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Palace of Education and Social Economy, Panama-Pacific International Exposition 6

Floor plan of the Palace of Education arid Social Economy 8

Interior view Palace of Education 10

Bureau of Education chart, showing educational progress since 1877 11

Chart illustrating kindergarten work of the National Kindergarten Association and the Bureau of

Education 12

Chart illustrating work of the home education division of the Bureau of Education and the National

Congress of Mothers 14

Relative size of universities as shown in the Government education exhibit 15

One of a series of charts emphasizing the money value of education 18

Map of Alaska superimposed upon the United States 20

Comparative growth of libraries in the various States 22

Children's health conference in the exhibit of the Children's Bureau 23

Front of California motion-picture booth 25

Interior motion-picture booth, California exhibit 27

One side of the California motion-picture booth, showing types of buildings in photographs and

models 29

Model of the Fresno open-air school 30

The other side of the California motion-picture booth, showing Chico, Santa Barbara, and other

normal schools 31

A corner of the Illinois exhibit 33

Part of the Illinois exhibit, showing model under glass of the buildings of the University of Illinois.. 33

State administration of vocational education 36

Conditions of State approval 38

The New York State exhibit, showing the electric-dashing relief map and the model of the State

education building 41

A nearer view of the New York State education building 42

The Oregon education exhibit 43

Device used by Pennsylvania Department of Health to show the amount of physical defect in an

average class in school 45

A popular plan for Pennsylvania rural schools 46

General view of the Utah State exhibit 48

A corner of the U tah exhibit, showing an etTective display of school products 49

Playground facilities of Salt Lake City, as shown in the Ctah exhibit 50

The Wisconsin booth 52

Extension work in Wisconsin 53

A typical section of the Philippine exhibit, showing products in industrial training 57

Philippine public-school system 59

Functional distribution of teaching force, Philippine public school-system 60

A work-study-and-play public-school system for adults 63

Charts illustrating the Gary plan, shown in the Gary exhibit 65

One of the entrances to the Argentine exhibit 70

Various phases of secondary education, as shown in the Argentine exhibit 72

A typical screen from the Argentine education exhibit 73

A section of the Argentine exhibit M

Arts and crafts work by orphans of the Zikawei Catholic Mission, Shanghai 76

Part of the Chinese educational exhibit, showing work of secondary schools 77

The Tsing I lua College booth 77

The Uruguay exhibit in the Palace of Education 80

Entrance of the American Library Association space 81

"Getting books to all thepeople'* 83

Children's corner in the American Library Associat ion exhibit 83

Publicity for the library 85

State educational requirements preliminary to medical education 87

An attractive exhibit, free from sensational features, emphasizing the educational aspects of social

hygiene 88

The life process 89

Two of the charts in the social hygiene exhibit 90

The health challenge of the open-air school exhibit 93

Open-air school exhibit of the Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund 94

Model of an open-air school built on the "unit" plan 95

A nearer view of a portion of the open-air schools' exhibit 96

A comer of the art exhibit in the Palace of Education 97

Glass inclosure in which the Montessori demonstration class was held 98

Interior of the Montessori room 99

General view of the exhibit of the N. W. Harris Public School Extension of the Field Museum of

Natural History, Chicago 100

Two of the cases of exhibits furnished by the Harris extension to the Chicago public, schools 101

A significant chart from the child-labor exhibit 102

The value of continuation schools as set forth in the exhibit of the National Child Labor Committee.. 103

The Smith College exhibit 104

Geographical distribution of Smith College students 105

St. Louis Educational Museum 106

The Standard Commercial School of the Panama- Pacific Exposition in session 107


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