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stage are sufficiently troubled with crities already. Daily, weekly, and monthly, these tormentors sting them in the tenderest places. We will not add to their discomfort. We have received great pleasure in our day, from even the meanest of the sons of Thalia. They have soothed us in times of pain. They have done what neither reason, nor the Leech's aid, nor

“ All the drowsy syrups of the East,"

could effect ;—they have drawn a sweet oblivion 'round us for a while, and made us forget the world and its many troubles; and we will not requite them with hasty or unjust censures. They are an active and intelligent body of men, and beyond comparison the most amusing company extant.

With this intimation, we leave our hero and his history to their fate.


house-Brixham-A second Visit to Exeter-

An unpopular Actor—Master Betty again-

Teignmouth Proposals from the Olympic-

Distant Prospect of a Theatre Royal - Barn-

staple- A Walk to Dorchester - Domestic

Troubles Interview with Mr. Arnold-En-

gagement with Drury Lane Theatre-His Son's

Death-Departure for London

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