this sweet repast, because we knew not the grace of God; but to me, though unworthy of the crumbs that fall from my Master's table, the Lord has granted Gospel-measure-pressed down, shaken together, and running over; great grace has been upon me. The windows of heaven have been opened, and showers have come down and more than filled my soul. The Lord has indeed done great things for me, whereof I am glad. I have no language to describe the heaven of love towards God and man which I have enjoyed during the last fifteen months. Of this I do rot boast, for the Lord hath, in condescension and love

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