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14. “ Can't we write him a letter as we did for my things?”

Yes, we'll write a letter and put it in the chimney so he'll see it.”

15. “That's fun," said Tom. So mama wrote the letter: Dear Santa Claus :

Please give to Henry the football and the sword that you were going to give to me. Henry is here in my bed.

bed. He has no mama to tell you what he wanted. A Merry Christmas, Santa.

With love,



16. The next morning Tom awoke early and looked around. The sword stuck bravely out of his stocking. The football lay on the pillow right by his head. The story-book and steam-engine were on a chair at his side. Henry did not have a thing.

17. Tom looked at the chimney. There

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was the letter in the chimney. Tom jumped up

and ran to his mother's room.

Mama, mama,” he cried. “ Santa Claus did not see our letter.”

“ That's too bad,” said mama. She went with Tom to his room.

“Why this letter is in another place,” she said. Maybe he made a mark on it."

19. She took it down and looked. is a letter from Santa Claus,” she said, “Wake Henry and I'll read it."

66 This

Dear Tom and Henry :

I got Tom's letter. I have plenty of things to give all good boys. If I don't get back in time to come down the chimney, look on the front step for a box.

With love,



20. The boys ran madly down stairs to the front door. There, sure enough, was a great long box. 21. They were not long getting it open.

It held candy and firecrackers and an air-gun, and a story-book, and a real steam-boat. The boys were very happy.





Těr'rå-pin ŭn'cle Rē'mŭs chop'pîng brěak'fast căb'ın folks

noise. bēasts

tăr'rý 1. In Georgia lives a man you must know. He tells some of the finest stories ever heard. He does not tell just one or two or three of them but

but a number of books full of them. And as each story makes only a few pages, it is plain that he tells a good number of them.

2. This is true. There are scores and scores of them. Perhaps no man ever told more good stories.


read one each day you may have a fresh, funny story every day for months.

3. In the books the stories are told by an old negro named Uncle Remus. Uncle Remus lives in a log cabin on his master's farm. He tells the stories to his master's

little son,

4. At night the little boy comes down from the “big house” to the cabin and sits by the fire-place with Uncle Remus. Sometimes he brings from the house good things for Uncle Remus to eat. They do not sit long till something makes Uncle Remus think of a good story.

5. The stories are about Brother Rabbit and Brother Fox and Brother Wolf and Sister Cow, and other beasts. Of these beasts Brother Rabbit is the most knowing. Sooner or later he gets the better of each of the others.

6. These stories are told in the words of Uncle Remus. If you have ever heard “old darkies” talk, you know that they have many strange words of their own.

Besides, they do not always say the common words as white people say them.

7. The strange words and strange use of common words, make the stories much more funny. Below you will find one of Uncle Remus's stories in common words. Get


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