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HO is that I heard call ?

Little Sam in the hall.
What does he do there?
He ask'd for some fruit.
For some fruit did he ask?
Can he yet read his book?
He can't read it yet.
Then he shan't have a bit:
But pray give him a bite
When he says his task right;
And till that is well done,
Take you care he has none.

[blocks in formation]

Robin he was angry,

And hopp'd upon a twig; Saying, Out upon you, fy upon you,

Bold-faced jig!



ING :!

Here we go up to the moon, oh!
Little Johnnie a penny has found,
And so we'll sing a tune, oh!

What shall I buy,
Johnnie did cry,
With the penny I've found,
So bright and round?
What shall you buy?

A kite that will fly
Up to the moon, all through the sky!

But if, when it gets there,
It should stay in the air;
Or the man in the moon

Should open his door,
And take it in with his long, long paw;-
We should sing to another tune, oh!

[blocks in formation]

JOHN COOK had a little gray mare;

he, haw, hum; Her back stood up, and her bones they were bare;

he, haw, hum.

John Cook was riding up Shooter's bank

he, haw, hum. And there his nag did kick and prank;

he, haw, hum.


John Cook was riding up Shooter's hill;

he, haw, hum; His mare fell down, and she made her will ;

he, haw, hum.

The bridle and saddle were laid on the shelf;

he, haw, hum; If you want any more, you may sing it yourself;

he, haw, hum.

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with you,

WILLY boy, Willy boy, where are you going? I will go

Ι I'm going to the meadow to see them a inowing,

I'm going to help them to make the hay.


WHEN I was a little boy

HEN I was a

I lived by myself ;
And all the bread and cheese I got

I put upon the shelf.
The rats and the mice

They made such a strife,
I was forced to go to London-town

To buy me a wife.
The streets were so broad,

And the lanes were so narrow,
I was forced to bring my wife home

In a wheel-barrow.
The wheel-barrow broke,

And my wife had a fall;
Down came wheel-barrow,

Wife and all.

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