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[blocks in formation]

1. Did you hear the school-bell ring this morning ?

2. For a few months it has been still. The school-house has been closed. The children have had a long holiday.

3. We hear that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Jack and Jill have had a long play-time. They must now be ready to go to school and study their les


4. What did you play during the holiday?

5. Tom went to see his Uncle who lives on a farm. He rode on a big horse na med Roan. Tom had to climb on the fence to get on his back.

6. Tom rode Roan to the spring to drink and fed him night and morning. They were very good friends.

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7. May passed the summer at home. Her mama had a play-house built for her under a big tree in the yard. Her little friends came to see her.

8. They rode in a swing that hung from


a tree. Some times they had tea-parties and gave all their dolls seats at the table.

. 9. One time a strange kitty came to the tea party. May's dog, Fussy, ran after it and turned the table over. The tea was spilled, the table lost one leg and the face of one of the dolls was broken.

10. The kitty jumped over the wall and never came back again.

11. Fussy looked so sorry that may did not whip him.




līght'nîng ăx-ằmined lēarned


în-věnt'ěd Phil-a-dēlphựa floating

Frånklin 1. Frank has a kite. It was made for him by his Uncle Charles, who learned to make kites when he himself was a boy.

2. The frame is made of two light sticks that are nailed together in the form of a

This frame is covered with light silk. 3. From one end hangs a long tail made

A kite of this kind will not fly smoothly without a tail to steady it.

4. On clear days when the wind blows Frank puts his kite up. He ties the end of his string to the fence and lets the kite float


in the air. 6. About dark, one evening, he tied a small lantern to the tail of his kite. Then he put it up in the sky. Some people saw the light floating over the houses but could not see the kite.

of rags.

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