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Monkey Island, in " the best skiff that the week. She is quite a Love." ever was built," I found him exhibit- And so the Honorable Ernest Adoling himself in Hyde Park, on “the phus Volant trotted off on a “smart best horse that ever was mounted.” dressy creature, as slender as a greyA minute was sufficient for the com- hound, and as tender as a gazelle, that pliments of our reciprocal recognition; looked as if it had been stabled in a and the Honorable Ernest Adolphus drawing-room, and taken its turn with Volant launched out forthwith into a the poodle in my lady's lap.” rhapsody on the merits of the proud An analysis of the opinions of my anirnal he bestrode. “Kremlin, a eccentric friend would be an entertainfoal of my uncle's old mare. Do you ing thing. " The best situation in know anything of a horse ? Look at town” has been found successively in his shoulder. Upon my honor, it is a nearly every street between the Remodel for a sculptor. And feel how gent's Park and St. James's Square ; he is ribbed up ; not a pin loose here; "the best carriage for a bachelor” knit together like a ship's planks ; has gone to-day on two wheels and trots fourteen miles an hour without to-morrow on four : “ the best servant turning a hair, and carries fifteen stone in Christendom” has been turned off up to any hounds in England. I hate within my own knowledge for insoyour smart dressy creatures, as slen- lence, for intoxication, for riding his der as a grey-bound, and as tender as master's horse, and for wearing his a gazelle, that look as if they had been master's inexplicables : and “ the best stabled in a drawing-room, and taken fellow in the world” has been at vatheir turn with the poodle in my lady's rious periods deep in philosophy, and lap. I like to have plenty of bone deep in debt—a frequenter of the under ine. If this horse had been pro- fives' court, and a dancer of quadrilles perly ridden, Courtenay, he would -a tory, and a republican-a prebenhave won the hunters' stakes at our dary, and a papist-a drawer of dry place in a canter. He has not a leg pleadings, and a singer of sentimental that is not worth a hundred pounds. serenades. If I had acted upon VoSeriously, I think there is not such lant's advices I should have been toanother horse in the kingdom.” day subscribing to every club, and

But before a month had gone by, taking in every newspaper; I should the Honorable Ernest Adolphus Vo- have been inbibing the fluids of nine lant was ambling down the ride, in a wine merchants, and covering my outpair of stirrups far more nearly ap- ward man with the broadcloth of proaching terra firma, than those in thirteen tailors. which his illustrious feet had been It is a pity that Volant has been reclining, while he held forth on the prevented by indolence, a doting moexcellencies of Kremlin. “Oh, yes !” ther, and four thousand a-year, from he said, when I inquired after “ the applying his energies to the attainment best horse in England,”_" Kremlin is of any professional distinction. In a a magnificent animal; but then, after variety of courses he might have comall, his proper place is with the hounds. manded success. A cause might have One might as well wear one's scarlet come into court stained and spotted in a ball-room as ride Kremlin in the with every conceivable infamy, with Park. And so I have bought Mrs. effrontery for its crest, falsehood for Davenant's Bijou, and a perfect Bijou its arms, and perjuries for its supportshe is :-throws out her little legs like ers; but if Volant had been charged an opera dancer, and tosses her head with the advocacy of it, his delighted as if she knew that her neck is irre- eye would have winked at every defisistible. You will not find such an- ciency, and slumbered at every fault; other mane and tail in all London. in his sight weakness would have Mrs. Davenant's own maid used to sprung up into strength, deformity put both up in papers every night of would have faded into beauty, impos

7 ATHENEUM, VOL. 2, 3d series.

sibility would have been sobered into than was their wont; and the dark fact. Every plaintiff, in his showing, curls upon his fine forehead were arwould have been wronged irreparably; ranged in a more scrupulous disorder. every defendant would have been as I saw at a glance that some revolution unsullied as snow. . His would have was breaking out in the state of my been the most irreproachable of decla- poor friend's mind; and when I found rations, his the most impregnable of a broken fan on the mantel-piece, and pleas. The reporters might have tit- a withered rosebud on the sofa, Walktered, the bar might have smiled, the er's Lexicon open on the writing-tabench might have shaken its heads; ble, and an unfinished stanza reposing nothing would have persuaded him in the toast-rack, I was no longer in that he was beaten. He would have doubt as to its nature-The Honorathought the battle won, when his lines ble Ernest Adolphus Volant was sewere forced on all points; he would riously in love. have deemed the house secure, when It was not to be wondered at that the timbers were cracking under his his mistress was the loveliest being of feet. It would have been delicious, her sex, nor that he told me so fourwhen his strongest objection had been teen times in the following week. overruled, when his clearest argument Her father was a German prince, the had been stopped, when his stoutest proprietor of seven leagues of vinewitness had broken down, to see him yard, five ruined castles, and three adjusting his gown with a self-satisfied hundred flocks of sheep. She had air, and concluding with all the em- light hair, blue eyes, and a profound phasis of anticipated triumph, “ that knowledge of metaphysics ; she sang is my case, my lord.”

like a syren, and her name was AdeOr if he had coveted senatorial linda. fame, what a space would he have I spent a few months abroad. When filled in the political hemisphere! If I returned, he was married to the lovehe had introduced a turnpike bill, the liest being of her sex, and had sent house would have forgotten Emanci- me fifty notes to inform me of the pation for a time; if he had moved fact, and beseech me to visit him at the committal of a printer, Europe Volant Hall with the requisite quanwould have gazed as upon the arrest tity of sympathy and congratulation. of a peer of the realm. The minister I went, and was introduced in form. he supported would have been the Her father was a country clergyman; most virtuous of statesmen, when both the proprietor of seven acres of glebe, houses had voted his impeachment; five broken arm-chairs, and three hunthe gentlemen he represented would dred manuscript discourses; she had have been the most conscientious of dark hair, black eyes, and a fond love constituents, when they had sold him of poetry : she danced like a woodtheir voices at five per cent. over the nymph, and her name was Mary. market price.

He has lived since his marriage a Destiny ordered it otherwise. One very quiet life, rarely visiting the day, in that sultry season of the year, inetropolis, and devoting his exertions when fevers and firtations come to most indefatigably to the comfort of their crisis, and matrimony and hy- his tenantry, and the improvement of drophobia scare you at every corner, his estate. Volant Hall is deliciously I happened to call at his rooms in Re- situated in the best county in England. gent-Street, at about that time in the If you go thither, you must go preparafternoon which the fashionable world ed with the tone, or at least with the calls daybreak. He was sitting with countenance, of approbation and wonhis chocolate before him, habited only der. He gives you of course, mutton, in his robe-de-chambre; but the folds such as no other pasture fattens, and of that gorgeous drapery seemed to me ale, such as no other cellar brews. composed in a more studied negligence The stream that runs through his park

supplies him with trout of unprece Among his acquaintance, who have dented beauty and delicacy; and he little toleration for any foibles but could detect a partridge that had feast- their own, Volant is pretty generally ed in his woods, amidst the bewilder- voted a boré. ing confusion of a Lord Mayor's ban- “Of course, our pinery is not like quet. You must look at his conser- Mr. Volant's," says Lady Framboise ; vatory : no other was ever construct- « he is prating from morning to night ed on the same principle. You must of his fires and his flues. We have handle his plough : he himself has ob- taken some pains, and we pay a ruintained a patent for the invention. ous sum to our gardener.-But we Everything, within doors and without, never talk about it." has wherewithal to attract and asto- " The deuce take that fellow Vonish,-the melon and the magnolia, lant,” says Mr. Crayon; "does he the stable and the dairy, the mounting fancy no one has a Correggio but of his mother's spectacles, and the himself ? I have one that cost me music of his wife's piano. He has two thousand guineas; and I would few pictures; but they are the master- not part with it for double the sum.pieces of the best masters. He has But I never talk about it.” only one statue ; but he assures you it “ That boy, Volant,” says old Sir is Canova's chef-d'oeuvre. The last Andrew Chalkstone, " is so delighted time I was with him he had a theme to find himself the father of another to descant upon which made his elo- boy, that, by Jove, he can speak of quence more than usually impassioned. nothing else. Now I have a little An heir was just born to the Volant thing in a cradle too: a fine boy they acres. An ox was roasted and a bar- tell me, and vastly like his father.rel pierced in every meadow: the But I never talk about it.” noise of fiddles was incessant for a Well, well! Let a man be obligweek, and the expenditure of powder ing to his neighbors, and merciful to would have lasted a Lord High Ad- bis tenants; an upright citizen, and an miral for a twelvemonth. It was al- affectionate friend ;-and there is one lowed by all the county that there Judge who will not condemn him never was so sweet a child as little for having " the best bat in the Adolphus.

school !”

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A long war disturb'd your mind,

Here your perfect peace is sign'd:
"Tis now full tide 'twixt night and day,
End your moan and come away.

WEBSTER.-Duchess of Malfy.
THERE were faint sounds of weeping ;-fear and gloom,
And midnight vigil in a stately room
Of Chatillon's old halls :-rich odors there
Fill'd the proud chamber as with Indian air,
And soft light fell, from lamps of silver thrown,
On jewels that with rainbow-lustre shone
Over a gorgeous couch: there emeralds gleam'd,
And deeper crimson from the ruby stream'd
Than in the heart-leaf of the rose is set,
Hiding from sunshine :-Many a carkanet
Starry with diamonds, many a burning chain
Of the red gold, shed forth a radiance vain :
And sad, and strange, the canopy beneath,
Whose shadowy curtain, round a bed of death,
Hung drooping solemnly :--for there one lay,

Passing from all earth's glories fast away,
Amidst those queenly treasures :—They had been
Gifts of her Lord, from far-off Paynim lands,
And for his sake, upon their orient sheen,
She had gazed fondly, and, with faint, cold hands,
Had pressed to her languid heart once more,
Melting in child-like tears :-But this was o'er,
Love's last vain clinging unto life ; and now

A mist of dreams was hovering o'er her brow,
Her eye was fix'd, her spirit seem'd removed,
Though not from earth, from all it knew or loved,
Far, far away :-her handmaids watch'd around,
In awe, that lent to each low, midnight sound
A might, a mystery; and the quivering light
Of wind-sway'd lamps, made spectral in their sight
The forms of buried beauty, sad, yet fair,
Gleaming along the walls, with braided' hair,
Long in the dust grown dim:And she, too, saw,
But with the spirit's eye of raptured awe,
Those pictured shapes :-a bright, but solemn train,
Beckoning, they floated o'er her dreamy brain,
Clothed in diviner hues; while on her ear
Strange voices fell, which none besides might bear;
Sweet, yet profoundly mournful, as the sigh
Of winds o'er harp-strings through a midnight sky;
And thus, it seem'd, in that low, thrilling tone,
Th’ Ancestral Shadows call’d away their own.

Come, come, come!
Long thy fainting soul hath yearn'd
For the step that ne'er return'd;
Long thine anxious ear hath listen'd,
And thy watchful eye hath glisten'd
With the hope, whose parting strife
Shook the flower-leaves from thy life.
Now the heavy day is done,
Home awaits thee, wearied one!

Come, come, come!
From the quenchless thoughts that burn
In the seald heart's lonely urn;
From the coil of memory's chain,
Wound about the throbbing brain;
From the veins of sorrow deep,
Winding through the world of sleep;
From the haunted balls and bowers,
Throng'd with ghosts of happier hours;

Come, come, come!
On our dim and distant shore
Aching love is felt no more.
We have lov'd with earth's excess
Past is now that weariness!
We have wept, that weep not now-
Calm is each once-throbbing brow!
We have known the Dreamer's woes
All is now one bright repose !

Come, come, come !
Weary heart that long has bled,
Languid spirit, drooping head,
Restless memory, vain regret,
Pining love whose light is set,
Come away !-'tis hush'd, 'tis well,
Where by shadowy founts we dwell,
All the fever-thirst is still'd,
All the air with peace is fill'd!

Come, come, come!
And with her spirit rapt in that wild lay,
She pass'd, as twilight melts to night, away!


« Will you never hold your little, Sutton, the mother of these chilyelping tongues to-night?" said Beaty dren. Lawson to the nursery brood, whom Sweet were the young voices, and she had presided over ever since their the pattering of little feet, which asbirth, and whom she had just tucked sailed the happy parents' ears, as the into the various sized cribs which sur- little troop burst into their room to rounded an ample nursery. "Your wish them a good Hansel Monday. elder brothers are all quiet in the next Mr. Seaton kissed his children, and room, and so is your sister; I'll war- then led them to their mother's bed. rant they dinna get leave to cheep a The three elder of Beaty's charge word at school, after they are in their could just on tiptoe reach the mobeds; and they will be weel sleepit ther's lips; whilst the father helped and up before any of you bairns, to a round faced little girl to scramble wish their mamma a good Hansel up the bed, and Beaty held the crowMonday.”

ing baby in her arms. " Well but, Beaty, just answer me “ Now, little Jane, you must not this one question,” said a pertinacious sit on mamma's pillow,” exclaimed little rogue, raising a curly bullet of a the dauntless James ; " for I know head from a well-tumbled pillow ;- all our hansels are under it.” “I'll go to sleep this instant if you “ No, not all," said the silverwill only tell me. Was that a guinea tongued Mary, “ for I see something mamma sent out to get silver for ?-I very pretty peeping out on the other wonder how much we'll get to our side. Ob, mamma, may I see what hansels ?

it is ?” “Oh, Jemmy, you should not be The mother smiled, and Mary drew thinking about money after you have out a little, green silk frock, with silsaid your prayers,” whispered a fair- ver clasps. haired little girl, whom Beaty loved “Oh, it is for me," said the happy above all the rest; “ you know that child,“ because I am papa's fairy !nurse says, the fairies can turn it all And here is a doll for Jane, and a into chucky stones, if we think about purse for James, and another for Wilmoney in our beds.”

liam ; and a little one for me, I de“Tut, nonsense !” said Jemmy ;- clare, besides my pretty frock !” “ Mary is always dreaming about the “Oh, mamma and papa, how good fairies, because papa calls her his little you are !” exclaimed the joyous creaelf. Well, if I get five shillings for tures, and the kisses were renewed. my hansel, I'll buy you a little green “Now, my little ones, you must go coaty, Mary, if you'll promise not to to breakfast. Nurse, take your boy ; turn my money into chucky stones.” his mother's kiss is all he cares for

“ Well, do not say another word yet.” about it, but go to sleep this instant. “May God bless my infant !” See, you are wakening Willie, and I'll breathed the grateful mother, imhave the whole pack of you up; and printing a kiss upon his rosy cheeks. if that's the case, Jemmy, I'll posi- To breakfast the little ones went ; tively leave you at home when we go but what child who knows the value to the shops in the morning.”

of a sixpence, and sees before him the This terrible threat had the desired toy-shop's boundless range, can look effect, for Beaty was known to reign at « parritch” on a Hansel Monday ! despotic in the nursery ; and her judg- No; we may all remember the tumments being as merciful as just, they bled bed, the untasted breakfast, were never interfered with by Mrs. which told how unnecessary was sleep

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