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infinite, bestowed it upon a worm, the unworthiest of creation; and to him be all the glory.

“Does the Holy Spirit bear witness with your spirit that you are a child of God ? This is the privilege of every soul that has been born of the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, &c. Where these abound, there the witness of the Spirit is enjoyed. Then it is that the soul, with child-like simplicity, and with filial confidence and affection, approaches God and criez-Father-Abba-Father; then it is that death loses its terrors-the grave its gloom—the bar of God its dreadful aspect-and hell its horrors-rather, the horrors of hell are deepened, but the fear of them is gone. The soul, with this experience, is conscious of reconciliation with God its Father-Jesus smilesthe Comforter is present-and heaven is desired as the home of the saint.

" To enjoy all this should be our constant aim ; for Jesus, dying, purchased it for us, and living, he is ready to bestow it all upon us. The Lord make room in our hearts for the full reception of himself, with all his train of graces, and finally give us an abundant entrance into his kingdom to enjoy him for ever. “Farewell-yours in Christian bonds,

" Jas. B. TAYLOR."

To return to those evidences of Christian character afforded so abundantly in Mr. T.'s Journal, we transcribe the record of his exercises, bearing date September 10, in which he appears, as might have been believed without -this direct evidence, to have had a conscience remarkably tender, and much alive to every thing that bore even the appearance of evil.

“How various are the assaults of Satan! Last night I had a dream, in which a temptation was presented to my mind, and I was overcome. This morning I felt shorn of my spiritual strength, which I attributed to that circumstance. Perhaps this was a chastisement for an unguarded expression which I uttered to a gentleman who came in during my hour of devotion-and seeing me engaged with a book, proposed to retire, saying he would not interrupt me; to whom I replied, •No interruption. This was intended only as a civility ; but my conscience smote me; for he was interrupting the sweet exercise in which I was engaged. I looked to the Lord for pardon, and afterwards enjoyed a blessed season of communion.

Sept. 14.-I found, on coming home this evening, a note from Mrs. M. S., telling me of her deliverance from distress, and her joy in the Lord. She says, “My friend, I hope to hail you in heaven, as the instrument in God's hand of bringing me to the feet of Jesus.'

15.- This day brings to mind the time when I publicly declared myself the Lord's servant-seven years have passed since I professed religion-0 how much! What great and glorious things the Lord has done for me since that time—and still I experience his goodness.

“ 16.—Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness' sake. I have had a small share of that blessedness to-day; and I rejoice in it, because it arose from doing my duty in conversing with sinners with plainness, which is never acceptable to a proud heartand from giving testimony of the love of God in my soul, to lukewarm professors and urging the necessi.


ty of a deep work of grace in the heart, and of the con. tinual witness of the Spirit.

“ Did David say, 'Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will tell what he hath done for my soul ?! and may not Christians now tell of the goodness of the Lord to them? Did Paul say, 'We know that if the earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens ?' and may not the heart that enjoys the same assurance, express it in the same language, even though professors of religion brand the assertion as an evidence of self-righteousness ?

“Lord, never let the fear of man ensnare me; and may I ever be a bold witness for Jesus, and for the attainment of that perfect love which casteth out fear.

“ Sept. 18.-Another death in the neighborhood ! How frequent and how swift the shafts of the destroyer amongst us! Whose time comes next? Lord, is it I ? After attending a funeral, at which I stood up between the living and the dead, and spoke to the people, from the time is short,' I took my accustomed walk, with a heart full of gratitude to the Lord for my sweet and cheerful hopes. I thought this might be my last walk along that oft-frequented path, as my time at Lawrenceville is coming to a close. What a delightful retreat this has been to me! But this evening I agonized in spirit as I had never done before, in prayer for this people. While thus engaged I unexpectedly met and with streaming eyes addressed him. He weptthe Lord bless his soul with conversion! As I left him I wrestled in prayer for him, and for our neighbors My soul was pressed down with the weight of anxiety. I felt for their eternal interests. When arrived at the memorable tree, I fell before the Lord, to vent my sorrows there. O the longing I had for this people ! All I asked was, for Christ's sake, that salvation might come to them. While thus wrestling and weeping before my heavenly Father, an aged man drew near. I espied him, but did not rise from my knees, and as he came near I spoke to him, and testified of the love of Jesus. I found he had no religion, I spoke to him plainly and with a full heart. He soon began to weep, and wished me to pray with him and for him. I did with earnestness and with tears, and then exhorted him to repent and to come to Christ now. He left me with apparent concern. Lord, save his soul, and let it not be in vain that he came hither. He said he thought the Lord had sent him. I returned home rejoicing in the Lord, and happy in his love.

Sabbath, Sept. 21.-How pleasantly this morning dawns upon me, a sinner saved by grace.

“I betook myself to the mercy-seat, and held sweet communion with heaven. Had a spirit of prayer for the people of L-, but more particularly for my

dear friend L. P. Rivers of waters ran down my eyes, while I forgot myself and interceded for him. Is this all for nought? Is this agonizing spirit given in vain ? I expect, I wait for the answer, while I hope for his conversion. How long, O Lord, how long ? Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly.

“ This has been a high day to my soul. The Lord was with me in his temple, and filled me with his love. It is my last attendance upon divine worship, statedly, in this village, and I think it has been the best. Dr. N. preached on the text, 'Ye were as sheep going astray, but are now returned to the shepherd and bishop of your souls. The word was spirit and life; and I received the truth in the love of it, while it melted my heart into love to Jesus, who had, as the good Shepherd, searched me out, and reclaimed me from my wanderings. How often has he led me into green pastures, and made me lie down beside the still waters!

“I went this morning to visit a sick person-and now it is a matter of astonishment that I am recording the loving-kindness of the Lord and celebrating his praises on the earth-surely nothing but the providence of God has preserved me.” (Having been, on this visit, twice thrown by a wild ungovernable horse.)

“I experienced but little inconvenience from my falls, though I had a very narrow escape. There seems to have been but a step between me and death: but I thank God for these occurrences, for they have been already sanctified to my spiritual good. The good Shepherd made it the occasion of rich and bounteous provision since my return. I was not frightened, but my soul was full of praise at the time, and I have since had a precious season, interceding before the Lord for myself and my friend L. P. This friend has been much on my heart to-day. Can it be for nothing ? Lord, save, or he will perish-and bless his household.

“ Sept. 22.-I was examined in the morning, and in the evening delivered an oration on science, with the valedictory address. Thus ended my academical course, during which I have had a diversified experience. May the Lord, by his good providence, direct me in my future goings, and lead me on to final victory and heavenly glory."

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