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I have been brought into so close a fellowship with God, that I knew not but I was breathing out my soul, to fly away. Yes, and it is the earnest, the foretaste of glory which the Lord has given me, that lifts me on high.

“The Lord is, I think, preparing me either to be more useful, or to take me to heaven. His will, not mine, be done.

"It may be that my dear brother rests under the smiles of our heavenly Father. Let us then cling close to the hope that is within us, stand firm at our station, endure with patience, fight valiantly. For this we must prepare in the inner chamber; with God in secret the harness is generally put on, and for the most part with weeping and contrition. May our hearts be bruised and healed, so that we shall be without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing.'

“Should you be apprehensive that you shall leave us soon, let my brother do the work he would do. Be faithful to me-be faithful to E.--be faithful to your family, to your minister, to all.

“Let your house be set in complete order. Seek for a clear, undoubting evidence of your acceptance. Stop not short of meetness for glory and glorified society. Without holiness no man shall see the Lord.' The very God of peace sanctify you wholly. And I pray God your

whole soul, and body, and spirit may be preserved blameless unto the coming of the Lord Jesus. Faithful is he who has called you; who also will do it. Only seek him with your whole heart.

"" Holiness captivates my soul. It is this that gives the character of God its glory, in my view. It is this that makes the character of angels and disembodied

spirits lovely in contemplation. It is this that makes heaven desirable. And it is this that illumes my soul, and allies it to the most holy on earth. My cry is, Lord, give me wisdom and holiness. And let this be the burden of your prayer for me- e-that I may be wise to win souls, and holy to enter heaven.

“Let me comfort myself, saith Edwards, that it is the very nature of afflictions to make the heart better; and if I am made better by them, what need I be concerned how grievous they may seem for the present ?"


Last Year in College.

To a Lady in feeble health.

Oct. 26, 1825. “Acknowledging the receipt of your epistle, which came to hand a few days since, I am constrained to comply with your request, write to me. With the other, which was, 'pray for me,' I have just complied, with tears and strong cries.

“Blessed be the Beloved that he has proved hiinself your elder brother-a friend always near. How relieving-0, how unburdening to the soul, is a gush of tears,sweet tears of love and gratitude! they have just flowed from my weeping eyes.

“I am glad that your spirit was refreshed by the coming of Christian friends; and for their concern for both you and me Let us not think it strange, if, when we see the image of Christ reflected more brightlv in the walk and conversation of some of his disciples than others, we are tempted to chide ourselves for not loving all equally. It is indeed written-By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one towards another;' and we know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren.' But the question is, Who is my brother? Is it one who has been baptized ? goes to the commu nion-table ? talks about religion ? Our Savior tells us—Whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother.'

“Instead of adding one pain to your already accumulated sufferings, I would relieve you of all-exchange your weakness for strength-your confinement for the pleasant fields. But, I apprehend, the days of my sister, if not already gone by, are soon to be numbered. This I know does not alarm you. You are conversant with the dying hour in anticipation.

“I am seated where, by a turn of the head, I have a beautiful prospect. I can overlook a village once the scene of labors both interesting and profitable There was a revival there three years ago last spring the fruits still appear. It reminds me of the latter day, when all shall know the Lord. The fields and trees that meet my eye cause me to sing,

Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood,

Stand dress'd in living green.' “And the river that flows by, lifts the thoughts to the 'pure river of the water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and the Lambi The grazing sheep and their fold speak, in association, of the good Shepherd, his flock and fold above.

The sun has sunk beneath the horizon to illumine another hemisphere. Ere long our sun shall go down: may it set to rise resplendent in a better, brighter world. "They that be wise shall shine as the sun; and they that turn many to righteousness, as the stars for ever and ever.' How happy his lot who takes his departure to meet the souls whom, under God, he has sent to heaven! O, there is meaning beyond expres. sion in what my soul hath felt in this view l-Pray, still pray, that a great company of sinners, redeemed from among men, may at last praise God for my instrumentality. May you be among the wise that win souls.

" The blowing of the wind reminds me of the sailorboy, perhaps, far off at sea, becalmed, or wasted by the breeze, or tossed by the tempest; now he mounts up to heaven, then goes down again to the depths. Let our sails be wide spread to catch every breeze of heaven; nor need we take in when the gales of grace blow upon them. As one watches the pole-star to prove his course correct, so let us look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Thus we shall run clearmake our voyage-enter the haven fully laden--cast anchor, and lie safely moored for ever.

“I thank God for his goodness in permitting an acquaintance between souls so congenial, in this the house of our pilgrimage. Our communion has been holy ; be it perpetuated above. I think I was enabled to acquiesce in the will of God. I could, and in a degree unknown before, bless him for making us mutual blessings. That


had been made a blessing to me, did not seem so strange; but that I should have been made a blessing to you, seems strange indeed. The Lord knoweth the mean view I have of myself. If alive, (for I know not but I was thinking of one in heaven,) I wrestled for heaven's blessing to descend and abide with you; and I was blessed in pleading for my dear sister, to whom, as never before, did I feel a binding of soul in Christian fellowship.

“From this situation, so pleasant, I could descry a scenery more captivating than any seen by mortal eye. Through faith, I took a view of the house not made with hands, and anticipated the day when I should at least hear you sing, and see you bow before the throne. Yes, my sister, if I should be at a distance, do you strive to get near the throne.

" You recollect I mentioned one whose soul seems full of love. O for a host of self-denying, cross-bearing, humble, Bible sons and daughters of the Lord Almighty.

“It rains-may a shower of grace come to you. May the Holy Ghost descend in his influences upon you like drops of dew. May you be as a well-watered garden, producing abundantly the fruits of righteousness.

“I was asked to-night, by a minister, What is saving faith ? I answered him in holy language: 'It is that faith which worketh by love, purifieth the heart, and overcometh the world.' How exemplified is this faith in some Christians ! Alas, that they are so rare Let these characteristics of the devoted servant of God and all the lineaments of the dear Redeemer, bemanifested in us.

If there should be but one on earth, ought you not to be the one, who should have the whole mind of Christ? Then would be seen in your every relation of life, what proves the reality, beauty, and excellency of the religion you profess."

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