Letters of the Earl of Dudley to the Bishop of Llandaff

J. Murray, 1841 - 384 páginas

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Página 353 - O, woman ! in our hours of ease, Uncertain, coy, and hard to please, And variable as the shade By the light quivering aspen made ; When pain and anguish wring the brow A ministering angel thou...
Página 160 - Addressing the Bishop of Llandaff on the 1st of February 1817, this able and temperate observer says : ' Pray tell me what you think of the state of public opinion and feeling at this moment. Is there a dangerous spirit abroad, or is there not? Canning says there is. But an eloquent minister is a bad authority upon such a subject. An alarm is the harvest of such a personage.
Página 379 - At etiam litteras, quas me sibi misisse diceret, recitavit homo et humanitatis j expers et vitae communis ignarus. quis enim umquam, qui paulum modo bonorum consuetudinem nosset, litteras ad se ab amico missas offensione aliqua interposita in medium protulit palamque recitavit? quid est aliud tollere e vita vitae societatem, tollere amicorum conloquia absentium? quam multa ioca solent esse in epistulis, quae prolata si sint, inepta videantur, quam multa 1= seria neque tamen ullo modo divulganda!...
Página xiii - ... and inferiors, and a never-failing sense of filial duty and respect. His main infirmity, which increased with years and with the accession of large property, consisted in a sensitive apprehension of being duped or over-reached in ordinary transactions ; and this vigilant and overnice jealousy was often construed into a closeness and parsimony unbecoming his great fortune. His expenditure was indeed carefully, but not sparingly regulated ; and the duty of almsgiving, and of contributing to charitable...
Página 76 - ... principles of the fine arts, to perceive and relish. You remember that Sir Joshua tells us that he was at first incapable of tasting all the excellence of Raphael and Michael Angelo. And if he, already no mean artist, was still...
Página 122 - MS. will greatly confirm the opinion of those who think that consummate excellence, united to the appearance of ease, is almost always the result of great labour. The corrections are innumerable ; several passages, where, as they now stand, the words and thoughts seem to flow along with the most graceful facility, and the rhyme to come unsought for, have been altered over and over, and scarce a line of the first draught has been allowed to remain.
Página 58 - It is quite astonishing that with such an understanding and such acquirements, his manners should be so entirely odious and detestable. How you could live with him without hating him, I do not understand. Clever as he is, there must be some great defect in his mind, or he would try to make himself a little more sufferable.

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