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mit, and comply against their Conscience, and even begin their Ministry with mental Equivocations. The Warmth with which he express’d himself on this Head was such, and such was the Weight of his Character, that the Clergy of Geneva, were afterward released from these Subscriptions, and only left subject to Punishment or Cerisure in Case of writing or preaching against the established Doctrine.

I shall add farther, that so much is to be said for the Honour of our Dissenters here, that when A. D. 1719, the most remarkable Synod or Assembly their Ministers have had these many Years met, and that on this Question also, the Majority openly rejected all such Unfcriptural Impositions. And I have seen a List of seventy-three of those Ministers, who sign’d their Advices to the People of Exeter, (for whose Sake the Assembly was called,) without insisting on any Unscriptural Declarations : As also the other of fixty-nine, who signed to the contrary. So that, to use the Words of the late excellent Master of the Rolls, Sir Joseph Jekyl on this Occasion, The Bible carried it by four.

The Names of the seventy-three that were for the Bible were these :

Joh. Oldfield, D. D. Moderator, p. t.

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John Ratcliff,

Gabriel Barber, Samuel Rosewell,

Nathaniel Lardner, Joseph Jenkins,

William Jacomb, Mofes Lowman,

Samuel Savage, Joseph Burroughs,

Samuel Highmore, John Ingram,

Robert Lamb, Tbomas Leavefly,

Amos Harrison, George Smyth,

John Bradley, Lewis Douglas.

Samuel Clarke, Jeremiah Hunt,

Daniel Burgess, Samuel Baker,

Jobn Cornish, Thomas Petkin,

Thomas Newman, John Gale, D.P.

Quintus Naylor, Isaac Kimber,

John Sherman, Clerk Oldsworth,

Richard Parkes, Richard Rigby, M. D. Samuel Oldfield, Thomas Kirby,

John Cambden, Edward Bearne,

Nathaniel Foxwell, Samuel Chandler,

John Conder, William Sheffield,

Thomas Simmons, Nathaniel Hodges,

David Jennings, Robert Billio,

John Eaton, Thomas Slater,

Obadiah Hughes, James Read,

Arthur Sallet,
Henry Read,

Richard Tuddeman,
William Hocker, jun. E. Roscoe,
Richard Biscoe,

James Richardson,
Joseph Bennet,

Matthew Randal, Benja. Avery, L. L. D.

William Bush, Joseph Baker,

Christopher Taylor, Ben. Andrews Atkinson Thomas Cotton.

There are several of our Brethren, say these Subfcribers, consenting with us in these Advices, who desire we would signify so much to the World, tho' they have not here subscribed their Names.

N. B. This I look upon as the first Example of a Body of Christians publick Declaration for Christian Liberty in Matters of Religion.


The general Baptists had also a very great Meeting in London about 1730, where the Number were about 120, who also came in a Manner universally into the fame Determination, of not making any human Explications necessary to Christian Communion: But having never seen a list of their Names. I cannot Preserve them, tho' they deferve it not much less than the former.

In the Year 1712, I publish'd my Primitive
Christianity Reviv'd, all in one Volume, in English
alone. Containing,
Part I. The larger Epistles of St. Ignatius.

II. The Apostolical Constitutions.
III, An Essay on those Constitutions.
IV. An Account of the Primitive Faith, con-

cerning the Trinity and Incarnation. To which are subjoined, the Proposals for Societies, and Primitive Infant-Baptism Revivid, already mentioned,

N. B. The Corrections and Improvements already made in the four larger Volumes, take Place here, and are to be allow'd in the reprinting of this Volume also.

About the same Year 1712, I published a Scheme of the Solar System, with the Orbits of 21 Comets; in a large Sheet of Paper, engraved on Copper, by Mr. Senex. Price, 2 s. 6 d. Which Scheme has been of great Reputation and Advantage among the curious ever since.

N. B.

N. B. At the Orbit of the Comet, No. 22 ; (for tho' they proved to be but 21 at the last, yet because one of them appear’d to have come round three Times, and so is here esteemed three distinct Comets; and another twice, and so is esteemed two Comets; they appear as twenty-four upon the Scheme.) Add for the Place of the ascending Node ; and change the Order of Writing on that Orbit, with the Length of the Tail, from one Leg of the Orbit to the other, that it may be direet in the Scheme, as it was in the Heavens. See also the Astronomical Principles of Religion, Pag, 24, 25. for the Periods of one or two more of the Comets, which have been discovered since I published this Solar System.

At the End of this Year 1712, I reprinted Dr. Mather's Old Paths Restored, which had been printed the Year before at Boston in New-England; and was an Extract of Calvinistical Papers,formerly by him publish’d, with a Preface of my own. Price 3d. I wish our present Calvinists would read that Preface

In the Beginning of the next Year 1752-13, I published, Reflexions on a Pamphlet, of Mr. Anthony Collins, intituled, A Discourse of Free-thinking, 8vo. Price 8d.

N. B. I have been informed, that when Bp. Burnet had read this Paper of mine, he liked it so well, that he said, “ For its Sake he forgave me all " my Heresy."


At the End of March 1713, I published Synchronismorum Apocalypticorum Series, or an Epitome of my Elay on the Revelation of St. John, in an open half Sheet of Paper, Price 6 d. But it being much the same with that in my Ejay on the Revelation itself, formerly publish’d, and was afterward corrected also in my Literal Accomplishment of Scripture Pbrophecies, and again in the 2d Edition of my Ejay on the Revelation, this may well be drop'd, and not reprinted.

April 23d, the same Year 1713, I sent a Letter to Dr. Sacheverel, which I afterwards printed in an half Sheet of Paper: And still later I reprinted it among the Papers relating to the Court of Delegates, of which hereafter.

The same Year 1713, I publish'd Three Esays, 8vo. Price 4 s. 6 d. containing, 1. The Council of Nice, vindicated from the

Athanafian Heresy. II. A Collection of ancient Monuments, re

lating to the Trinity and Incarnation, and to the History of the IVth. Century of

the Church. III. The Liturgy of the Church of England,

reduc'd nearer to the primitive Standard.

N. B. This is that Liturgy, which I have ever since made use of, at Tunbridge and London ; and in particular, when a few select Persons of us, that were no Athanasians, and chiefly on Athanasian Creed Days, formerly met together for publick Worship, for fome Years at my House. It contains also the fame Form


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