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Medical education, quarter century's progress and

newer problems, 81-94.
Medical inspection of schools, 249-251.
Medical schools and law schools, classification, 131.
Mental tests, 39-41; colleges and universities, 9,11-

12. See also Educational tests.
Merchants' institutes, 273-274.
Michigan, county supervision, 71; home economics,

Merrill Palmer School, 206; school support, 58.
Military drill, private high schools and academies,

839-840; public high schools, 798.
Milwaukee Vocational School, activities, 173.
Minnesota, child care, high schools, 207.
Mississippi, child care, high schools, 206; new

school code, 304-305.
Missouri, rural school supervision, 70.
Montana, child care and welfare, high schools,



Nashville, Tenn., all-year school, 43.

National Association of Dental Examiners, stand-
ards of scholarship, 119-120.

National Association of Dental Faculties, activities,
97-98, 100, 105-108, 111.

National University Extension Association, stand-
ardization work, 281-284.

Nebraska, child care, vocational schools, 206.

Negroes, junior high schools, 814-815; junior-senior
high schools, 818-819; public high schools, 808-809,
812-813; private high schools and academies,
846-847, 870-878; school population, 388; school
term, 388; statistics in 16 States, 388-391; teachers,

New Hampshire, child care, public schools, 205;
rural school supervision 72.

New Mexico, kindergarten legislation, 226; new
school code, 303-304.

New York City, art center, 166; clothing course,
public schools, 202; junior high schools, 51-52.

New York State, boys' and girls' clubs, agricultural
education, 190-191; child care, high schools, 206;
rural school supervision, 72.

New York State College of Agriculture, courses, 195.

Newark, N. J., all-year school, 41-42.

Newton, Mass., child care, junior and senior high
schools, 207.

Night schools, city school systems, 398,452-460.

Normal schools, city school systems, 394, 397,
754-755, 787-788; county, 755-756; general statis-
tics of enrollment, 343-344; private, 343-344,
756-760; State, 748-753, 773-786. See also Teach-
ers colleges and normal schools; Teacher training

Normal schools and teachers colleges, public and
private, enrollment, 346-347.

North Carolina, home economics, 206; new school
code, 303.

North Dakota, child care, high schools, 206; school
survey, 304-305.

Nursery-school movement, 232-234.

Nutrition, public schools, 252.

Oakland, Calif., demonstration lessons, 45.
Oklahoma, equalization fund, act appropriating,

57; home economics, public schools, 201; school

support, 58.

Omaha, Nebr., all-year school, 43.

Open-air schools and open-window rooms, 252-254.

Open-window rooms, 252-254.

Operation and maintenance of plant, city school

systems, 528-549.
Oregon Agricultural College, child care course, 206.
Orientation courses, colleges and universities, 12-14.

"Package library service," 276, 280-281.
Parent-teacher associations, activities, 261,285-299
Parochial and private schools, enrollment, 355.
Parochial schools, enrollment, 355.
Part-time and continuation schools, city school

systems, comparative statistics, 395.
Part-time education, legal provisions, 177-179.
Payments for school purposes. See Expendi-
Pennsylvania, child care and welfare, high schools,

205; school support, 58.
Pennsylvania State College, extension work, 272.
Personnel, city school systems, 407, 430-451. See

also Attendance and personnel.
Phelps-Stokes Fund, activities, 329-330.
Philadelphia, Pa., elementary clothing course,

Phillips, Frank M, Statistical summary of edu-
cation, 341-348.
Physical education, legislation, 319-321.
Physical training, 256-258.
Pittsburgh, Pa., platoon schools, 38.
Platoon schools. See Work-study-play or platoon

Playgrounds, 248-249.
Population, per cent of total, enrolled in schools,

and ratio of enrollment to school enrollment

at different dates, 357.
Population (total), cities of 100,000 and more, 407-

439; State school systems, per cent enrolled, 357.
Portland, Oreg., home-economics education, seventh

and eighth grades, 200-201.
Preschool study circles, 294-295.
Preschool work, 258-259.
Principals, State school systems, 361. See also

Administrative officers.
Private and parochial schools, enrollment, 355.
Private high schools. See High schools, private.
Private normal schools. See Normal schools,

Private schools, enrollment, 355; industrial arts,

Professors and instructors, privately controlled

universities, colleges, and professional schools,

603, '640-699; publicly controlled universities,

colleges, and professional schools, 598, 608-634;

universities, colleges, and professional schools,

575, 583. See also Teachers.
Proffitt, Maris M., Industrial education, 169-184.
Property (public), value for school purposes,

State school systems, 365. See also School

Psychological tests, colleges and universities, 9.
Public high schools. See nigh schools, public;

junior high schools; junior-senior high schools;

senior high schools.
Public school kindergartens, cities, towns, and

villages, 875-877.

Public-school support, legislation, 311-314.
Public schools, distribution of pupils by grades,

354. See also City school systems; State school

Pupils, public high schools, distribution in several

grades, 801; public schools, distribution by grades,

354. See also Enrollment; Students.

Radio courses, university, 276-277.

Heading circles, organization, 295-296.

Receipts, city normal schools, 755; city school
systems, 395-390, 462-183; county normal schools,
756; private normal schools, 758-759, 794-796;
privately controlled universities, colleges, and
professional schools, 606-607, 714-735; publicly
controlled universities, colleges, and professional
schools, 601-602, 627-639; State normal schools,
751; State school systems, 368, 372-374; teachers
colleges, 745; universities, colleges, and pro-
fessional schools, 576-577, 596-597. See also
School funds.

Reed, Alfred Z., Recent progress in legal education,

Reindeer service, Alaska, 338.

Religious denominations, high schools and acade-
mies, 838.

Research and tests, city school systems, 39-41.

Rhode Island, school support, 68.

Rhode Island State College, play school, 206.

Rockefeller Foundation, activities, 324-325.

Rogers, James F., Health and physique of school
children, 247-262.

Rural education, 53-79; administrative organiza-
tion, centralizing tendencies, 73-78; certification
of teachers, 60-63; consolidated, kindergartens,
230-232; high schools, 78-79; improvement of
teaching staff, 59; Maryland, program, 56-57;
Oklahoma, equalization fund, 57; school consoli-
dation, and transportation, 74-78; State program
in Maryland; sujwrvision, 67-73; teachers' sala-
ries, 65-67; tendencies to equitable school sup-
port, 54-56.


Sabbatical leave, city school systems, 45.

Safety and first aid, instruction, 258.

St. Paul, Minn., platoon schools, 38.

Scholarship foundations, parent-teachers associa-
tions, 289-290.

School attendance. See Attendance; Average daily

School buildings, city school systems, number,
40CH101, 404, 407; State school systems, 364.

School children, health and physique, 247-262.

School codes, new, 302-304.

School enrollment. See Enrollment.

School funds. State school systems, 366-368,382-383.

School health, 319-321.

Schoolhouses. See School buildings.

School housing, 247-248.

School-improvement associations, 297-299.

School lands, State school systems, 366, 368.

School population, white and colored, enrollment
in 16 States, 388.

School property, city normal schools, 754; city
school systems, 400-401, 404, 550-573; private high
schools and academies, 839-840; private normal
schools, 758-759, 796; privately controlled univer-
sities, colleges, and professional schools, 605,
699-713; public high schools, 830; publicly con-
trolled universities, colleges, and professional
schools, 600, 635-636; State normal schools, 750,
780-782; State school systems, 365; teachers
colleges, 744, 767-769; universities, colleges, and
professional schools, 576, 595; value, 342-343.

School supervision. See Supervision.

School support, rural education, 54-58.

School term, average length, and school attendance,
State school systems, 360; legislation, 314-315;
white and colored pupils in 16 States, 388.

Seattle, Wash., high schools, art courses, 165.

Secondary and elementary schools, State school
systems, enrollment, 356; statistical summary,

Secondary schools, agricultural instruction, 192-195;
home economics, 204-209; public and private,
enrollment, 343-344; State school systems, 352-353,
384. See also Elementary and secondary schools;
High schools; Junior high schools; Junior-senior
high schools; Senior high schools.

Senior high schools, enrollment, 819-820.

Shelby, Thomas H., General university extension,

Silke, Lucy S., on schoolroom decoration, 157.

Social and college life, 22-27.

South Carolina, school support, 59.

Special schools, city school systems, comparative
statistics, 394, 397.

Springfield, Mass., child care, high schools, 207.

State College of Washington, extension work, 272.

State departments of education, legislation, 305-308.

State normal schools. See Normal schools (State).

State school systems, general review and statistics,
349-391. See also City school systems.

Student loan funds, parent-teacher associations,

Students, city normal schools, 787; correspondence
courses, universities, colleges, and professional
schools, 588; county normal schools, 755; private
high schools and academies, 837-840, 842-849, 850-
871; private normal schools, 757, 793; privately
controlled universities, colleges, and professional
schools, 604, 640-699; publicly controlled univer-
sities, colleges, and professional schools, 599, 608-
634; State normal schools, 750, 778-780; teacher-
training courses, 739-740; teachers colleges, 743,


Students (universities, colleges, and professional
schools), engineering courses, 587; general sta-
tistics, 675-576, 584; professional courses, 585-586;
summer schools, extension, and correspondence
courses, 588. See also Pupils.

Students (colored), private high schools and acad-
emies, 846-847, 870-871.

Summer camps, 254.

Summer schools, city school systems, comparative
statistics, 395, 452-460; universities, colleges, and
professional schools, students, 688.

Superintendents and assistant superintendents,
city school systems, 407-439.

Supervision, county-unit States, 68-70; noncounty-
unit States, 70-72; rural and State education de-
partments, 72-73.

Supervisors and principals, city school systems,

Supervisors of instruction, State school systems,
361. See also Administrative officers.

Taxation for schools, city school systems, 550-573;
State school systems, 369.

Teacher training, hygiene and physical work, 260-
261; legislation, 317.

Teacher-training institutions, home economics,

Teachers, colored, statistics in 16 States, 390-391;
county normal schools, 755; distribution (1890-
1924), statistics, 345; distribution for live periods,
345; health, 260; kindergarten, progress in train-
ing, 222-226; legislation, 315-318; public high
schools, 798, 802-805; qualifications, legislation,
317-318; rural schools, preparation, 60-65; State
school systems, number and sex, 362; State school
systems, percentage of men, 303. See also Pro-
fessors and instructors.

Teachers and students, city normal schools, 754,

Teachers' certificates. See Certification of teachers.

Teachers College, Columbia University, standards
of admission for school of practical arts, 8.

Teachers colleges, general statistics, 738-739, 741-
747, 761-773; private, enrollment, 343-344; public,
enrollment, 343-344. See also Normal schools.

Teachers colleges and normal schools, general re-
view and statistics, 737-796.

Teachers' salaries, city school systems, 34-36, 405;
rural schools, 65-07; State school systems, 363.

Teaching methods, colleges and universities, 17-18.

Tennessee, school support, 59.

Term, school. See School term.

Tests. See Mental tests.

Texas, school support, 59; school survey, 305.

Total population, cities of 100,000 and more, 407-
439; day schools, city school systems, 395; per
cent enrolled, State school systems, 357.

Trade schools, all-day, 171-172; full-time, 172-173.

Transportation of pupils, rural schools, 78.

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Universities, colleges, and professional schools,

enrollment, 343, 346-347; general review and

statistics, 675-735; privately controlled, 603-007.
University eitension, 263-284; cooperation with

public schools, 278-281; practices and efforts at

standardization, 281-284.
University of Alabama, extension work, 272-273,

University of Arkansas, extension work, 371.
University of Colorado, extension work, 275.
University of Indiana, extension work, 271.
University of Kansas, extension work, 274-275.
University of Kentucky, extension work, 271, 276.
University of Michigan, standards for law school,

8, 271, 275-276.
University of North Carolina, extension work, 272,

University of Oklahoma, extension work, 272;

tests and measurements conducted in public

schools, 280.
University of Oregon, correspondence study, 276;

extension work, 272.
University of South Carolina, extension work, 276.
University of South Dakota, correspondence study,

276; extension work, 272.
University of Southern California, extension work,

272, 277-278.
University of Texas, cooperation with public

schools, 278-280; correspondence study, 276.
University of Virginia, cooperation with public

schools, 278; extension work, 272.
University of Washington, extension work, 278.
Utah, mother craft, high schools, 205.

Vandewalker, Nina C, Progress in kindergarten
education, 215-234.

Vermont, home economics instruction, dependent
children, 206.

Virginia, home economics, John Marshall High
School, 205.

Visual instruction, 272.

Vocational education, Federal aid, 370-371; Wis-
consin, 173.

Vocational schools, city school systems, compara-
tive statistics, 394, 397.


Waite, Frederick C, Progress of dental education,

West Virginia, child case, high schools, 206; school

survey, 305.
Whitford, W. Q., on industrial art, 161.
Windes, E. E., agricultural instruction in elemen-
tary schools, 187-188, 189-190.
Winslow, Leon L., art education, 159-100; art

education in junior high schools, 161.
Wisconsin, vocational education, 173.
Women, degrees conferred, universities, colleges,

and professional schools, 591.
Work, Oeorge A., Agricultural education, 185-

Work-study-play or platoon schools, city systems,

Wyoming, school support, 59.

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