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Table 6.—Kindergartens other than -public-school, according to type, 1923—24

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Academies. See High schools, private.

Accrediting associations, regional and national, 6-8.

Administration, city school systems, 31-34.

Administrative officers, State school systems, 361.

Adult education, 273; Federal leadership, 245-246;
foreign-born and native illiterates, 235-246; State
programs, national survey, 239-242.

Aggregate days attendance, State school systems,
358. See also Attendance; Average daily attend-

Agricultural education, 185-213.

Alabama, child care, high schools, 205; supervision
of rural schools, 69-70.

Alaska, education, 335-339, 343-344; medical relief
of natives, 336; reindeer service, 337-338.

All-year schools, 41-44.

American Association of Dental Schools, 104.

American Association of Teachers Colleges, stand-
ards for accrediting teachers colleges and normal
schools, 7.

American Bar Association, activities, 132-133, 135-
138, 140-141, 145-148; standards for law schools, 8.

American Council of Education, standards for
colleges, 7.

American Dental Association, activities, 96-97.

American Field Service Fellowships for French
Universities, activities, 331.

American Home Economics Association, activities,

American Institute of Dental Teachers, activities,

American Law Institute, establishment, 141.

American Pharmaceutical Association, standards
for pharmaceutical work, 8.

American-Scandinavian Foundation, activities, 331.

Americanization work, 235-238, 461.

Apprenticeship, skilled trades, 174-177.

Arkansas, school support, 57.

Art appreciation, 156-157.

Art education, 153-168.

Association of American Law Schools, activities,
125-126,132-133, 138, 14M48.

Association of American Universities, standards
for colleges, 7.

Association of Land-Grant Colleges, resolutions,

Attendance, legislation, 318-319; State school sys-
tems, percentage, 382-383; white and colored pu-
pils, 16 States, 388.

Attendance and personnel, city school systems,
398-399, 402-403.

Average daily attendance, elementary and sec-
ondary school, State school systems, 359.

Average daily attendance and aggregate days
attended, State school systems, 358.

Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, first session,

Bar admission requirements, standards, 135-138.
Baron de Hirsch Fund, activities, 330.
Benefactions, universities, colleges, and professional

schools, 580-58?.
Better Homes in America, activities, 211-212.
Birmingham, Ala., platoon schools, 37-38.
Blind, schools, enrollment, 343-344.
Bonds, city school systems, 550-573.
Boys' and girls' club work, agricultural education,

Briggs, Thomas, on exploratory courses, 49-50.
Brookline, Mass., child care, high schools, 207.
Business, home economics in, 210-211.

California, county supervision, 71.

Capital outlay, State school systems, 378-379.

Carnegie Corporation of New York, activities,
325-326; art education, 168.

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of
Teaching, dental education, 104-105,119; general
activities, 326-327; medical education, 133-134;
standards for colleges, 7, 8.

Catholic Education Association, standards for
colleges, 7.

Certification of teachers, rural schools, 60-63.

Character scoring, colleges and universities, 8-9.

Child care and welfare, status in various States,

Churches, and parent-teacher associations, 296-297.

City normal schools. See Normal schools, city.

City school systems, administration, 31-34; all-year
school, 41-44; elementary school curriculum, 46-
48; improvement of teachers in service, 44-46;
junior high schools, 48-52; platoon schools, 37-39;
research and tests, 39-41; statistical survey, 393-
573; teachers' salaries, 34-36. See also State
school systems.

Classics, elective, College of the City of New York,

Cleveland, Ohio, garment-making project, public
schools, 202.

Coffman, President, on intelligence tests, 12.

College Entrance Examination Board, work, 6.

College entrance examinations, 6-8.

College health, 259-260.

College of the City of New York, revision of curric-
ulum, 15.

Colleges and universities. See Universities and

Colleges (under city board of education), compara-
tive statistics, 394, 397.


Colorado State College, standards of admission, 7.

Colwell, N. P., Medical education, 81-94.

Commercial and business schools, enrollment, 343,

Commission for Relief in Belgium Foundation,
activities, 332.

Commonwealth Fund, activities, 333.

Consolidation of schools, legislation, 311; State
school systems, 364. See alto Transportation of

Continuation schools, city school systems, compara-
tive statistics, 395.

Cook, Katherine M., Constructive tendencies in
rural education, 53-79.

Corporation schools, factory workers, 183-184.

Correspondence courses, universities, colleges, and
professional schools, students, 268-271, 588.

Cost of education, 344; city school systems, 405;
State school systems, 382-383.

County normal schools. See Normal schools,

County school organization, legislation, 308-310.

County superintendent, legislation, 310-311.

Courses of study, private high schools and acade-
mies, students enrolled, 848-849; public high
schools, enrollment of pupils, 831-834. See also

Curriculum, colleges and universities, revision,
14-17; dental schools, 113-116; elementary schools,
46-48; medical schools, 90; unification of the
kindergarten and primary, 231-222. See also
Courses of study.


Day schools, city school systems, comparative
statistics, 395.

Deaf, schools, enrollment, 343-344.

Defective children, legislation, 321-322.

Deffenbaugh, W. S., Some recent movements in
city school systems, 31-52.

Degrees, universities, colleges, and professional
schools, 18-19, 576, 579-580, 589-594; teachers'
colleges, 761-763.

Delaware, child care and welfare, high schools, 205;
rural school supervision, 72; school support, 57.

Demonstration lessons, Oakland, Calif., 45.

Denominational schools, private high and acade-
mies, 838.

Dental education, progress, 95-103.

Dental Educational Council of America, activities,

Dental Faculties Association of American Univer-
sities, activities, 99-100.

Dental schools, curriculum, 113-116.

Dental work, schools, 251-252.

Denver, Colo., teachers' salaries, 36.

Des Moines, Iowa, clothing course, public schools,

Detroit, Mich., child care, high schools, 207; depart-
ment of instructional research, 40; home economics,
public schools, 201.

District of Columbia, teachers' salaries, 36.


Eaton, T. II., Agricultural instruction in elementary

schools, 187-189.
Educational boards and foundations, 323-339.

Educational legislation, 301-322; health work in
schools, 261-262; kindergarten, 226-227.

Educational statistics, 341-348.

Educational surveys, legislation, 304-305.

Educational tests, home economics, 209-210.

Elementary and secondary schools, agricultural in-
struction, 185-190; curriculum, 46-48; general
statistical summary, 343-344, 346-347, 350-353,
356, 384, 393, 430-451; home economics courses,
204-209. See also City school systems; State
school systems.

Elementary education, adults, 243-244.

Elementary schools, private, enrollment, 346-347.

Engineering courses, students in universities,
colleges, and professional schools, 587.

Engineering-Economics Foundation, activities, 333.

Enrollment, city school systems, 407-439; elemen-
tary and kindergarten schools, 352-353; elemen-
tary and secondary schools, 356; general school,
343-344; junior high schools, 814-819; junior-
senior high schools, 818-819; medical schools,
92-93; private and parochial schools, 355; public
high schools, 352-353, 797-798, 806-813, 821-823,
831-834; senior high schools, 819-820; State school
systems, 352-353, 385-387; white and colored
pupils In 16 States. See also Negroes; Univer-
sities, colleges, and professional schools.

Entrance examinations. See College entrance

Entrance requirements, city normal schools,
787-788; private normal schools, 789-700; State
normal schools 773-775.

Evans, Henry R., Educational boards and founda-
tions, activities, 323-334.

Evening schools, trade, 174.

Expenditures, city normal schools, 755; city school
systems, 396,400-401, 404, 484-549; county normal
schools, 756; private normal schools, 760, 794-796;
State normal schools, 752-753, 783-786; State
school systems, 375-381; teachers colleges, 770-771,

Exploratory courses, value, 49-50.

Extension courses, universities, colleges, and pro-
fessional schools, 588.

Farnum, Royal I)., Art education in the United

States, 153-168.
Federal aid, vocational education, 370-371.
Federal Board for Vocational Education, titles of

courses offered in full-time day and part-time

trade extension schools, 173.
Federated Council on Art Education, activities,

Feeble-minded, schools, enrollment, 343-344.
Fees, colleges and universities, increase, 5-6.
Florida, school support, 57.
Foreign-born, adult education, 235-246.
Freshman problems, colleges and universities, 9-10.
Funds, school. See School funds.

Gearhart, May, on art appreciation, 156-157.
General Education Board, activities, 323-324.
General shop, junior high schools, mechanic arts,

Gifts and bequests to education. See Benefactions.
Glass, J. M., on junior and senior high schools, 52.

Graduate work, colleges and universities, 20-22;
private high schools and academies, 841, 844-
846; private normal schools, 750, 789-790; pri-
vately controlled universities, colleges, and
professional schools, 640-699; public high schools
799, 824-830; publicly controlled universities, col-
leges, and professional schools, 608-634; State
normal schools, 748, 773-775; teachers colleges,
742, 761-763.

Greek, reduced to status of elective, College of the
City of New York, 15.

Hamilton, William, Work of the Bureau of Educa-
tion for the natives of Alaska, 335-339.

Harvard Dental School, organization and history,

Harvard University, law school, 120.

Health and physique of school children, 247-262.

Health education, 255-256.

Herlihy, Charles M., Adult education for foreign-
born and native illiterates, 235-246.

High schools, art instruction, 160-161, 165-166;
child care and welfare instruction, 205; city
school systems, 394, 430-451; parent-teacher asso-
ciations, 293-294; rural, 78-79; students in teacher-
training courses, 740.

High schools (private), enrollment, 343-344,346-347;
general review and statistics, 835-870.

High schools (public), enrollment, 343-344, 346-347;
general review and statistics, 797-834.

Higher education, 1-29; cost, 1-4; selective processes,
4-9. See also Universities, colleges, and profes-
sional schools.

Home economics education, progress, 197-213.

Home education, conference, 297.

Home mechanics, 181.

Honors courses, colleges and universities, 19-20.

Hood, William R., Review of educational legis-
lation, 301-322.

Hospitals, relation to medical education, 85-88.

Idaho, child welfare, 206; rural school supervision,

Illinois, kindergarten legislation, 226; school support
68; school survey, 304.

Illiterates, foreign-born and native, education,

Immigration education problem, 237-238.

Income, State normal schools, 780-782; State school
systems, 369-371; teachers colleges, 767-769.'

Indebtedness, State school systems, 367.

Indian schools, private, enrollment, 343-344; public,
enrollment, 343-344.

Indiana, child care, high schools, 206; home eco-
nomics, public schools, 201; rural school super-
vision, 70-71; school support, 58.

Industrial education, 169-184; Alaska, 337. See also
Trade schools.

Industrial schools for delinquents, public, enroll-
ment, 343-344.

Instruction, expense in day schools, city school sys-
tems, 506-527.

Instructors, private high schools and academies,
838-840, 844; private normal schools, 756, 790-791;
State normal schools, 748, 776; teachers colleges,
742, 764-765, 772.

Intelligence tests. See Mental tests.

Iowa, nutrition, rural children, 205.

Jeanes Fund, activities, 327-328.

John F. Slater Fund, activities, 328-329.

Juillard Musical Foundation, activities, 331-332.

Julius Rosenwald Fund, activities, 334.

Junior colleges, review, 28-29.

Junior high schools, city school systems, 48-52, 393,

430-451; colored pupils, enrollment, 815; general

statistics, 814-815.
Junior-senior high schools, enrollment, 816-819.

Kahn Foundation for the Foreign Travel of Amer-
ican Teachers, activities, 332.

Kansas, child care, vocational schools, 206.

Kentucky, child care, high schools, 205; county
school programs, 72; school support, 58.

Kindergarten education, progress, 215-234.

Kindergarten-primary supervision, 217-218.

Kindergartens, city school systems, comparative
statistics, 393, 430-451; general review and sta-
tistics, 873-879; other than city public school, 878-
879; private, enrollment, 343; public, enrollment,
343, 875-877; public and private, summary, 346,

Klein, Arthur J., Higher education, 1-29.

Land-grant colleges, agricultural education, 194-

Lands, school. See School lands.
Latin, reduced to status of elective, College of the

City of New York, 15.
Law schools, diversified requirements, 128-132;

evenings, 143-148; part-time instruction, 148-152;

requirements, 138-141.
Legal education, progress, 123-152.
Legislation. See Educational legislation.
Libraries, public high schools, 830.
Lombard, Ellen C, Parent-teacher associations at

work, 285-299.
Long Beach, Calif., child care, Junior high schools,

Los Angeles, Calif., all-year school, 43-44; public

school nurseries.
Louisiana, child care, high schools, 206.


McMurry, Charles, on revision of elementary cur-
riculum, 46-47.

Maine, school support, 58.

Manual arts, 179-180.

Maryland, program of rural education, 50-57; school
support, 58; state-wide rural supervision, 68-09.

Massachusetts, school support, 58.

Massachusetts Department of Education, adult
education work, 273; extension work, 271.

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