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The man in the wilderness,

Asked me,

How many strawberries

Grew in the sea ?
I answered him as I thought good,
As many red herrings

As grew in the wood:

Little Robin Redbreast

upon a tree,
Up went the Pussy-Cat,

And down went he;
Down came Pussy-Cat,
Pan y

Says little Robin Redbreast-

Catch me if you can.
Little Robin Redbreast jumped upon a spade,

Pussy-Cat jumped after him, and then he was afraid. Little Robin chirped and sung, and what did Pussy say? Pussy-Cat said Mew, mew mew,—and Robin flew away.

Sing a song of sixpence, a bag full of rye,
Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie:
When the pie was opened, the birds began to sing ;

And wasn't this a dainty dish to set before the king ? The king was in the parlour, counting out his money; The queen was in the kitchen, eating bread and honey ; The maid was in the garden, hanging out the clothes There came a little blackbird and nipt off her nose.

Lady-bird, Lady-bird,
Fly away home,
Your house is cn fire
Your children will burn.




Three, Four-open the door ;
Five, Six-pick up sticks;
Seven. Eight-lay them straight;
Nine, Ten- a good fat hen;
Eleven, Twelve-I hope you're well.
Thirteen, Fourteen-draw the curtain ;
Fifteen, Sixteen—the maid's in the kitchen;
Seventeen, Eighteen-she's in waiting.
Nineteen Twenty-my stomach's empty.


Snail, Snail,

Come out of your hole,
Or else I'll beat you black as a coa.

Snail, Snail,

Put out your head,
Or else I'll beat you till you're dead

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The man in the moon came down too soon

To inquire the way to Norridge ; The inan in the south, he burnt his mouth

With eating cold plum-porridge.

When I was a little boy, I lived by myself,
And all the bread and cheese I got I put upon a shelf ;
The rats and the mice, they made such a strife,
I was forced to go to London to buy me a wife.
The streets were so broad, and the lanes were so narrow,
I was forced to bring my wife home in a wheelbarrow;
The wheelbarrow broke, and my wife had a fall,
And down came the wheelbarrow, wife and all.

Charley Wag,
Ate the pudding and left the bag.

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