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Mason, Firth of M'Cutcheon, general printers, 1880

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Página 268 - To live again in these wild woods forlorn ? Should God create another Eve, and I Another rib afford, yet loss of thee Would never from my heart : no, no ! I feel The link of Nature draw me : flesh of flesh, Bone of my bone thou art, and from thy state Mine never shall be parted, bliss or woe.
Página 18 - ... quite bare, or only partially covered with dwarfed trees or shrubs. From near Kilmore eastward, a distance of 200 miles, the mountains are generally so steep and inaccessible as to present a considerable barrier between the parts of the colony north and south of them, and they can only be traversed with great labour by the few passes that exist. From Kilmore westward the range rapidly dwindles, so that although presenting in places points of considerable height — such as Mount William and Mount...
Página 258 - After the troops had retreated on the morning of the 18th of June, 1855, Lieutenant W. Hope, being informed by the late Sergeant-Major William Bacon, who was himself wounded, that Lieutenant and Adjutant Hobson was lying outside the trenches, badly wounded, went out to look for him, and found him lying in an old agricultural ditch running towards the left flank of the Redan. He then returned and got four men to bring him in. Finding, however, that...
Página 17 - Tasmania was then called — who landed on 19th Nov., 1834, and soon commenced to till the soil, run and breed stock, and carry on whaling operations. Others followed, but the absence of good land in the immediate vicinity of the port, and the openness of the bay...
Página 17 - On the shores of Port Jackson, a few miles to the north of Botany Bay, Phillip established a permanent settlement, but for nearly ten years afterwards nothing was done towards the exploration of the southern shores of Australia. At length George Bass, a surgeon in the Royal Navy, started in a whale-boat, manned by six seamen, and, passing Cape Howe, coasted along that part of Victoria now called Gippsland, and rounding Wilson's Promontory — the southernmost point on the Australian Continent —...
Página 211 - But the carrying out of these projects of reform appears entirely impossible in the present condition of the Ottoman Empire. The Grand Vizier, as head of the Government and representative of the Sovereign, is President of the ' Divan,' or Ministerial Council, and by virtue of his office, is Minister of the Interior.
Página 17 - Land, and they were soon followed by others from the same island, and from Sydney, who brought stock with them, and commenced to push their way into the interior. These were met by Major (afterwards Lieutenant-Colonel Sir) Thomas Mitchell, who, entering from New South Wales on the north, and traversing a considerable portion of the as yet unknown territory...
Página 195 - India. The executive authority in India is vested in a Governor-General or Viceroy, appointed by the Crown, and acting under the orders of the Secretary of State for India.
Página 10 - Apparatus used in the preparation of materials for weaving: warping mills, spooling (winding) machines. Card-making for the jacquard looms. Hand looms and mechanical looms for the manufacture of plain fabrics. Looms for the manufacture of figured and brocaded stuffs : damask looms, electric looms. Looms for the manufacture of carpets and tapestry. Mesh weaving looms for the manufacture of hosiery and net. Apparatus for making lace. Apparatus used in the manufacture of lace-work. High warp looms and...
Página 120 - Baron von Mueller, whom we all know as a competent authority, " that for the durability of its timber it is unsurpassed by any kind of tree in any portion of the globe," and under such circumstances it has three properties of great utility — it resists the marine teredo and the white ant, and is not affected by the oxidation of iron bolts or nails.

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