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12. May ran to mama. “ There is a lovely butterfly in the pot. How did he get there?”

13. Mama came out. “ Count the strange things,” she said.

“One on the glass is broken and empty,” said May.

" That is where the butterfly came from,” said mama.

In a day or two we ought to have two more.”

15. Sure enough, the next morning there were two more butterflies under the glass. The other“ strange things” were broken open and empty.

16. “See,” said mama, “ From the three ugly caterpillars get three strange things. From the three strange things we have three butterflies.”

• Do all butterflies come from caterpillars?” asked May.

“Yes,” said mama. “Caterpillars are baby butterflies.”




Lady Moon, Lady Moon, where are you roving ?

Over the sea. Lady Moon, Lady Moon, whom are you loving ?

All that love me.

Are you not tired with rolling, and never

Resting to sleep ? Why look so pale and so sad, as forever

Wishing to weep?

Ask me not this, little child, if you love me ;

You are too bold.
I must obey my dear Father above me,

And do as I'm told.

Lady Moon, Lady Moon, where are you roving ?

Over the sea. Lady Moon, Lady Moon, whom loving?

All that love me.

are you


Christmas nic'ěst

đi găn broth’ērş qu(kw)ěs’tion(chủn) fire-crăck-črş sword chim ne

stēam'boat ěn'ġîne brävely



1. One night when Tom's papa came home, he brought a little boy with him. He was about Tom's age. He seemed very sad. He sat by the fire across from Tom. Papa took mama out of the room. 2. Then

pa pa came back. Mama called Tom and took him into another room. “My dear son,” said mama, “this little boy is a son of a man who works for your papa. .


3. “His mother died some days ago and he has no brothers or sisters. His mother's sister lives in a town far away.

She is sick now, but is coming after him when she can. Your papa brought him home for us to take care of till she comes for him.

4. “You must be very kind to him. Think of my dear little boy without any mother.” When Tom thought of it, the tears came into

his eyes.


It was

5. The next day, in the midst of his play with Henry, a thought struck him. Christmas Eve. He ran down stairs to his mother.

6. “Mama,” he said, “how will Santa Claus know where to find Henry ?”

Why, I don't know, son. What do you think about it?” 8. “Maybe he won't know, mama.

Maybe not; what shall we do about it?” 9. “I will give Henry part of what Santa brings me.”




“That will be a sweet thing to do. What is he going to bring you ? ”

“ You know I asked him for a sword, and a real steam-engine, and a football and a good story-book.”

“What will you give Henry ? This was a hard question. The little fellow paused a moment and tried to smile.

“I'll give him the football and the steamengine.”

12. “Why?” saidmama.
“Because they are the nicest.”

“That might do,” said mama, “But I do not think Henry would wish you to give him both of the nicest. Give Henry one and you take one."

13. “I'll give him the football,” said Tom, "and the sword.” “ That will do,” said mama.

“Now, if Santa Claus knew, he could give Henry the football and sword and you the steam-engine and story-book. That would be nicer than for you to give them.”

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