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r. So he called to Rover who was up on the porch asleep. Rover came running at

Jamie did not have his hat, but he had his whip with which he had been driving his toy coach.

8. Jamie lifted the latch, the gate opened and they walked out. Down the street they went together, the boy holding the shaggy neck of the dog.


He saw

9. Jamie had been down this street on the cars many times. He knew there was no wood on it, so he turned off at the next street. 10. On and on he went.

more people, and began to see stores. Men asked him where he was going, but he ran on.

11. He saw more stores and no sign of a wood. So he left this street and turned into another. The new street was very quiet and had no cars.

12. But all at once it ran into a big street,

But just


full of people and cars and horses. Jamie started back on the quiet street. then a cruel giant caught him. The giant had a strange hat on his head and a big club in his hand. He seized Jamie and lifted him in his arms.

13. Jamie's little heart went pit-a-pat. In spite of himself, tears

into his eyes.

14. But the giant did not seem so bad. He said, “Where are you going, son ?”

For some reason Jamie could not speak.

15. “Speak up, son,” said the giant. “I'll take you right where you want to go.”

16. This was not the way the giant talked to Jack. Maybe there was some mistake. “Are you a Cruel Giant ?” asked Jamie.

“ I'm the biggest man on the force. Some tell the judge I'm a 'cruel giant. I'll crack their heads for them, too. But where do you want to go ?” 18. Jamie could not open

open his mouth. “ Crack their heads !” This was awful,



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your name?

“Can't you talk ?” said the giant. « What's

Jamie could not say a word.

20. “Well, come in here. You'll be all right soon. And then we'll go home.”



21. Jamie did not want to go home with the giant. He sat very still on the stool in the store where he had been placed.

22. Soon the giant began telling a man in the store about it. He let go Jamie's hand. Jamie sat very still for a minute. Then he

as hard as he could for the door. Rover ran just behind him.

23. At the door Jamie looked back. The giant was coming. Then he ran through the door and out into the crowded street.

24. People shouted. Drivers jerked their reins. But it was too late. He ran right in front of a carriage. One of the horses struck him and knocked him flat in the midst of the jam.


25. A lady in a carriage, that was quickly halted, cried, “What is that?"

“What is that?” “A child run over,” said the driver.

“Dear, dear," said the lady. She thought of her own little fellow at home and she jumped from the carriage and ran into the crowd.

27. “Is he killed ?" she asked. Just then a shout went up from the people. Out from under the horses' feet came a great dog, carrying the child in his mouth. The child was covered with mud and was crying as loud as he could.

“ What a darling dog," said the lady. Then she turned white. 'Why, it's Rover,” she gasped, “and Jamie.” Then she fainted


dead away.

29. The Cruel Giant caught her and carried her into the store. The people brought Jamie and the dog into the store.

30. A little water brought the mother back to life. She felt all over Jamie to see that no bones were broken. Then she threw her

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