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Mental Health/Hygiene, generally:
Binghamton Psychiatric Center, lease portion for alcohol and drug abuse

Clozapine treatment in psychiatric centers

Community guardianship program, permanent, appointments, Chaps 846/86,

Community residences or supportive housing beds

Consolidating alcohol, substance abuse divisions, report

Drug and alcohol abuse prevention, projects, task force, extend Chap

Emotionally disturbed children, needs assessment project

Family based treatment, 500 new beds

Firefighting equipment of office of mental health, surplusing to local
fire departments

Harlem Valley psychiatric center, alternative use

Infants, guardians

Inpatient and outpatient services through a public benefit corporation · 736
Mental retardation and developmental disabilities office:
Comprehensive closure plan

Family support services, transportation; new beds, day slots

Psychiatric emergency programs, time extension for designation of certi-
fied hospitals, Chap 723/89

Psychiatric hospital dischargees need variety of services, benefits eli-
gibility, report


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Mental Health/Hygiene, generally: Continued
Residential programs, review statutes and regulations; review statewide

registry of community residential facilities
social services payments
Supported work program

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Mental Hygiene Law:
Alcoholism and substance abuse act:

Alcoholism treatment, disclosure, confidential information, $19.07 .
consolidates state's alcoholism, substance abuse and chemical depen-

dence services under the office of alcoholism and substance abuse,
related provisions, amended generally

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Council of mental hygiene planning abolished; goals and objectives

development, s$19.09, 19.10
Mental hygiene service providers, loans to employees, S$21.15, 23.15
Minors, admission and discharge from alcoholism inpatient treatment

facilities, S$21.07, 21.11
Committee of incompetent or patient:

Age, incompetent because of, 578.01

Provisions repealed, Art 78 ..

Incompetent because of advanced age, 577.01

Provisions repealed, Art 77 ...
Department; definitions:

Council of mental hygiene planning abolished, duties transferred,

"Employee assistance program", $1.03
Statewide comprehensive services plan, information in (include inpa-

tient analysis, long term needs, forensic psychiatric program,

research institute forecast, community care), $5.07.
Fees for services:

Assessments on service providers re. omnibus cost containment legis-

lation, SS43.04, 43.06, Chap 938/90

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Guardian for personal needs or property management, proceedings for ap-

pointment of, Art 81
Inpatient facilities:

Child abuse in residential care, investigations; additional protec-
tions to children, $29.29

- Chapter amendment, effective date clarifications
Local and unified services:

Board members of service providers, roles and responsibilities,

training manual, $41.54 ..
Community residential facilities:

Rates and charges, contract, $41.36
Siting re. supportive living facility or supervised living facil-

ity of 14 or more residents, municipal notifiction, $41.34
Council of mental hygiene planning abolished, S$41.16, 41.17, 41.35
Employee assistance programs, $41.54
Family support

services and goods, reimbursement, vouchers, subsi-
dies, $41.43
Integrated employment opportunities for severly disabled, $41.39
Rural non-residential alcoholism treatment services, demonstration

funding population limit raised, $$41.18, 41.23
Mental health act:
Board of visitors:

Family care home inspection, $7.33

Rochester psychiatric center, $7.33
Council of mental hygiene planning abolished, 57.05
Firefighting equipment of office of mental health, surplusing to

local fire departments
Integrated employment opportunities for severly disabled, $7.09

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Mental Hygiene Law: Continued

Service reductions, workforce strategies, alternate use of lands and

buildings, $7.17
Volunteer firefighters, leaves of absence, $7.21
Youth division restructured, related amendments, $$9.13, 9.27, 9.51,

15.27, 29.16
Mental retardation and developmental disabilities act:
Board of visitors:

Family care home inspection, $13.33
Newly opened office following school closure, old board members

to continue service, $13.33
Council of mental hygiene planning abolished, $13.05
Integrated employment opportunities for severely disabled, $$13.09,

Regulation and quality of service:

Child abuse in residential care, investigations; additional
protections to children, $16.29

Chapter amendment, effective date clarification

suspension or limitation of an operating certificate,

Mental hygiene service providers, loans to employees, $16.32
Mentally disabled:
Commission of quality of care:

Child abuse in residential care, investigations; additional
protections to children, $45.07

Chapter amendment, effective date clarification
Deaths, investigation of, records and required access to social

services adult care facilities, $45.09
Council of mental hygiene planning abolished, S$31.04, 31.22
Mental hygiene service providers, loans to employees, $31.31
Rent for a facility under receivership, conforming provisions, $31.28

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Surrogate decision making for medical care/treatment:

Community dispute resolution centers, staff and assistance, $80.05


Merigliano, Ralph:

Lease Hutchinson Field


Minisink Valley Central School District:

Teacher's aide retirement



Molisani, David:

Retroactive reinstatement in 25 year retirement plan


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Monroe County:

Nuclear generating facilities, funds from assessments of, county's share
Rush water district functions transferred to Monroe county water author-

ity, disposition of surplus monies
Sales tax adjustment act, additional tax authorized, "blue ribbon" com-




Monroe County_In Rem_Tax Foreclosure Act: (Chap 905/62 )

Redemption by installment payments, attorney's fees, $56, 12, 14, 22, 23


Moreau, Town:

Crandall public library district


Morrisville, village:


Madison Hall, land conveyance for

Mount Vernon, City:

Court officers, peace officer status
Lease Hutchinson Field



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Multiple Dwelling Law:
Fire protection and safety:
Fire-escape windows and

oil-burning equipment, approval of certain
devices used on, S$53, 64
Interim multiple dwellings, legalization:

Alteration applications/permits, compliance provisions; rent adjust

ments, S$284, 286, 277 Legalization of, S$284, 286 Termination date, Chap 349/82

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- Chapter amendments re. date changes



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Requirements and remedies:

Certificate of occupancy, application of, $301
Lead based paint removal, grants or loans for, 5309

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Cities with populations between 125,000 and 1,000,000 are in an economic

crisis, extend emergency aid for, si of Chap 396/75
Early intervention programs, cost projections
Investments, model agreement

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Nassau County:
Bond issuance, liquidate deficits; local advisory board; county recording

tax; exigency tax
District attorney, term
Hempstead, town see own heading
Police officers, election of 20 year retirement plan
Real property subdivisions, abandoning and cancelling
Sales tax compliance powers
SPCA peace officers, residency exemption
Stolen motor vehicle seized in investigation and unidentifiable, special

vehicle identification number issued
Western Nassau county water board, directors, voting

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Navigation Law:
Enforcement by counties:

Chap. Sections


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Navigation Law: Continued
Miscellaneous provisions:
vessels, fines deposited

in "I love NY waterways"
boating safety fund, 5201
Navigable waters of the state:
Skaneateles Lake, sanitary facilities aboard craft, 533-a

Chapter amendment re. penalties
Oil spills:

Oil spill compensation claims, $172
Responder immunity, national contingency plans, $$172, 174, 176,
178-a, 181

Chapter amendment, maximum financial responsibility per year,

$181 St. Lawrence River, motor boats on:

Regulation; including pleasure vessels, Fishers Landing, Cuba Island,

speed restrictions, more restrictive rules, $$100, 101, 102 .... Vessels:

Boating safety, generally: boating while intoxicated; reckless opera

tion; equipment provisions; criminal sanctions and procedures,

amend generally
Carlton, Orleans county, waterfront regulation, $46-a
Cayuga, village, waterfront regulation, $46-a
Commencement of an action by Eiling summons, SS48, 74
Noise levels on pleasure vessels; "effective muffler" and "underwater

exhaust system", SS2, 44-44-e, 45-aaaaa, 45-aaaaaa
Porter, Niagara county, waterfront regulation, $46-a

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New York City:
American National Red Cross, lease of property

442 Columbus quincentennial celebration in NYC, protocol

301 East 161st Street (200), installment purchase contract

691 East Brooklyn Congregations, park land conveyance for subsidized housing 351 Emotionally disturbed children, needs assessment project

150 Fuel oil truck routes

431 Furloughed employees of parks and transportation departments between

1/1/92 and 6/30/92, special provisions re. retirement service credit · 636 Hospitals and charities, water charges for, effective date extension, Chap 890/82

97 Interim multiple dwellings see under Multiple Dwelling Law Motor vehicle tax, DMV administration, Chap 1032/60

789 Park land conveyance

462 Parking, garaging or storing of motor vehicles, sales tax

810 Pay toilets, temporary installation of

8 Police, lateral transfer of officers between departments within any municipality, appointments, Chap 675/91

Queens see own heading
Real property reconveyance:
Acosta, Armando, Queens

Fleckenstein, Marilyn

432 Forilien, Luc, and Clelie Dasny, Brooklyn

212 Hall, Joseph, a.k.a. Joseph Baruch, Brooklyn

283 Kawano, Hirobumi

471 Lennon, George and Sallie, Queens




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