Light and Electricity: Notes of Two Courses of Lectures Before the Royal Institution of Great Britain

D. Appleton, 1871 - 194 páginas

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Página 28 - Why the image is seen as far behind the mirror as the object is in front of it.— Let AB be an arrow held Fig.
Página 28 - ... image of L. Moreover it will be found from the figure by direct measurement that LL' is perpendicular to the mirror and that L'A is equal to LA. Thus the image of a point formed by a plane mirror is virtual and its position is obtained by drawing a normal from the point to the mirror, and producing it as far behind the mirror as the point is in front of it. This result may be verified in the following way. EXPERIMENT (7). To verify the position of the image of a voint formed by a plane mirror.
Página 162 - ... a common candle ; quartz, the sapphire, magnesia, lime, all entered into fusion ; fragments of diamond and points of charcoal and plumbago rapidly disappeared and seemed to evaporate in it, even when the connection was made in a receiver exhausted by the air-pump ; but there was no evidence of their having previously undergone fusion.

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