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only imparted peace to her own soul, and gladness to her parents and christian friends, but joy to the angels in heaven. She has had to record one of the happiest events in the annals of her pilgrimage, it is an era in her existence, on which she will reflect with peculiar pleasure and gratitude, not only in time, but through eternity. O that I could know that it is thus well with her. But if, indeed, she has made no progress; if she has not yet 'apprehended Christ Jesus' as her Savior, and found him the chief among ten thousand,' I would ask her, why is it so ? 'Is there no balm in Gilead ;' 'is there no physician there ?? Has not the Father called you ? does not Jesus invite you by his life of toil, by his agony in the garden and on the cross, by his death and burial, by his resurrection and glorious ascension ? And now, being exalted as a prince and a Savior, is not his kind and winning language addressed to you, ‘Come unto me ?? All heaven appears to be engaged to secure the salvation of returning sinners. You have been alarmed by feeling that you were in the city of destruction ; O stay not in all the plain, lest thou be consumed, but fly to the refuge provided for sinners by the sinner's Friend. Your best interests call for it-the prayers, anxieties, and tears of your parents call for it. As you love

your soul; as you value your everlasting all; as you ever hope to meet God in peace, and dwell for ever in hearen, do it. 0! do it !- May the Lord have you all it his holy keeping !"

To his parents.

" L

December, 1821. Beloved Parouts, 16 When I call to mind that you have not heard from me since I left New-York, I feel that I have not manifested that love for you that I ought. But you will excuse me, while I assure you that I find my affection for you increasing instead of diminishing. You know, my dear father and mother, that nearly two years have elapsed since I arrived at this place to begin my studies. How rapid has been their progress! I feel disposed to rejoice rather than to mourn that the time has sped its flight. I look upon them as two years of preparation for that office which I anticipate with pleasure. And the faster our years fly, the better, if God be our Father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit our Sanctifier; for the sooner shall we be wafted over life's tempestuous sea, and the sooner shall we reach the wished for haven. Glory to our heavenly Benefactor, for devising the plan of salvation! Glory to our Redeemer, who accomplished the mighty work! And glory to the Holy Spirit, who applies it to our hearts and consciences ! Everlasting thanks to our God, if we have been made partakers of the grace of life; if we are his sons and daughters ! Surely it has been a work of his own on our hearts, and we ougkt to praise him. He is worthy of our highest homage and best services. Then let us spend the remaining days of our pilgrimage to his honor ; that so, when we are done with earthly things, an abundant entrance may be administered unto us into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 6. What distinguishing mercy has been displayed to our fainily ! But to me in particular—to me in parti. cular ; and you may well wonder at and admire that divine grace which 'sweetly forced me in. Once I was a child of many anxieties, and the occasion of many sorrows.

I feel that in my childhood I often caused you to suffer much pain on my account. But all was parental tenderness and affection on your part. o forgive me the follies of my youthful days, my obstinacy, self-will, disobedience, and rebellion. I know that you have forgiven me; but I cannot forgive myself. No! my ingratitude to you, the kindest and best of parents, is a reproach to me. May God forgive me-yea, I trust he has forgiven me, wherein I have been guilty in breaking this his command, 'Honor thy father and thy mother.'

« Once my home was under your roof-once I sat at your table-once I enjoyed the society of your family circle-and once I could call to you by the endearing appellation of father and mother. But now I am far away. My home, my table, my society, are among strangers. They, however, are my friends, this I am persuaded is of the Lord's kindness. And as he has been good to me in times past, I can trust him in time to come.

6 Did not the Lord, when he gave me to you, say, Take this child and nurse him for me, and I will give thee thy wages. For all your goodness to me, may heaven's best blessings rest upon you. And may I be an honor to my father, and to the mother who bore me!-may I glorify my heavenly Father, and be made a blessing to society! O may I not live a cipher


in this world, but be made extensively useful. For this, let me ask your continual, earnest, united prayers.

The above extracts from Mr. Taylor's letters show, it is thought, very distinctly an increase in his piety and in his religious enjoyments. He appears to be gradually raising higher his standard of ministerial holiness and usefulness, and making progress in real, decided, heart-felt religion.


Completion of his course in the Academy. On the 1st of January, 1822, we find, in a letter to a valued and confidential Christian friend, a brief statement of his religious views at that period.

“ The last time I wrote, you recollect the state of my mind. Since then, the Lord has been better than my expectations. I have had some precious seasons. I have known what it is to hold communion with my heavenly Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ, through the Eternal Spirit. My closet duties have afforded my highest enjoyments; not always, indeed, equally great, but generally delightful.

During this year may I, and may you, be more than ever engaged in the Lord's service. I am desirous to spend and be spent for him to live the life of

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the righteous. But we may not live to see its close. This morning I was meditating on the words in Matt. 26 : 18, My time is at hand; and I thought that if it should be the Lord's will to take me to himself this year, yea, even this day, I should rejoice at my departure. The grave seemed to lose its terrors-heaven and its glories appeared to be in sight-my soul was joyful. O to live religionto have heaven in view, the love of God in the heart, the world, the flesh and the devil under one's feet! Then, come life, come death, all, all will be well.

“O my friend, I am tired of living by halves. God says, 'Son, give me thy heart. I answer, 0 for an entire surrender-I long for complete deliverance from remaining corruption ; for sanctification in soul, body, and spirit;

for that perfect love which casteth out all fear-and until I attain this, I shall feel that I shall be unfit to be a minister of Jesus Christ.”

It deserves to be noticed,

that our young


was, in a remarkable degree, exempt from sectarian feelings. Among other tokens of enlarged and liberal feeling, it may be mentioned that he had correspondence with students of theology and private members of several religious denominations, and that the interchange of fraternal affection and christian exhortation was characterized by perfect confidence and entire freedom. This is what we may expect, when professors of Christianity have the spirit of their religion. It is truly a religion of love, which embraces all, of every pame, who show themselves to be true disciples of Jesus Christ.

From a letter of Major Ridge, dated, “ Cherokeo

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