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NOW the spring is coming on,
I Now the snow and ice are gone,
Come, my little snowdrop root,
Will you not begin to shoot ?

Ah! I see your little head
Peeping on my flower-bed,
Looking all so green and gay
On this fine and pleasant day.

For the mild south wind doth blow,
And hath melted all the snow;
And the sun shines out so warm,
You need not fear another storm.

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So, your pretty flower shew,
And your petals white undo,
Then you'll hang your modest head
Down upon my flower-bed.



T ITTLE Tommy Tucker, sing for your supper

What shall he eat? White bread and butter. How shall he cut it without e’er a knife ? How shall he marry without e'er a wife?

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39. NOSE, nose, jolly red nose ; - And what gave thee that jolly red nose ? Nutmegs and cinnamon, spices and cloves, And they gave me this jolly red nose.

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