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Página 617 - All charges made for any service rendered or to be rendered in the transportation of passengers or property as aforesaid, or in connection therewith, or for the receiving, delivering, storage, or handling of such property, shall be reasonable and just ; and every unjust and unreasonable charge for such service is prohibited and declared to be unlawful.
Página 613 - This power to regulate is not a power to destroy, and limitation is not the equivalent of confiscation. Under pretense of regulating fares and freights, the state cannot require a railroad corporation to carry persons or property without reward; neither can it do that which in law amounts to a taking of private property for public use without just compensation, or without due process of law.
Página 214 - Provided, however, That this act shall not be construed to apply to mortgages which have been due fifteen years or more, or the last payment upon which was made fifteen years or more, prior to the passage of this act, but, in all such cases, no suit or proceedings shall be maintained to foreclose the same unless commenced within five years after this act shall take effect.
Página 617 - ' that any part thereof is in any respect unequal or unreasonable, and then it is authorized and directed to compel the company to change the same and adopt such charge as the commission "shall declare to be equal and reasonable...
Página 71 - Courts of equity will not interfere in the management of the directors unless it is clearly made to appear that they are guilty of fraud or misappropriation of the corporate funds, or refuse to declare a dividend when the corporation has a surplus of net profits which it can, without detriment to its business, divide among its stockholders, and when a refusal to do so would amount to such an abuse of discretion as would constitute a fraud, or breach of that good faith which they are bound to exercise...
Página 682 - And the General Assembly shall, from time to time, pass laws establishing reasonable maximum rates of charges for the transportation of passengers and freight on the different railroads in this State.
Página 430 - ... question of fact, to be deduced from all the circumstances of...
Página 4 - Every bill of complaint filed shall set forth the names and ages of all children of the marriage, and when there are children under fourteen years of age a copy of subpoena issued in the cause shall be served upon the prosecuting attorney of the county where suit is commenced, and it shall be the duty of said prosecuting attorney to enter his appearance in said cause, and when, in his judgment, the interest of said children or the public good so require, he shall introduce evidence, and appear at...
Página 8 - ... execute, or cause to be executed, to the party of the second part a good and sufficient warranty deed for the said land, subject, however, to the house-line and building restrictions herein mentioned, to be delivered on the surrender of this duplicate contract.
Página 573 - ... shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars or more than one thousand dollars...

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