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the glass slipper that had been left on the stairs, so there could be no mistake. The prince sent them to say that he begged the hand of the lady whose foot fitted the slipper.

30. During the day the men came to the house of Cinderella. The sisters laughed and said they were not princesses. They knew the slipper was much too small for them.

“Let me try it,” said Cinderella. “You, indeed,” said the sisters, "you could not get your toes in it.

32. But it fitted her foot exactly. Then she held up the other foot. On it was the other slipper. The fairy waved her wand and there stood the princess and her coach and six.

33. The sisters now knew Cinderella for the princess. They begged her to forgive them, which she did.

34. Cinderella drove to the palace and was married to the prince. She gave the sisters homes in the palace and found rich husbands for them. Every day she thanked her fairy god-mother.


1. The north wind doth blow,

And we shall have snow,
And what will the robin do then ?

Poor thing!

2. He will sit in a barn,

And to keep himself warm,
Will hide his head under his wing,

Poor thing!

3. The north wind doth blow,

And we shall have snow,
And what will the swallow do then?

Poor thing!

4. Oh, do you not know

He's gone long ago
To a country much warmer than this?

Poor thing!

5. The north wind doth blow,

And we shall have snow,
And what will the honey-bee do?

Poor thing!

6. In his hive he will stay,

Till the snow's gone away,
And then he'll come out in the spring,

Poor thing!

7. The north wind doth blow,

And we shall have snow,
And what will the children do then?

Poor things!

8. When lessons are done,

They'll jump, skip, and run,
And play till they make themselves warm,

Poor things!


çēr'tain coasting Feb rụ-a-rỹ Hugh

chăm pi-in car'pěn-tēr pic'túre cûrve polish

pre(1)tti-ẽ růn'nērs för’wasē)rd föl’lów-ing


1. In a certain town there was a great, long hill that was fine for coasting. It was very near a school-house.

Every time the snow fell, the boys and girls came here in great numbers to coast upon it.

2. There were all kinds of sleds. There were big, long sleds that held a half-dozen children at a time. There were low, little sleds barely giving room for one.

3. In February came a snow nearly a foot deep. Next day a wide path was beaten out by the sleds. In a day or two, this path was as smooth as ice itself.

This was


4. One of the boys at the school had a crippled leg. This leg was shorter than the other and was stiff at the knee. The boy's name was Hugh Brown.

5. He was a great coaster. about the only sport in which he was on equal ground with the other boys. Though he could not run as fast as they, there

no reason why he could not ride as fast.

6. His sled was a high one, painted red and white. It was a Christmas gift from his aunt.

7. One day one of the boys said, “Let us have a sled race." All agreed. But when they thought of it, there did not seem to be any way.

8. The track was not wide enough for more than ten sleds at a time and there were more than fifty in the school. If all were put in line, one behind the other, the first one would be nearly at the foot of the hill before the last ones started,

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