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January 19, 1984

Dear Congressman:

We enclose for your information a recent news release that addresses a major health and safety concern that of alcohol related traffic deaths. The College of American Pathologists recently developed a news feature detailing studies in four states showing that alcohol-related accidents resulting in death are much higher than generally reported.

Stimulated by the reaction of a Minnesota pathologist who heard a national television newscast give a much lower figure than his own experience, the studies demonstrate the first-hand, daily awareness of the magnitude of the problem as seen by pathologists performing autopsies as medical examiners or as hospital-based community pathologists.

The response to our article has been phenomenal, generating hundreds of newspaper articles, coverage on Cable News Network and CBS and Mutual Radio Network, as well as calls from James Fell of the National Traffic Safety Administration, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, anti-drunk driving groups, state legislators and legislative staff, television stations, universities, libraries, and private citizens.

Recognizing the importance of the subject and knowing that you share the college's concern about alcohol-related traffic deaths in this country, we would like to encourage distribution of this information and are happy to provide access to our member pathologists' expertise in this important issue.

The CAP is currently developing a survey of its 9,500 members to collect statistics for individual counties or states on alcohol-related traffic deaths. The survey will compile information on how and what information is collected and also ask whether the local area requires blood alcohol content tests (BACS).

For additional information, please contact Barbara Chapman, CAP, 7400 N. Skokie Blvd., Skokie, IL 60077, 312-677-3500, Ext. 457.


old land

Alated S. Ercolano

35-289 0-84---37



New Jersey State Juvenile Aid Officers Association, Inc.

Captain Earle Wallo, (201) 377-2200
New Jersey Congress of Parents and Teachers

Phyllis Scheps, (201) 731-3304


1. Colonel Clinton L. Pagano

Supt., New Jersey State Police 3. N. J. Police Traffic Officers Assoc. 5. N. J. Policemen's Benevolent Assoc. 7. N. J. Narcotic Officers Association 9. Matthew J. Derham, President

New Jersey Automobile Club (AAA) 11. N. J. State Athletic Directors Assoc. 13. N. J. League of Municipalities 15. N. J. Mayors Association 17. N. J. Liquor Stores Association 19. N. J. Health Officers Association 21. N. J. Council on Alcohol Problems

(26 Denominations) 23. N. J. Probation Officers Association 25. N. J. Grange (4-H Clubs, etc.) 27. N. J. Federation for Drug Free Com

munities 29. Auxiliary - N. J. Pharmaceutical Assoc.

2. Joan H. Wiskowski, Director

N. J. Division of Motor Vehicles 4. N. J. State Assoc. of Chiefs of Police 6. N. J. State Fraternal Order of Police 8. Tri-State Organized Crime Council 10. N. J. Education Association

N. J. School Boards Association 14. N. J. Conference of Mayors 16. N. J. School Principals & Supervisors

Association 18. Medical Society of New Jersey 20. Physicians for Automotive Safety 22. N. J. Christian Conference on Legis

lation 24. N. 1. Coalition for Safe Communities 26. N. J. Lutheran Women 28. N. J. Dental Association 30. N. J. Safety Council

Regional Organizations
1. Bergen County Medical Society
2. Bergen County Health Officers Association
3. Newark Parent Citizens Union for Public Schools

United Methodist Women of New Jersey
5. Trinity United Methodist Women
6. Ministerium of Salem County
7. Concerned Citizens Committee - Pennsville, New Jersey
8. Essex County Dept. of Public Safety - Division of County Police
9. Livingstonites for Education about Drug Abuse
10. Madison Thursday Morning Club
11. Northern New Jersey Conference of the United Methodist Church
12. Municipal investigators Association of Union County

SENATE, No. 925



By Senator LASKIN

Referred to Committee on Law, Public Safety and Defense

An Act concerning the lawful age for selling, purchasing and con

suming alcoholic beverages and amending P. L. 1972, c. 81.



1 BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State 2 of New Jersey:

1. Section 1 of P. L. 1972, c. 81 (C. 9:17B-1) is amended to read 2 as follows: 3 1. The Legislature finds and declares and hy this act intends, 4 pendling the revision and amendment of the many statutory pro5 visions involved, to:

a. Extend to persons 18 years of age and older the basie civil 7 and contractual rights and obligations heretofore applicable only to 8 persons 21 years of age or older, including the right to contract, 9 sue, be sued and defend civil actions, apply for and he appointed 10 to public employment, apply for and be granted a license or au11 thority to engage in a business or profession subject to State regu12 lation, serve on juries, marry, adopt children, attend and partici13 pate in horse race nieetings and purimutuel betting and other 14 legalized games and gaming, (sell alcoholic beverages.] act as an 15 incorporator, registered agent or director of a corporation, consent 16 to medical and surgical treatment, execute a will, and to inherit, 17 purchase, mortgage or otherwise encumber and convey real and 18 personal property. 19 b. Extend to persons [19] 21 years of age and older, heretofore 20 applicable only to persons [18] 19 years of age and older, the riglit 21 to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages[, except that any one 22 attaining the age of 18 years prior to the effective date of this act 23 shall be able to purchase and consunie alcoholic beverages]. Nothing 24 in this act shall preclude any licensee under R. S. 33:1-1 et seq. 25 who obtained his license on or before the effective date of this 26 amendatory act from making purchases in the regular course of his 27 licensed activities. EXPLANATION—Matter enclosed to bold-faced brackets (thos) to the above bil

to not enacted and lo intended to be omitted in the low.


28 c. Abolish the right of a person between the ages of 18 and 21 29 years to disaffirm and be relieved of contractual obligations by 30 reason of age. 1 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

STATEMENT The purpose of this bill is to raise the age at which a person can sell, buy or consume alcoholic beverages from 19 to 21.

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