The Magazine of History: With Notes and Queries. Extra numbers, Tema 21,Volumen6 -Tema 24,Volumen6

W. Abbatt., 1913
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Página 51 - THERE was a sound of revelry by night; And Belgium's capital had gathered then Her Beauty and her Chivalry ; and bright The lamps shone o'er fair women and brave men ; A thousand hearts beat happily ; and when Music arose with its voluptuous swell, Soft eyes looked love to eyes which spake again, And all went merry as a marriage bell ; — But hush ! hark ! a deep sound strikes like a rising knell ! Did ye not hear it?
Página 16 - This he positively refused, and then they procured for him the degree of Doctor of Divinity, from the College of New Jersey (now Princeton).
Página 89 - General rapidly came to the conclusion that discretion is the better part of valour...
Página 52 - O'er life, — too sweet an image for such glass! A lovely being, scarcely formed or moulded ; A rose with all its sweetest leaves yet folded.
Página 41 - He was upon the forecastle when these fellows first made their appearance upon the quarterdeck where he had just discharged his pistols at some of the enemy. The carpenter, and the master-at-arms, hearing Jones's voice...
Página 110 - Provisions; likewise that he himself had been 48 Hours without any Thing to eat; He further said, that the Enemy were very numerous in their Intrenchments, consisting of at least 14,000 Men, of which 11,000 were Canadians and the rest Regulars, the latter of whom were heartily tir'd with the Siege. Sept. 6th the Schooner Terror of France went above the Town, in the middle of the Day, as she pass'd they kept up a constant Fire at her, and she receiv'd five of their Shot; one in her Jib, two in her...
Página 90 - French lady (who was said to be a great connosieur in the art of cookery, and in hanging and arranging pictures in a room where the first companies went to dine) was gallanted on board by captain Jones the evening before the day on which the company were to dine, and was by him directed to take upon herself the superentendance of the approaching feast.
Página 43 - ... colours in a few minutes. The Alliance, I say, notwithstanding all this, kept a position either ahead of us or under our stern, and made a great deal of havoc and confusion on board of our ship; and she did not cease firing entirely, till the signal of recognisance was displayed in full view on board of our ship; which was three lighted...
Página 89 - However in these days they were a part of French etiquette on such an occasion. The quarter-deck of our ship was covered with the most elegant carpet: the plate alone which was made use of on this singular occasion was estimated to be worth two thousand guineas. (For my own part I believe it might have been rated at double that sum.) French cooks and waiters or servants were brought from the shore to assist in this business, and for nearly twenty hours...
Página 36 - What are you laden with?' The answer returned was, if my recollection does not deceive me, 'Round, grape, and double-headed shot.' And instantly, the Serapis poured her range of upper and quarter-deck guns into us; as she did not shew her lower-deck guns till about ten minutes after the action commenced.

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