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John I. Carter, Chester county, chairman. 'J. Murdoch, senior, Allegheny.
Casper Hill, Lancaster county.

H. S. Rupp, Cumberland county.
H. T. Darlington, Bucks county.

G. D. Stitzel, Berks county. A. R. Sprout, Lycoming county.

| H. Leh, junior, Lehigh county. S. W. Noble, Montgomery county | Joseph Lewis, junior, Delaware county. E. J. Evans, York county.

Rev. James Calder, Centre county. G. H. Small, Dauphin county.

Jacob Heyser, Franklin county. A. S. Sheller, Union county.

W. M. Pannebaker, Mifflin county. W. L. Schaeffer, Philadelphia.



H. M. Engle, Lancaster county, chairman. A. W. Harrison, Philadelphia.
Calvin Cooper, Lancaster county.

J. W. Pyle, Chester county.
J. H. Bartram, Chester county.

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Charles H. Miller, Philadelphia,chairman. S. H. Purple, Lancaster county.
Peter C. Hiller, Lancaster county.

W. P. Brinton, Lancaster county.
H. S. Rupp, Cumberland county.


Howard A. Chase, Philadelphia,chairman. George Achelis, Chester county.
Daniel G. Engle, Lancaster county. | William Hacker, Philadelphia.
R. B. Haines, Montgomery county.


E. Satterthwait, Montgomery county, J. G. Engle, Lancaster county. chairman.

E. II. Cocklin, Cumberland county. W. S. Bissell, Philadelphia.

T. M. Harvey, Chester county.


S. S. Rathvon, Lancaster county, chair. J. S. Stauffer, Lancaster county.

Herman Strecker, Berks county.



Bartram, J. Hibberd, Milltown, Chester | Heyser, Jacob, Chambersburg, Franklin

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Brinton, W. P., Christiana, Lancaster co. Hildrup, W. T., Harrisburg, Dauphin co. Bissel, W. S., Pittsburgh.

Hoopes, Josiah, West Chester, Chester co. Calder, Rev. James, State College, Cen- Hiller, Casper, Conestoga, Lancaster co. tre co.

Hiller, Peter C., Conestoga, Lancaster co. Cornelius, Robert, Philadelphia.

Hacker, William, Philadelphia. Ellis, B. Morris, Hughesville, Lycoming Landis, Israel, Lancaster, Lancaster co.

Martin, J. O., Mercersburg, Franklin co. Engle, J. G., Marietta, Lancaster co. Pannebaker, William M., Lewistown, MifEngle, H. M., Marietta, Lancaster co. Garretson, Joel V., Flora Dale, Adams co. Reist, Peter S., Oregon, Lancaster co. Hayes, Charles P., Germantown.

Shaffner, Jacob, Wheatland, Dauphin co.

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flin co.


Saunders, William, Washington, D. C.
Stauffer, Jacob S., Mount Joy, Lancaster

CO., Pa.

Downing, Charles, Newburg, N. Y.
Meehan, Thomas, Germantown, Pa.
Michener, Dr. E., Tough Kenamon, Ches-

ter co., Pa.
Parsons, S. B , Flushing, N. Y.
Parry, William, Cinnaminson, N. J.
Rathvon, Prof. S. S., Lancaster.
Rowe, Hon. D. Watson, Chambersburg.

Thomas, John J., Union Springs, N. Y.
Warder, Dr. John A., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Willets, Rev. Dr., Philadelphia.
Wilder, Hon. M. P., Boston, Mass.



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Achelis, George, West Chester.

Hiester, Charles E., Harrisburg.
Biddle, F. C., Chadd's Ford, Delaware co. High, Ezra, Reading.
Blessing, Paul, junior, Coatesville. Hoopes, Abner, West Chester.
Boas, A. T., Reading.

Hostetter, H. F., Oregon, Lancaster co. Brandt, Dr. E. B., Mechanicsburg.

Huber, John, Litiz, Lancaster co. Brindle, A. C., Mechanicsburg.

Kauffman, Levi, 400 Walnut st., Phila. Brinton, S. L., West Chester.

Kendig, M. D., Creswell, Lancaster co. Brinton, Moses, Octoraro.

Kiner, A. N., Shippensburg. Carter, John I., West Grove.

Landis, B. L., Landis Valley, Lancaster co. Chaapel, Harry, Williamsport, Lycoming Leh, J. H., Allentown.

Lewis, Joseph, junior, Newtown Square, Chase, Howard A., 10 N. Merrick st., Phil.

Delaware co.
Chase, R. G., Geneva, N. Y.

Lingle, John L., Harrisburg..
Christmas, Isaac F., Stonersville, Berks co. Linn, John, Chambersburg.
Cocklin, E. H., Shepherdstown, Cumber- Lint, Peter, York.
land co.

Longsdorf, H. A., Mechanicsburg, CumCocklin, Jacob, Shepherdstown, Cumber

berland co. land co.

Martin, Tobias, Mercersburg, Franklin co. Cooper, Calvin, Bird-in-Hand.

McMillan, C. C., Gettysburg. Darlington, Henry T., Doylestown. Miller, D. N., Harrisburg. Davis, E. M., 205 Walnut Place, Phila. Miller, Charles H., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. Dykeman, G. R., Shippensburg.

Mitchell, J. E., 310 York av., Philadelphia. Eby, J. R., Harrisburg.

Mumma, Hon. D., Harrisburg. Eby, Simon P., Lancaster.

Netf, J., Dallastown, York county. Edge, Thomas J., London Grove, Chester Nimson, C. H., Allentown, Pa.

Nissley, C. B., Mechanicsburg, Engle, E. B., Marietta, Lancaster co. Noble, S. W., Jenkintown, Montgomery Engle, Daniel G., Marietta, Lancaster co. Erb, John B., Lampeter, Lancaster co. Parker, J. T., Mercersburg, Franklin co. Evans, E. J., York.

Potts, W. C., Lewisberry, York co. Fisler, I. E., box 214, Harrisburg.

Purple, s. H., Columbia. Foresman, D. H., Williamsport, Lycom- Pyle, J. W., Willow Dale, Chester co. ing co.

Reed, William G., Chambersburg. Frantz, M. A., Harrisburg.

Reist, Levi S., Oregon, Lancaster co. Garber, J. B., Columbia.

Reynolds, S. H., Lancaster. Greenleaf, R. P., M. D., Henry Clay, Del. Rhoads, Dr. R. B., Douglassville, Berks co. Gross, D. M., Harrisburg.



Roberts, Rowland, Horsham. Grover, Leverett, Windsor, Ohio.

Rufe, Morgan, Doylestown. Guthrie, W. D., Chambersburg.

Rupp, H. S., Shiremanstown, CumberHaines, R. B., Cheltenham, Montgomery

land co.

Rush, John A., McVeytown. Haines, John S., Germantown.

Satterthwaite, E., Jenkintown, MontgomHamilton, A. Boyd, Harrisburg. Harrison, A. W., Queen st., Germantown. Saxton, J. O., Mechanicsburg. Harvey, Thos. M., West Grove, Chester co. Schæffer, W. L., Girard National Bank, Heiges, S. B., York.

Philadelphia. Heiges, J. M., York.

Sheller, Alf. S., Lewisburg, Union co.


ery co.

Sheetz, J. A., Womelsdorf, Berks co. Sprout, A. R., Picture Rocks, Lycoming co. Shelly, Daniel, Shiremanstown, Cumber- Steck, Dr., Picture Rocks, Lycoming co. land co.

Stevenson, S., Clark's Green. Shenk, Major R. W., Lancaster.

Stichter, J. L., Reading. Shimer, A. S., Redington, Northampton Stitzel, George D., Reading. CO.

Suesserott, Dr. J. L., Chambersburg. Shoch, Samuel, Columbia.

Thomas, G. B., West Chester. Shoemaker, R. C., Jarrettstown, Mont- Underwood, Alex., Mechanicsburg. gomery co.

Weaver, Reuben, Mastersonville, LancasSmall, G. H., Harrisburg.

ter co. Small, Samuel, York.

Weiser, B. H., York. Small, Samuel, junior, York.

Williams, J. S., New Hope, Pa. Smith, F. L., Reading.

Young, John G. B., Reading. Snively, John K., Jackson Hall, Franklin Young, William M., Reading.

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The nineteenth annual meeting of this society convened in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, January 16, 1878. The local attendance was small, owing to a misunderstanding on the part of the citizens as to the character and objects of our meetings. Somehow the impression got abroad that our sessions would be private, and for the transaction of private business only, and thus many were deterred from being present who were deeply in. terested in the subjects discussed, and who would gladly have been with us to tell us their experience in horticulture, as well as to hear the views of those from other portions of our State, and from other States. Judged, however, by the number and variety of the papers read and presented, and by the character and ability of the remarks and discussions, it was through. out one of the most interesting and valuable of the many meetings held by this society.

Instead of the customary five sessions, (two on Wednesday, and three on Thursday,) which are usually held at our annual meetings, four only were held at this one, beginning on Wednesday evening, at balf past eight o'clock. Business was somewhat hurried in consequence, and several very interesting and valuable papers were not reached during the meeting, but will be published in our annual report. The display of native winter fruits, owing to the almost total failure of the apple crop in the eastern and southern portions of our State, was not so large as usual. There were some fine specimens from Lycoming and adjoining counties, and a plate of California Bell pears, some of which measured fifteen inches in circumference, attracted special attention.

The following fruits were on exhibition, with the names of the exhibitors :

John B. Hall, Williamsport.-An apple similar in shape to Bellflower, color yellow, of brisk, sub-acid flavor, and fair quality; name unknown.

John I. Carter, West Grove.-Krauser, Keim, and Sweet-House apples,

George Bulderston, Colora, Maryland.- Jersey Greening, Tewksbury Winter Blush, Jersey Black, Newtown Pippin, and a new variety, of small size, for a name.

H. M. Engle, Marietta.—York Imperial, Creek, and two seedling apples, one a sweet variety, the other resembling Rambo in size and color.

A. R. Sprout, Picture Rocks.—Baldwin, N. Spy, Tallawater, Talman's Sweet, Long Island Russet, and two unknown varieties of apples.

Jesse Showers.—Fifteen varieties of apples, including Gloria Mundi, Red Gilliflower, Esopus Spitzenburg, Hoopes, Newtown Pippin, Talman's Sweet, and a fine display of unknown varieties.

Thomas J. Vickers, Kent county, Maryland, exhibited a very promising looking seedling apple of large size and fair quality. It was regarded as worthy of further trial.

J. Hibberd Bartram, Milltown.-One geedling variety.
A. U. Little, Sullivan county.–Seven varieties, viz: Pennock, Yellow

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