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MEMOIRS of several of his FRIENDS allo.

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Who art thou that thou shouldst be afraid of a Man that shall die,

and of the Son of Man which shall be made as Grass? and
forgettest the Lord thy Maker, that hath Atretched forth the

Heavens, and laid the Foundations of the Earth. If. li. 13, 14.
Thou shalt not accept Persons when thou reprovest for Sins; but do

as Elijah and Michaiah did to Ahab; and Ebedmelech the
Ethiopian did to Zedekiah; and Nathan to David; and John

to Herod. Constitut. VII. 10.
Them that fin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.

I Tim. V. 20.
Thou shalt not hate thy Brother in thine Heart. Thou shalt in

any wise rebuke thy Neighbour, and not suffer Sin upon him.
Levit. xix. 17.

Printed for the AUTHOR, and Sold by Mr. WHIston, in Flett-
Preet; and Mr. BISHOP, in Little Turn-Stile, Holborn, 1749.

::Grice.ia Sheets Six Shillipgs.).

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Θεξ Θέλούλος, σαν άπορον σόριμον"
Θεέ μη Θέλουλος, σαν πόριμον άπορον.

Ist 1-19-23


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