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Public Health Law: Continued

Reporting requirements prior to certifying reimbursement rates, $2807

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Residential health care facilities:

Rate of payment, extends certain provisions, Chap 483/78
Reimbursement rate promulgation, adjustments, $2808

Reimbursement system, study.
Sexual offense evidence collection kits, keep for one month, $2805-i
Tuberculosis infection control, expediting hospital construction ap-

plications, $2802
Ridney disease institute:

Advisory council abolished, $2713 .

Business practices; permit violations, $5577, 578, Art 5 Title 6

Environmental laboratory, certification, penalties, $502
Malignant disease control:

Roswell Park cancer institute, $2420
Maternal and child care:
Federal child care and adult food program, Art 25 Title 6

- Chapter amendment re. eligible institution, $2586
Infants and toddlers with disabilities, early intervention program,

transition services, Title II-A

Midwifery, regulation transferred, $2560
Medical referral services:

Dentists, referral to prohibited, $4501
Nuisances and sanitation:

Lead poisoning prevention program, advisory council, screening, Art

13 Title 10 amended generally

Mortgage liens or encumbrances, $1307
Property and hospitals in department of health:

NYS home for veterans in western New York, SS403, 403-0
Payments for medical assistance, extend $410, Chap 165/91
Roswell Pack Cancer Institute, clinical practice income, surplus

revenue, SS403, 409, 409-a, 409-b, 409-c
Sexually transmissible diseases:

Court access to reports and information, $2306
Tobacco products regulation; distribution to minors restricted, Art 13-F
Veterans' homes:

NYS home for veterans in western New York, $2630
Women veteran memorial community room dedicated at state home in NYC,

$2634 ....
Vital statistics:

Births, adoption information, records, SS4138, 4138-b, 4138-c, 4138-d

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Public Lands Law:
Brokers, licensed, compensation for sale of state lands, provisions made

permanent, Chap 336/81
Lands underwater, regulation generally; buildings and structures; taking

of gravel and minerals; sides, surveys, easements, SS7, 75, 30-a Madison Hall, property conveyed for ..



Public Officers Law:
Appointment and qualification:
Defense and indemnification:

Community dispute resolution center staff, surrogate decision

Physicians, managing clinical practice income, $17
Roswell Park cancer institute clinical practice plan employee,


1 16

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Public Service Law:

Gas corporation, natural gas as vehicle fuel, $2
Gas, electric and steam, residential:

Termination of service, third party notice by landlords, $40

Voter registration material, $44
Gas and electric corporations; price regulation:

Electric capacity procurement, auctions, rates, $566-0, 66-i
Subsidiary corporations


and operate additional facilities outside of state, $66-C Major electric generating facilities, siting, Art X Telephone and telegraph corporations:

Alternate operator service providers, options for caller when unable

to complete a call, 592-c
Telemarketers and automatic dialing-announcing devices, consumers

rights, notice, 592-d


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Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rican/Latino business development center



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Putnam County:

Nuclear generating facilities, funds from assessments of, county's share

see own heading
Putnam County Veterans Memorial Bridge, designation


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Queens County:

Bellerose Housing Development Fund Company, Inc., state land conveyance.


Queensbury, Town:

Crandall public library district




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Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law:
Local tax on admissions :

tax appeals tribunal proceedings, informal conciliation proce

dures, $809 Miscellaneous provisions:

Breeders' Cup races, simulcast, wagers, S9905, 905-a

Simulcasting rights, Breeders' Cup Ltd., S9904, 905-a
Simulcast of horse races:

Out-of-state tracks and races, technical provisions, $$1007, 1014.
Throughbred tracks in another state; telephone accounts, S$1007,

1009, 1012, 1014, Chap 346/90 .. Thoroughbred racing and breeding:

Aqueduct Racetrack, real property conveyance; restructure NYRA board,

S$208, 202

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Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law: Continued

Backstretch employees, pension plans, payments to horsemen's organi

zation, $221
Horsemen's organization, payment of monies into, 9221
Jockey injury compensation, inc., equitable assessment of insurance

costs among owners and trainers, 5213-a
Mixed meeting licenses and taxes to conduct betting, S$207, 228

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Real Property Law:
Brokers and salesmen:

"Real estate broker", security sales, $440
Condominium act:

Common charges, liens for, $339-aa
Landlord and tenant:

Senior citizen lease termination, notice of rights, $227-a
Recording instruments affecting real property:

Agricultural districts, conveyances, disclosures, S$333, 333-C
Nassau county, abandoning and cancelling real property subdivisions,


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Real Property Tax Law:
Assessments subject to state board approval, $1572

Electronic data processing, final assessment roll submission, $1590. 316
Administrative review:

Complaints, timely, tentative roll public inspection, 55524, 526 609
Agricultural assessments, dollar value reduction disclosure, county
board service, 91532

Correction of assessment rolls and tax rolls, tax roll entry exempt,
$550 ...

Entry of separate parcels on tax maps, 5504

513 Oil and gas rights lands, charges, 5593

State lands, taxation of certain:

Hemlock and Canadice lakes watershed lands; notice to state
board, approval, S$530, 533, 542

Valuation of state lands, SS534, 542

Tax map changes, fee, $503

Tentative assessment roll, corrections, complaints, $5504, 505, 506,
510, 510-a, 511, 512, 576

Certain assessing units, special provisions:

Sullivan county, taxes levied, notice, payment, collection, $1508 . 598
Class share preservation:


condominimum units, class two buildings with fewer
than eleven units, eight percent cap, $1805

"Homestead class":
Agricultural lands, $1901

Vacant land parcels, $1901

594 Local base proportion, adjustment, determination, SS1901, 1903

316 Special assessing units which are cities, base proportion, $1803-a 298

1-3 1-3 10





1 20,21,25


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Real Property Tax Law: Continued
County equalization; alternative method:

Clerical errors, board of supervisors may correct, $844

Revise process of assessment; final rates, apportionment, 59842, 845 Delinquent taxes; uniform delinquent tax enforcement act:

Statement of taxes, mailing by collecting officer, $1154

Agricultural and horticultural lands, structures and buildings, $483
Business investment,

exemption for

Clergy, exemption application form, $460
Economic development

concurrent exemption for same improve-
ment, $485-e
Forest lands, special equalization rate computation, $480-a
Multiple dwellings, single room occupancy; rehabilitation, abatement,

annual certification, $488-a
New multiple dwellings, exemption table, $421-a
New York city industrial and commercial properties:

Extends application time; temporary incentive boundary commission

determinations, SS489-eeee, 489-cccc
Redirect benefits to needed areas and reduce benefits to over-

built areas; "exemption base", "excluded areas", "mixed
property"; five classes of areas; certain excluded area in Man-
hattan; renovation area; dates for applications; pro rating
exemption; minority and women-owned enterprises, S5489-aaaa

New York City multiple dwellings; alterations, conversions and im-

provements, extend J-51 program, $489
New York city residential mortgage insurance corporation references,

S5421-a, 489
Nonprofit organizations:

Capital improvement fund, interdenominational centers, $430

Exemption application form, $420-a
Railroad property:

Assessment ceilings for intrastate railroads, extend provisions,

SS 489-3, 489-hh, Chap 199/87
Assessment ceilings, extend until March 1, 1993, SS489-ff, 489-),

489-hh, Chap 199/87

Industrial development agency, $412-b
Religious corporations, exemption application form, 5462
Religious denominations, exemption application form, $436
Report of exempt real property, 105 days of final roll, $496
Senior citizens:

Divorce or separation, income limitation, $467
Late applications under hardship conditions, $467
Maximum income exemption eligibility level, increase, $467
Previously qualified persons, partial exemption, $467
Siblings, joint ownership, $467
Tax abatement for rent-controlled/regulated property, eligibility

level increased, S$467-5, 467-c
Solar and wind energy systems, large city school district exemption,

Special ad valorem levies and special assessments, computation, $490

Application form, $458
"Latest state equalization cate" definition, special equalization

rate, S8458, 458-a General provisions:

"Revaluation", "update" definitions, compliance to standards, $102. Judicial review:

Judicial hearing officer, $731
Levy and collection of taxes:

Agricultural assessments, dollar value reduction disclosure, 5922 ...
Sequestration of corporate property for failure to pay taxes, $992
Technical correction, local assista nce, S980

675 261


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Real Property Tax Law: Continued
School districts, special provisions:

Agricultural assessments, dollar value reduction disclosure, $1325
Revaluation provisions transferred, $1315
Revise process of assessment; "taxable assessed valuation", final

rates, certification, $$1314, 1315 State equalization rates:

Market value survey, standards for data collected by local assessors;

special equalization rates for certain school districts, SS1200,


Special franchise agreements, adjust, $1222 State board of equalization and assessment:

Exemptions, application forms, $202

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Religious Corporations Law:

Coptic Orthodox Churches, technical changes, $451 ...
Merger consolidation of religious corporations and type B not-for-

profit corporations formed for religious purposes, 92-b
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, name change, Chap 268/1916


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Rensselaer County:

Retirement, Jeanne Pryer Stinson, prior service credit, pay costs

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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute:

Center for polymer synthesis, UDC bonds for development



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Reports and Studies:
Agriculture and markets department:

Agricultural districts database and agricultural districts program;

right to farm guidelines; agricultural and farmland protection pro

grams AIDS institute, demographics seroprevalence studies, Chap 409/91 Alcoholism, substance abuse and chemical dependence services, temporary

implementation council on consolidation under one office Alzheimer's disease, task force established to identify policy alterna

tives, priorities and coordinate comprehensive effort Blind and visually handicapped commission, vending program plan/report Budget, legislative working group to review, analyze, examine and report

on impact .. Budget division:

Capital assets maintenance system

Fines, fees, debt collection activities, required report information
Canal recreationway commission, economic and tourism development
CUNY; report services; deaf, SEEK, child care, partnership program,

freshman program, equipment Civil service department:

Performance ratings and tests, appeals

Workforce training and redeployment, management plan, report
Combined senior citizen services center/residential health care facility/

child day care center community grants program, reports, provisions ex

tended, Chap 841/87 .. Comptroller:

Capital assets maintenance system ...
Correctional services department; earned eligibility program, work re-

lease, Eurlough or leave, community treatment facility release, Chaps

261/87, 339/72, 554/86
Debt management practices of state, advisory Committee, report
Domestic violence prevention office, batterers project
Early intervention programs for infants/toddlers with disabilities, coor-

dinating council, reimbursement task force, municipal cost projections Economic development department:

Infrastructure projects re. jobs for the new, New York bond act

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