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Some account of the precious benefits which are to

be received by faith in this Ordinance, Page 154

1. The pardon and forgiveness of our sins--a renewed par-

don of daily trespasses, and a confirmed pardon of all tres-
passes....2. The adoption of sons--the privileges of adop-
tion, and the spirit of adoption....3. Peace and satisfaction
of mind ; opened in two things....4. Supplies of grace,
confirming gracious habits, quickening gracious acts; in-
stances of both....5. The earnests of eternal bliss and joy,
the assurances of it, and the foretastes of it.

Page 175

1. Here we must be sorry for sin : three things here to ex-

cite this sorrow....2. Contiding in his power....



Directions concerning the solemn vows we are to

make to God in this Ordinance,

Page 196

Four reasons why at the Lord's Supper we must make vows :

1. We must, by solemn vows, bind ourselves up from all :
sin ; largely opened in five things....2. We must bind our-
selves up to all duty-to the duties of religion in general;
opened in four things-To some duties of religion espe-
cially ; opened in four things--Duties which we have
most neglected.,which we have experienced most bene-
fit by...which we have most opportunity for and the du-
ties of our respective cailings and relations.

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An exhortation to order the conversation aright after

the Ordinance,

Page 23

In general we must live so as, 1. To adorn our profession

....2. So fulfil our engagements....3. To make grateful re-
turns for favors shewed us....4. To preserve the com-


Some words of comfort which this Ordinance speaks

to serious Christians,

Page 255

Four things premised : this ordinance may comfort us, 1.

Against the remembrance of our former sins and provoca-
tions.... 2. Against the sense of our sins and daily infirmi.
ties....3. Against the sad remainders of indwelling corrup-
tion....4. Against prevailing doubts and fears about the
spiritual state....5. Against the troubles and calamities of
this life....6. Against the fears of death.






Lord's Supper.


The names by which this Ordinance is usually called.

In discoursing of this great and solemn ordinance, which every serious Christian looks upon with a peculiar regard and veneration, (because I purpose, as God shall enable me, to open as well the doctrine as the duty of it,) it will be proper enough, and I hope, profitable, to take some notice of the several names by which it is known.

First.... We call it the sacrament: this is the name we commonly give it, but improperly, because it doth not distinguish from the ordinance of baptism, which is as much a sacrament as this; a sacrament which we have all received...are all bound by, and are concern. ed to improve, and live up to. But when we call this ordinance the sacrament, we ought to remind ourselves that it is a sacrament; that is, it is a sign, and it is an oath.

1. It is a sign, an outward and visible sign of an in ward and spiritual grace : for such sacraments are designed to be. It is a parable to the eye; and in it God uses similitudes, as he did of old by his servants, the prophets.... Hos. xii. 10. In it Christ tells us earth ly things, (John iii. 12.) that thereby we may come to be more familiarly acquainted, and more warmly affected with spiritual and heavenly things. In it

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