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29. But the voice did not sound like grandmother's, and Little Red Riding Hood said to herself, “Grandmother is hoarse from a cold.” Then she answered, “It is I, Little Red .

Riding Hood. I have come to bring you some cake and butter, dear grandmother.”

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30. “Pull the string and the latch will fly up and the door will open," said the Great Gray Wolf in his smallest voice. Little Red Riding Hood pulled the string and at once walked into the cottage.

31. “ Put the basket on the table and come

here and give me a kiss,” said the Great Gray Wolf in his smallest voice.

32. Little Red Riding Hood put the basket on the table and came over to the bed. She stopped at the bedside. She was astonished to see how her grandmother was changed.

83. “Why, grandmother,” she said, “what long arms you have.”

“ The better to hug you, my dear,” said the Great Gray Wolf.

34. “ And, grandmother, what long ears

you have."

“The better to hear you, my dear.”
35. “ And, grandmother, what sharp eyes

“ The better to see you, my dear.”
36. “ And, grandmother, what big teeth

you have.

“ The better to eat you, my dear.”

37. He was just going to spring upon Little Red Riding Hood and eat her up,

when the little bird who was watching through the window whistled, “ Tweet, tweet.” By this

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the Green Hunter, who was waiting outside, knew it was time to act. He shot an arrow straight through the Great Gray Wolf's heart and killed him on the spot.

38. Little Red Riding Hood was frightened almost to death, but the good Green Hunter quieted her fears. He took her by the hand and brought her to her mother.


Come, my children, come-away,
For the sun shines bright to-day;
Little children, come with me,
Birds and brooks and posies see;
Get your hats and come away,
For it is a pleasant day.

Bring the hoop, and bring the ball,
Come with happy faces all;
Let us make a merry ring,
Talk and laugh, and dance and sing.
Quickly, quickly, come away,
For it is a pleasant day.

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1. Many, many years ago no one lived on this side of the world but red men. White people lived on the other side of the world.

2. A great ocean lies between the other side and this side. In time brave men came across this great ocean in their ships, and saw this land and the red men who lived in it.

3. At that time it took months to sail across this ocean. But, when the first sailors got back to their own side, and told what they had seen, others wanted to come.

4. Other ships were fitted out to visit this new land. At first those who came did not intend to stay. They hoped to find gold and gems and sail home rich.

5. They found only red men and a wild country. Some thought if they could stay a

long time and go far into the new country they would find the gold and gems.

6. But in order to stay a long time, they must have homes and something to eat. So they built log-houses and made farms.

7. Slowly the number of white men grew. At first only men came over. But, after a long time, men came over with their families.

8. These people who came to make their homes here were called settlers, and their groups of houses and farms were called settlements.

9. A rich Englishman named Raleigh sent some ships full of people to this country to make a settlement. They landed on an island not far out in the ocean from the state we now call Virginia.

10. The settlers built some log-houses. But in place of making farms and growing things to eat, they spent the time hunting for pearls and gold. When some ships came along bound for the other side, they sailed for home.

11. The next year Raleigh sent more people

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