The Cereals in America

Orange Judd Company, 1912 - 421 páginas

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Página 299 - or rather shads, which we have in great abundance and take with ease at our doors. "You may see in one township a hundred acres together set with these fish, every acre taking a thousand of them, and an acre thus dressed will produce and yield as much
Página 14 - States alone the inexhaustible forces of Nature would produce annually without effort and without cost: 5,200,000 extra bushels of corn, 15,000,000 extra bushels of wheat, 20,000,000 extra bushels of oats, 1,500,000 extra bushels of barley, 21,000,000 extra bushels of potatoes. But these vast possibilities are not alone for one year, or for our own time
Página 205 - 36 pounds of dry starch, 7 pounds of gluten and 5 pounds of bran or hull, the balance in weight being made up of water, soluble matter, etc. The value of the germ lies in the fact that it contains over 40 per cent of corn oil, worth,
Página 337 - No. 3 white oats shall be seven-eighths white, but not sufficiently sound and clean for No. 2. " No. 4 white oats shall be seven-eighths white, damp, badly damaged, musty, or for any other cause unfit for No. 3.
Página 41 - binds together the particles of flour, rendering the dough and gluten tough and coherent. The glutenin imparts solidity to the gluten, evidently forming a nucleus to which the gliadin adheres and from which it is consequently not washed away by water. Gliadin and starch mixed in the proportion of
Página 365 - include all barley which is badly damaged, or from any cause unfit for malting purposes, except that barley which has been chemically treated shall not be graded at all
Página vi - of the Committee on Methods of Teaching Agriculture of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations. In
Página 148 - will give the weight of a volume of water equal to the volume of
Página 365 - slightly shrunken and otherwise slightly damaged barley, not good enough for No. 2. " No. 4 Barley.—Shall include all barley fit for malting purposes, not good enough for No. 3.
Página 240 - couplet : He that by the plow would thrive Himself must either hold or drive.

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