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on friends, and on this college ; and have been blessed with a spirit of prayer for them. O that the Lord would come in mighty power, and demolish the kingdom of Satan, and build up his cause. The Redeemer's kingdom prospers at the eastward, and souls are brought in by scores; Lord, send laborers into the harvest, and work by whom thou wilt work, only let souls come home to Jesus.

“Nov. 23.—Lord, what am I, or what my father's house, that thou shouldst visit me? The Lord is good, and his mercy endureth for ever. This day and this hour have I enjoyed the spirit of adoption sweetly drawing my inmost soul with cords of love. How condescending and how kind to me, an unworthy worm. He manifests himself as my Father in covenant. The precious Lamb of God shows himself to my faith as a full Savior, and reigns in my heart king supreme. The Holy Spirit comes down as showers that water the earth. Praise to my God for the holy unction with which I have this day been anointed. The beauties of my beloved Savior have captivated my heart, and yet my cry is, "more--my Lord, more faith which works by love.

“When thou fastest, anoint thy head and wash thy face; that thou appear not unto men to fast, but to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly. Already have I been rewarded. In the very act has my soul been abundantly blessed, and thus have I found it profitable to fast before the Lord this day. The blessing which he gave me nineteen months ago, he has enabled me to call to mind with thankful remembrance; may he



still make my habitation a dwelling of righteousness, of peace, joy, and holy triumph.

“I feel the want of a kindred spirit. Where is the spirituality of the church? Where are the men and

full of faith and of the Holy Ghost ?' Lord, purify thy church. Had an interview with one dear child of God, whose soul appeared warm with love and decided for God: with him I anticipate much sweet intercourse.

“ Nov. 30.—Let the warrior boast of his armor, and the victor of his conquest; let the scribe glory in his knowledge, and the sophist in his wisdom, and the worldling in his wealth and pleasures. But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which I am crucified to the world, and the world unto me.

“ Tlus has been a harvest day to my soul. The Sun of righteousness arose, and I basked in his beams, whose fructifying influence brought forth the good fruit, love. Indeed it is heaven upon earth. God blesses me from day to day. During the past week my meat and drink have been sweet antepasts of heaven-longing to see Jesus, and reign with him above.

“ Wrote to my dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. DMay my communication be a word in season to that dear family.”

In this letter Mr. Taylor supposes them to ask him, “How do you like college life ? Can you enjoy religion there ?'' And then answers: "I am happy to reply that I am pleased with residing in this institution, for several reasons; the chief of which is, because I believe it to be my duty to be here. The advantages for the acquisition of knowledge are every way suffcient; such as proper books and qualified teachers, and a complete system of operations. This regularity of procedure suits me well, and I endeavor to have a place for every thing, and every thing in its place.' To enjoy religion, as you know, is to have a sense of pardoned sin, and the presence of God reconciled through Christ. This can only be felt where “faith, that worketh by love,' is in exercise. Where this faith is in exercise no college walls, no sink of iniquity, can shut out the Lord. "Tis his presence makes our paradise below;' and his presence I have felt from day to day. Glorious have been the manifestations of his love to my believing, rejoicing heart. In this Bethel

have experienced many such seasons, and am look ing for many more. They are the sweet earnests of a blessed immortality. Lord, evermore give us this bread.

“But a word to Miss S. Was my parting word, "Be faithful ?? I trust you are so, giving diligence to make your calling and election sure. And we should, in imitation of our beloved Master, do good to all. Why are we not more ingenious in discovering and disseminating means of doing good? This is a day, if I may call it so, of invention. Cannot you invent something for the good of the church? Think and pray over this suggestion until you are satisfied.

“A word to S.Son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Feed my sheep.' How mighty this question! And the office of feeding the flock of Jesus Christ, how delightful! By your intended profession you will not be deprived of this privilege. May you prove to be a beloved physician. But can you say, 'Lord, thou knowest that I love thee?'

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and may you,

"To W

"Where art thou ?' Rejoicing in hope, and giving glory to God? Let us not be willing to spend one day without becoming more like Christ; for it is conformity to him that will make us holy, and that alone.

" A word to Miss What of that doubting and fearing? Are all lost in the sweet testimony that you please God? Cast all your burdens upon the Lord ;

like Mary, sit at the feet of Jesus—hang around his cross-make him



salvation and all


desire. " To Miss Our Savior said, I am the good shepherd. Do you hear his voice, and follow him daily ? As a lamb of the flock, may the good shepherd carry you in his bosom. Let us lean upon himcommit our all into his hands, and thus lie at his disposal.

66 To Miss One shall be taken and another left.' Is it true, that father and mother, brothers and sisters, have been taken ? and you-you left ? left fci what? Ask yourself this question for days to comedays to come! who can tell but, ere to-morrow's sun, you may have left the earth, and the soul gonewhere?

“Finally, a word to all. Exercise yourselves unto godliness, in constant watchfulness and prayer, and frequent fasting. Let the Bible be your companiongive yourselves to reading and meditation. Use it as a test to try every thought, word, and action. Let us do good to all. In a word, walk humbly, penitently, and in faith; so that we die daily. Advance heavenward, and be blessed continually, and be happy for ever.

With increased affection for you all, I am, in the best of bonds, yours,

" James B. TAYLOR."

“Dec. 7.—Another week has gone, and gone for ever. While passing, the inscriptions goodness and mercy have been legible on every day. My enjoyment has not been so great as during the two weeks preceding. And the reason is obvious—I wandered from the Lord ; and bitterness of soul took the place of sweet love: but the Lord heard my prayer, and again visited me with his grace. His mercy endureth for ever. Last night also witnessed my yielding to the same temptation, which brought leanness and sadness unto my soul. With what depression did I arise this Sabbath morning! The Sabbath’s Lord was absent—the Spirit, grieved, had left me, until I went into the cha. pel; I prayed, and read, and sung, but my heart was gone. Still I had faith and a fixed purpose to wait on the Lord. I was solemn. I felt that the glory had de parted. While the chapter was reading, my heart began to melt into penitential grief ; I felt myself deserving the lowest hell. I also felt that if I were sent to hell, I could but praise God for what he had done for me. At this juncture peace and consolation flowed into my soul, and I could praise the Lord. Blessed be bis name for ever."

On the same date he thus writes to his friend Miss W- :

“He who hath said, 'If I go away, I will come again unto you,' visits my soul with his love, and makes me happy here; and does he not add, 'to re

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