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his fire-fly steed and rode far away among the twinkling stars.

20. The winds blew him and the clouds covered him and the lightning struck at him, but on and on he rode. Away, up in the northern sky, he found a star rocking in the gale.

21. Soon it burst away and painted a burning arch across the heavens. The fairy rode his steed with the speed of the winds in the fiery path of the star. He caught the last faint spark as the dying star dropped away

His fairy lamp flamed up.

in space.


22. Just at the dark hour before dawn, the fairies met at the foot of the throne. Fairy harps played sweetest music. A joyous dance began. Among the dancers, with golden wings and flaming lamp, moved the forgiven fairy.


1. He met her in a forest path

One bright mid-summer day;
She took him for a giant,

He took her for a fay;
And she cried out, when she spied him

From beneath her little hood, “Don't eat me, Mr. Fee-fo-fum,

And I'll be very good.”

2. Then he said: “If


will promise Not to change me to a cat, I'll promise not to eat you.

What do you say to that?” And he saw that she was smiling,

And he knew his peace was made; So they struck a fairy bargain

Beneath the woodland shade.

3. Then the fairy told the giant

Of a mystic spot she knew, Where, hidden safe among their leaves,

Some wild strawberries grew;

And the giant told the fairy

Of a pocket deep and wide
That held not only bread and cheese,

But apple-tart beside.

4. So the giant and the fairy

Sat down beneath a tree,
And ate their lunch together,

Just as happy as could be;
And many a woodland secret

Did the fairy tell that day,
And many a wonder-story

Did the giant tell the fay.

5. And when at last the parting came,

And they must say “good-by,”
The giant thought the fairy

Looked as if she's like to cry;
And the fairy thought the giant,

As he took her little hand,
Looked very much as if he'd like

To stay in Fairyland.

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