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Licenses limited to 10 a one time; specimen can only be exchanged no Sunday collecting Permit issued upon filing application and affi davit; applicant mus be 18 or over. Applicant must be of age

Massachusetts. Game commissioners,

or president Boston
Society of Natural

Michigan.... State game and fish

Minnesota ..... Board game and fish | Two well-known sci-

commissioners. entific men.

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Montana f.
Nevada *
New Hamp-

shire. I
New Jersey.... Board fish and game Two scientific men...


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New York ..... Any incorporated so

Two well-known sci-
entific men.

cant must be 18 or over

ciety of natural history in the State or

Legislation for the protection of birds other than game birds Theodore Sherman Palmer

force until Dec. 31 lowing date of issue: nresident fee, $25. prce 2 years.

teachers of science. Pennsylvania . Board game commis- Two well-known scisioners.

entific men.

100 In force 1 year; applicant

must be 15 or over.

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