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Oregon Law School Journal authority by the best courts of this

country, and with which every successPublished Bimonthly by THE OREGON LAW SCHOOL

ful lawyer is required to be familiar. The

ain of the founders is to require the 239 COMMERCIAL STREET, SALEM, OREGON Subscription price fifty cents per annum.

student to become familiar with and to Editor-in-chief. -------S, T. RICHARDSON

use the actual tools of his trade; believDean of The Oregon Law School,

ing that a law student should not be permitted to waste his time in the use of

toy law books, nor suffered to listen to ANNOUNCEMENT.

lectures upon the subject of law by a

person who does not understand the The founders of the Oregon Law School practical administration of the law. purpose maintaining a law school of False Impressions Take Years of Study to Corsound legal learning adapted to the rect.-A graduate of a law school taking actual wants of the lawyer and business a course of study consisting of abridgman, shorn as far as possible of peda- ments and of the works of obscure law gogical theories and non-essentials. They writers discovers when he attempts to consider that if the student be well engage in the practice of law that the grounded in the elementary principles of matter he has studied consists of a uselaw and practice, that he is best prepared less lot of platitudes and that much he ? for the pursuit of his profession or the has read is not the law, and that the false successful management of a business. impressions made upon his mind will That if in after life he should find idle take years of hard study to correct and time and his fancies should induce him which it will never be possible for him to to explore some of the many and endless wholly eradicate; that it would take less theories and metaphysical disquisitions, time and study if he could now have his he may do so, readily, and without the mind free and begin the study of law expense of an instructor and his then anew than to correct his mistaken ideas broadened and practical mind will not and false impressions. confuse the fanciful with the real.

“Case System”.-The founders believe in Dean S. T. Richardson has been en- the frequent examination of leading gaged in law school work for fifteen years cases, yet do not believe in being slaves and brings with him methods of instruc- to the “Case System”. Some parts of all tion which have been practically tested. subjects are taught by means of lectures, Many lawyers of Oregon and elsewhere. yet on nearly all subjects text-books are who have received instruction under him used. Good text-books being regarded are becoining eminent in their profession. more reliable and more comprehensive

Text Books.—This school will use books than the lectures of a law professor or of the most eminent legal writers and other lecturer which have been more which are recognized as the highest hastily prepared, and, in many instances,

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by persons less eminent and with less continuously ever since. Judge Boise is matured legal or practical minds and the oldest judge in Oregon, his legal liable to mislead the student. The meth- opinions have at all times commanded ods of instruction to be used will depend the greatest respect. He was one of the much upon the subject and the advance- first Code Commissioners of Oregon and ment of the student, it being the aim of was afterwards a member of the conthe school to cause its students to reason vention that framed the Oregon Conlogically and independently and to un- stitution. He is one of the grand pioneers derstand and apply the rules and reasons that built our commonwealth and has of the law to actual cases.

since assisted in shaping and directing Court of Practice.—Under the supervision its future greatness. The law student of the faculty, one hour each week will will be amply repaid by embracing the be devoted to pleading, practice and rare opportunity of attending the sessions legal papers, and students will be re- of the court of so gre ta jurist, quired to draft pleadings and other legal experience, profound in his decisions, documents and conduct the trial of and erudite in legal lore and history of

our state. School of Expression.-One hour each week The probate court though which all will be devoted to expression and forensic the wealth of the country is required to oratory.

pass every few years, is of great interest State Law Library.—The State Law Library, to the law student; is always in session consisting of more than thirty thousand during the year. The municipal court, volumes, is open each day, excepting county court for civil business, the comholidays, m 8 a. m. until 5 p. m. The missioners'court and the justices courts, law student has access to this great treas- nearly always in session, give rare opporure house of legal literature; and has tunities for the student to observe the the rare opportunity of carrying on an practical workings of his chosen proexhaustive investigation of the great fession. problems of the law on subjects with Oregon Legislature.—During the present which he may desire to make a specialty school year there will probably be two in his practice.

sessions of the Oregon Legislature held Special Lectures.--Lectures upon special here and the law student will be favored topics by eminent lawyers will be an- with the opportunity of learning how the nounced during the year.

laws are made and will be granted Court Advantages.-The Supreme Court is special privileges to attend its sessions. continuously in session during the State Institutions.—The state buildings, school year. Here great fortunes are including its large benevolent, reformaadjudicated, the destiny of lives are tory and penal inscitutions, are located weighed in its judicial balances, and the here and affords the law student special liberties and fortunes of citizens guarded opportunities to study penology and and protected. Profound arguments by mental jurisprudence. lawyers of national fame are frequent Living Expenses.-Living expenses here ly made before this august tribunal. It are probably as small as that of nearly is an ideal place for the law student to any other place in the United States. receive inspirations that will incite him Climate for Study.--Owing to the evenness to strive to win the heights of eminence. of the temperature and the low altitude

The State Circuit Court, consisting of above the level of the sea, Salem is probtwo judges, is in session a greater part ably one of the most favored spots in of the school year. Department number this continent to carry on intellectual two, wherein suits in equity and the more pursuits. profound cases are determined, is pre Degree.—The president will confer upon sided over by Hon. R. P. Boise, Sr. who students who have pursued the full held his first term of court in Oregon in course of study and attended the full 1857. He has been on the bench almost course of lectures and recitations and

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passed satisfactory examinations and he takes in it and the amount of work complied with the rules and regula- and energy he properly expends. That tions of the Oregon Law School includ- the only genius now known to exist coning payment of diploma fee and all sists of equal parts of attention, interest, arrearages, the degree of Bachelor of perseverence, constant work and well Laws.

directed energy. Lady Students.-Ladies admitted on the Millions of unemployed capital await same terms as gentlemen.

management of the person who can show Scholastic Year.—The school year begins its possessors that he is a man of pracWednesday October 1, 1902, and ends May tical judgment and integrity and capable 29, 1903. The year consists of 33 school of handling it to an advantage. He must weeks and is divided into four terms. be careful and cautious, not visionary The terms begin as follows:- First Term, nor fanciful; he must reason logically, October 1, 1902; Second Term, November use the experience of the past and apply 29, 1902; Third Term, January 31, 1903; it unerringly to affairs and conditions Fourth Term, March 28, 1903.

about him and plan enterprises and conFees.- Junior year, per term, $12.50; vince men of wealth that those enterSenior year, per term, $15, Pupils desir- prises are feasible. ing to take half work will be charged $10 Stanford and Huntington were men of per term for junior work and $11 per small fortunes when they projected a term for senior work. Tuition is pay- transcontinental railroad across a vast able in advance at the beginning of the tract of country then regarded by many term.

as a barren waste. They were practical For catalogues and information ad- men and had examined all the surrounddress

iugs and the force of their convictions W. E. RICHARDSON, caused men of wealth to engage in the Secretary of the OREGON LAW SCHOOL, enterprise. Soon an iron band bound the

Salem, Oregon. continent, and the Great American Desert

took wings of flight and in its stead

came a land of wealth and civilization. ADVANTAGES OF A LEGAL EDUCATION.

And vast fortunes and undying fame to

them was the reward of their enterprise. In Life's race to attain the goal of suc Be practical, us sound judgment, be cess proper training is a great advantage. guided by experience and apply the conHow this preparation shall be made is a clusions accurately and unerringly and serious question. One considers that he you have the foundation stones of sucmust need be born genius before he can Good practical judgment depends safely enter certain professions. An- much upon the person's surroundings other views his cranial bumps and de- and education. Some have been successpressions as infallible marks of his suc- ful without systematic education, yet cess, as the knobs, bolts and other there is little doubt that their success eminences an iron safe indicate would have been even greater had they whether or not its vaults contain gold or had its benefits. Books are useless toys are empty. While another imagines that unless the matters which they contain he is controlled by the fates and, in order can be put to some useful purpose. That to ascertain his future prospects of suc- system of education is most beneficial cess, consults soothsayers, palmists, which depends upon reason rather than clairvoyants and other mystagogues. memory and rote, and upon judgment

We consider that genius is a very rare instead of mystic words. animal, perhaps extinct. That each per This world is real and not a place of son ‘is the architect of his own fortune' fancy, magic or mystery. We know of and that if he properly prepares himself nothing that will dispel our illusions so his success in any profession will depend so well as that of the study of law. A upon the amount of interest and pleasure knowledge of the leading principles of



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