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God in secret, the soul must prosper; and there, il denied all things else, the child of God finds a Father, a Savior, a Comforter, a Friend, a Brother. May you find your retirements places and seasons of washing and renewing of the Holy Ghost.

“ How are all at ? I have taken an interest in ihat people; not because they are Episcopalians; no more than I would in Presbyterians, because they are such, but because some of them appeared to have the spirit of Christ. And I think I have been brought to this, to seek to have Christians more holy; and sinners, yet unconverted, brought to Christ. Away with the prejudice of names! away, for ever! The child of God is my brother, my sister. The sinner, my fellowsinner. The former let me love and serve, as of the household of faith : the latter, let me labor to bring, where we would be, at the feet of Jesus. And here at his feet we must lie, if on his throne we would sit down.

“I might tell you that-I have some pleasant retreats into the huts and smoky cabins of the poor of this re gion. And there too, in some instances, piety in its most radiant form is seen to shine forth. I should like to have you at some of my little meetings. The children of the highest seem happy, and I am happy in doing them good. Thus let me live; thus let us live, thus let us die.

6 You have witnessed much of the bustle about La. fayette. He is a great man-worthy of esteem! But in reading the account of his landing and reception in your city, I thought of our Jesus, the Son of God, and inquired, if He should appear, who would go out to meet him and help him? Who helped him through the land of Judea ? But his triumph was great. Let us strive to be good.

To a beloved christian brother, who had recently visited a place where God was blessing the church with a glorious revival of religion, Mr. Taylor wrote a letter abounding with pointed interrogatories, such as every Christian should attentively consider, and especially when the tone of piety is low, and a state of backsliding appears in the church.

“ Sept. 1.-Having been in the midst of so powerful a work of God's Spirit, you have doubtless returned with an increased solicitude for the Zion with which you are so happily connected. Do you not find that it is the delight of your pastor to preach the word with all plainness? How are you blessed in having an overseer so desirous of the welfare of souls! And be assured, you cannot pray for him too much. The apostle said, “Brethren, pray for us. Could


follow your pastor, you would see that in all his labors his heart cries out, ‘Brethren, pray for me.'

“ Inquiring concerning the pastor naturally leads to inquire after the flock. How is it, then, with the sheep? How is it with you, my brother ? Instead of engagedness, you may have become cold. Have you eloped from those green pastures in which you were wont to feed ? Have you left those refreshing streams of which it was your delight to drink ? Ah! what comparison do the gaudy weeds of the world bear to the sweet pasture which the good Shepherd has provided? And who would choose the turbulent streams of sense, in preference to the still waters' of his


love? But I hope better things of you: that you still walk with God, and follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth.

Many sheep compose the flock with which you feed. Are they all in health ? and do their souls prosper? Do they feed contentedly and live healthfully? In a large flock, how often are some sick; how many wander and go astray! What dissatisfaction with themselves and all around them, arising from unfaithfulness on their part to God, to their own souls, and the souls of their brethren ?

“ Were I with you at one of your little meetings, methinks I would ask my brethren, and say to each, Is it well with thee? Is it well with thee? As my soul rejoices in the prosperity of Zion, how would my praise awake at an answer in the affirmative! How would I send forth my voice in words of exhortation to the brothers or sisters in a luke-warm state! And I would ask, what profit is there in robbing God? What advantage in loving the world? What peace in dishonoring the Prince of peace, by indulging in sin? For it is sin, soul-blinding sin-sin, soul-harassing sin, beloved sin, soul-damning sin, that has veiled the Sun of righteousness; that has sent fearful forebodings of wrath into the soul, and stamped condemnation where once was light-where once was peace, reconciliation, and heaven. Were my soul in such a condition, would you not say to me, ‘Return, thou backslider, rove no longer; seek the Lord with thy whole heart ?' And I would say further, Look, precious soul, if thou hast ever had grace in thy heart, how art thou fallen! Do you not fear a final removal of the candlestick from its place ? O dishonor God, your heavenly Father, no longer; wound your Savior no more ; grieve not the Holy Spirit; come and confess; bow with penitence; mourn with bitterness; piead with faith; procure pardon, peace, and holiness; be determined to have no more to do with sinful conforinity to the world, cost what it may; make no compromise with self; have no league with Satan ; in a word, deny thyself, take up thy cross, and follow Christ; then you will show to the world that Christ Jesus, as you profess, is all ; sinners will take warning at your example and precept; saints will commune with you ; God will bless, and heaven finally receive your happy soul. Are convictions multiplied among you? Do sinners in Zion tremble ?

“I have much reason to praise our heavenly Father that he hath kept me hitherto. He hath indeed made my little room a Bethesda to my soul. Grace, y, and peace have been multiplied unto me; and I now bless the Lord and take courage for time to come. Having been blessed of God, it is our privilege—it is our duty—to look for greater blessings. From day to day may we be baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire. The Lord send down his holy unction, and make us, more than ever, fit temples for himself to dwell in. Then we shall rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, and in every thing give thanks.

My affectionate salutations to the brethren. Farewell.



Second Year in College.

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Mr. Taylor's fond affection for his parents and friends cannot for a moment be called in question; and yet, though he had not enjoyed their society for five or six months, and was on his way to spend the college vacation at home, when he arrived in NewYork, and found,” to use his own words, things interesting under the labors of brother L-, in the Rev. Mr. Patton's church, the pastor being absent and laborers needed, I, upon solicitation, joined brother L- for a season. At the resurrection of the just it will be known how many have been gathered in. On one evening thirteen expressed hope. The Lord bless the lambs of the flock."

At the commencement of the college session we find the following entry in his journal:

“ Last night the Lord gave me

-I cannot express it-such an exercise as I never had before : a view of the demerit of sin that sunk me lower than the lowest. And yet my soul exulted in God.

“ Thus have I begun. May I find my winter loca tion better than ever before-my health and my all are at God's disposal.

“Nov. 14.-Upon a review of the past week, I fina it fraught with loving kindness from the Lord. 'Last evening had a delightful season in remembering the lambs of the flock in Mr. P.'s church, with whom I

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