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Letter of transmittal 5

Preface 7

I. United States Government 9

United States Bureau of Education 0

Exhibits planned and organized by the Bureau of Education 14

Some graphic exhibits prepared by the Bureau of Education 21

Rural school progress illustrated through miniatures of school

grounds and buildings 23

Organization of agricultural education in the United States 35

State colleges and experiment stations 39

II. State Educational Exhibits 56

Establishment of effective farm community schools 58

State-aided continuation schools for agricultural communities 59

Oregon 59

Massachusetts 66

Indiana 69

Utah Tl

Illinois 75

Wisconsin 77

Iowa 79

III. Rural Education In The Territories And Insular Possessions 81

Alaska 82

The Philippine Islands 85

IV. Public And Private Agencies :102

Recent development in rural libraries 102

Educational propaganda through private agencies 109

Pennsylvania State Department of Health 110



1. Palace of Education and Social Economy, Panama-Pacific Interna

tiona] Exposition 8

2. Floor plan of the Palace of Education and Social Economy, showing

space devoted to education exhibit 10

3. Chart illustrating the organization of the United States Bureau of

Education 11

4. Interior view, Palace of Education 12

5. Chart showing proposed plan of organization for Federal aid in voca

tional education 13

6. Percentage of farms operated by colored farmers 15 7. The Negro as a factor in national agriculture. From the exhibit pre

pared by Hampton Institute

8. Health defects—City and country children compared

9. Progress in medical inspection in city and rural schools

10. A phase of education still practically unknown in many States

11. Warm lunches are becoming popular in many sections as first work

in domestic science

12. Sanitation in rural schools—Summary of sanitary Inspection of

3,572 district schools in Pennsylvania

13. Hygienic conditions in rural schools—Survey of 109 schools in New

York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Maryland

14. Every rural school should have an abundance of pure water taken

from a living well or similar source of supply 22

15. Water supply in 109 rural schools 23

16. Plan for an ideal rural school community 24

17. A nearer view of the model shown on page 24 25

18. A rural community school like the one here idealized would do much

to revolutionize American agricultural life 20

19. A chart describing Farrngut School 27

20. The Cache La Poudre consolidated graded and high school near

Fort Collins, Colo 29

21. Kural consolidated school at Alberta, Minn 31

22. This school is used as a demonstration and practice school for all

rural teachers in training at Kirksville, Mo 32

23. Model rural school on the campus of the State Normal School, May

ville, N. Dak 33

24. Ground plan of the Mayville model school 34

25. Chart showing the organization of agricultural extension work in

the United States 35

26. The college of agriculture 36

27. Main divisions of agriculture and related sciences 37

28. Association of American agricultural colleges and experiment stations. 38

29. Summary of statistics of the agricultural experiment stations in the

United States

30. Extension work in agriculture and home economics

31. Agricultural extension and the States

32. Map showing the location of county agricultural agents

33. Respiration calorimeter, Pennsylvania State College section

34. Animal husbandry collection, experiment station, the Unversity of


35. Dairy husbandry in the Missouri section

30. In the section of the New Jersey Experiment Station

37. In the section of the College of Agriculture of the University of Cali


38. Model of an ideal farmstead, as shown by the Iowa Agricultural


39. In the section of agricultural engineering

40. In the exhibit of the Massachusetts Agricultural College

41. In the exhibit of the New York State College of Agriculture at Cor

nell University

42. In the agronomy section

43. In the section of plant pathology

44. The Oregon education exhibit


45. Model of Oregon standardized one-teacher school 60

40. The significance of the standard school: The plan In Oregon 61

47. Illustrative of the Oregon industrial clubs 62

48. An Oregon girl in the canning projects 63

49. Boys' and girls' club exhibit at an Oregon county fair 64

50. State administration of vocational education 65

51. Smith's Agricultural School, Northampton 66

52. Consolidated rural school 67

53. Home project plan requires abundance of illustrative material 69

54. General view of the Utah exhibit 72

55. Model of the Jordan High School, in the Utah exhibit 73

56. Map of Jordan school district 74

57. The Illinois exhibit 76

58. The Wisconsin booth 77

59. School gardens and garden products from the Alaska educational

exhibit 82

60. Appropriations for Alaska 83

61. Reindeer in Alaska 84

62. The Philippine system 86

63. Chart emphasizing evolution of Philippine education 87

64. The Philippine course of study 88

65. Chart showing units in the Philippine system 89

66. Chart explaining the reason for the Philippine plan 90

67. Industrial work in the Philippine educational exhibit 91

68. Collection of baskets and other industrial work In the Philippine

educational exhibit 92

69. Barrio school building, Salinas, Bacon, Cavite 93

70. A two-room unit barrio school In the Philippines 93

71. From raw material to finished articles—Philippine fiber plants 94

72. Excellent exhibit of handcraft work from the Philippine public

schools 95

73. Provincial school plant, Batangas, P. I 96

74. Director of Education Frank L. Crone and Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in

the corn plat of Emilio Aguinaldo, jr., Cawit, Cavite 97

75. A typical school garden, from a photograph in the Philippine exhibit- 98

76. Part of the Philippine exhibit 99

77. Unit plan of construction 100

78. The American Library Association exhibit 102

79. Corner in the exhibit of the American Library Association 104

80. Map illustrating the spread of the California county free-library

movement 105

81. Preparing the traveling libraries at county headquarters 107

82. Map illustrating the operation of the free-library movement in

Monterey County, Cal 108

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