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Numerous small corrections have been made in the last and present editions on various subjects, according as the evidence has become somewhat stronger or weaker. The more important corrections and some additions in the present volume are tabulated on the following page, for the convenience of those interested in the subject, and who possess the fifth edition. The second edition was little more than a reprint of the first. The third edition was largely corrected and added to, and the fourth and fifth still more largely. As copies of the present work will be sent abroad, it may be of use if I specify the state of the foreign editions. The third French and second German editions were from the third English, with some few of the additions given in the fourth edition. A new fourth French edition has been translated by Colonel Moulinie'; of which the first half is from the fifth English, and the latter half from the present edition. A third German edition, under the superintendence of Professor Victor Cams, was from the fourth English edition; a fifth is now preparing by the same author from the present volume. The second American edition was from the English second, with a

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Chief Additions and Onrecti"ns.

On the causes of sterility of hybrids, added to and

corrected. Pyrgoma found in the chalk. Extinct forms serving to connect existing groups. On earth adhering to the feet of migratory birds. On the wide geographical range of a species of

Galaxias, a fresh-water fish. Discussion on analogical resemblances, enlarged and

modified. Homological structure of the feet of certain marsupial animals. On serial homologies, corrected. Mr. E. Ray Lankester on morphology. On the asexual reproduction of Chironomus. On the origin of rudimentary parts, corrected. Recapitulation on the sterility of hybrids, corrected. Recapitulation on the absence of fossils beneath the

Cambrian system, corrected. Natural selection not the exclusive agency in the

modification of species, as always maintained in

this work. The belief in the separate creation of species generally

held by naturalists, until a recent period.

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