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PAGE. Abbott ads. Brown..

162 Carnes et al. ads. Peacock.... 99 Alexander v. Tolleston Club of Challenor v. Mulligan ...

666 Chicago.

65 Chicago, City of, ads. Braun Andrews et al. v. Andrews et al. 223 et al...

186 Atkins ads. Bradshaw, Admr ... 323 Chicago, City of, ads. Harmon.. 400 Austin v. Dufour et al..... 85 Chicago & Alton R. R. Co. v. Austine v. The People.... 248 Pennell.

435 Ayer ads. Holdom.

448 Chicago & Eastern Illinois R. R.
Co. v. Geary....

383 B

Chicago & Evanston R. R. Co. v. Bangs et al. v. Brown et al. .... 96


89 Bloomington, City of, v. Shrock. 219 Chicago & Evanston R. R. Co. v. Board of Supervisors of McHenry Jacobs

414 County ads. The People ex rel. 93 Chicago & Tomah R. R. Co. ads. Board of Supervisors of Mercer Simmons, Admx. ...

340 Co. ads. Town of New Boston. 197 | Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Board of Supervisors of Stark R. R. Co. v. Dougherty...

521 Connty v. The People ex rel.. 577 Clifford v. Drake...

135 Board of Supervisors of Will Colson v. Leitch.

504 County v. The People ex rel.. 511

Covenant Mutual Benefit AssociBolden et al. v. Sherman. 418 ation v. Hoffman et al..... 603 Bradshaw, Admr. v. Atkins, . 323 Crossett v. Owens et al.

378 Braun et al. v. City of Chicago.. 186 Brennan v. The People... 535

D Brock ads. Lancey 609 Dawson v. Dawson

279 Brooks et al. v. Sanders. 453 | Dietrich ads. Sproehnle et al. 202 Brown v. Abbott.

162 | Dougherty ads. Chicago, BurBrown et al. ads. Bangs et al... 96 lington & Quincy R. R. Co... 521 Brown et al. v. Scottish-Ameri Drake ads. Clifford .

135 can Mortgage Co....... 235 Dresel ads. Chicago & Evanston Bryan ads. Kenley et al. 652

R. R. Co......

89 Buckrice v. The People 29 Dufour et al. ads. Austin.

85 Burns v. Miller et al.

242 | Dunaway v. The People.. 333



PAGE, Ennis v. Ennis.....

78 Katz v. Moessinger, Admx..... 372 Ewing v. Sandoval Coal and Min Kaufman v. Loomis.

617 ing Co...... 290 Kell v. Worden...

310 Kenley et al. v. Bryan.

652 F Ker v. The People.....

627 Ferbrache et al. v. Ferbrache ... 210 Keystone Manf. Co. ads. National Fisher ads. Weaver ... 146 Furnace Co....

427 Fitch v. Wetherbee et al.. 475 King ads. Scates..

456 Frelka ads. Illinois Central R. R. King et al. ads. National Bank of Co...... 498 Pontiac

254 Frost et al. ads. Moshier. 206 Kobick ads. Wieland et al.. 16

Kuecken et al. v. Voltz.

264 G Geary ads. Chicago & Eastern

L Illinois R. R. Co... 383 | Lancey v. Brock ...

609 Grim et al. 2. Murphy.

Larned v. Tiernan.

173 Gund ads. Raber .... 581 Leitch ads. Colson

504 Livingston County Agricultural H

Society et al. 2. Hunter et al., 155 Haas ads. Rock et al..... ........ 528 Loomis ads. Kaufman..

... 617 Hannas v. Hannas.

53 Harmon r. City of Chicago, 400

M Heermans et al. ads. Wellington. 564 Mann et al. v. McKiernan....... 19 Hill et al. v. Parsons et al.... 107 McClelland ads. Towner et al.. 542 Hoffman et al. ads. Covenant McConnell ads. Young.

83 Mutual Benefit Association... 603 McDill et al. ads. McMillan et al. 47 Holdom t. Ayer......

448 McKiernan ads. Mann et al..... 19 Hoyt et al. r. Pawtucket Institu McKinnon v. The People ex rel. 305

tion for Savings et al.... 390 McMillan et al. v. McDill et al.. 47 Hungate ads. Roosevelt

595 Metropolis and New Columbia Hunter et al. ads. Livingston Gravel Road Co. ads. Shirk County Agricultural Society .. 155 et al....

661 Miller et al. ads. Burns.

242 I

Miller v. Union Central Life InIllinois Central R. R. Co. P.

surance Co......

102 Frelka

498 Moessinger, Admx. ads. Katz... 372 Illinois State Board of Dental Moshier v. Frost et al.

206 Examiners ads. The People Mulligan ads. Challenor.

666 ex rel. 180 Mullins v. The People..

42 Murphy ads. Grim et al.

271 J Jacobs ads. Chicago and Evans

N ton R. R. Co ...

414 National Bank of Pontiac v. King Johnson et al. v. Van Epps ..... 551 et al......

254 Johnson et al. 2. Whiteside County 22 National Furnace Co. v. Keystone Jones v. The People. 590 Manf. Co......

... 427


PAGE. Newark Fire Insurance Co. v. Rider v. The People............ 11

Sammons et al. ......... 166 Rink ads. Phønix Insurance Co. New Boston, Town of, v. Board of Hartford, Conn...

538 of Supervisors of Mercer Co.. 197 Ritzman v. The People..

362 New v. Oldfield.. 138 Rock et al. v. Haas..

528 Roosevelt v. Hungate...

595 0 Oldfield ads. New...


S Oliver et al. v. Oliver...


Sammons et al. ads. Newark Fire Olmstead et al. ads. Thatcher... 26

Insurance Co....

166 Owens et al. ads. Crossett.... 378

Sanders ads. Brooks et al..

453 Р

Sandoval Coal and Mining Co. Parsons et al, ads. Hill et al., .. 107

ads. Ewing

290 Pawtucket Institution for Savings

Scates v. King..

456 et al. ads. Hoyt et al. ....


Schroeder et al. ads. Richter... 112 Peacock v. Carnes et al...

Scottish-American Mortgage Co.

99 Pearce et al. ads. Rhawn et al., 350

ads. Brown et al..


Sherman ads. Bolden et al. 418 Pennell ads. Chicago & Alton R. R. Co.....


Shirk et al. v. Metropolis and New

Columbia Gravel Road Co.... 661 People ads. Austine..

248 ads. Brennan.


Shrock uds. City of Bloomington. 219 ads. Buckrice..


Simmons, Admx, v. Chicago & ads. Dunaway

Tomah R. R. Co..... 333

340 ads. Jones.,


Simpson ads. City of Peoria ads. Ker.

291 627

et al.. ads. Mullins.

Slee ads. Union Mutual Life In

ads. Rider...

surance Co.

35 ads. Ritzman.

316 362

Smiley ads. Thebus.
Smith v. Yocum.....

142 ex rel. ads. Board of Su

pervisors of Stark Co., 577 Sproehnle et al. v. Dietrich.
ex rel. ads. Board of Su-

pervisors of Will Co... 511
ex rel. ads. McKinnon... 305 Thatcher v. Olmstead et al......
Thebus v. Smiley..

ex rel. v. Board of Super-
Tiernan ads. Larned.

173 visors of McHenry Co. 93 ex rel. v. Illinois State

Tolleston Club of Chicago ads. Board of Dental Examiners... 180

Alexander ...

65 Peoria, City of, et al. v. Simp

Towner et al. v. McClelland. ... 542 son.....

Trustees of Preëmption Presby

294 Phønix Insurance Co. of Hart

terian Church ads. Whitsitt... 125 ford, Conn. v. Rink...



Union Central Life Insurance Co.
Raber v. Gund......
581 ads. Miller.

102 Rhawn et al. v. Pearce et al. ... 350 Union Mutual Life Insurance Co. Richter v. Schroeder et al...... 112 v. Slee...




PAGE. Van Epps ads. Johnson et al.... 551 Wetherbee et al. ads. Fitch..... 475 Voltz ads. Kuecken et al...... 264 Whiteside Co. ads. Johnson et al. 22

Whitsitt v. Trustees of PreëmpW Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Ry.

tion Presbyterian Church..... 125

Wieland et al. v. Kobick.... 16 Co. r. Wallace,

114 Wallace ads. Wabash, St. Louis

Worden ads. Kell..

310 & Pacific Ry. Co....

114 Wearer v. Fisher.. 146 Yocum ads. Smith..

142 Wellington v. Heermans et al... 564 Young v. McConnell...








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192 8517 Filed at Ottawa May 19, 1884.

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196 3178 1. WITNESSES-credibility--the jury to determine. It is the peculiar

110 province of the jury to determine whether any particular witness or witnesses


213 3289 are not worthy of belief, even though they are accomplices; and in passing * upon a motion for a new trial, the court will not substitute its own opinion as to the credibility of witnesses for that of the jury.

2. SAME--how to determine as to the weight or credibility to be given to testimony. In determining the weight or credibility to be given to any statement of fact made by a witness in the course of his testimony, it is the duty of the jury to take into consideration all the evidence, whether circumstantial or otherwise, tending to disprove such statement of fact, and which would also include contradictory statements made by other witnesses.

3. SAME-as to credibility of a defendant in a criminal prosecution, testifying in his own behalf-how to be determined. On the trial of three defendants for larceny, the court instructed the jury “that in this State the accused is permitted to testify in his own behalf; that when he does so testify he at once becomes the same as any other witness, and his credibility is to be tested by and subjected to the same tests as are legally applied to any other witness; and in determining the degree of credibility that shall be accorded to his testimony, the jury have the right to take into consideration

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