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agents may be


be appointed


SEC. 5. Such corporation may elect such officers or oficers and agents as may be necessary to effect the objects of its organ- elected. ization. It may prescribe and adopt rules and regulations Rules and regufor the direction of its officers and members, and shall have tion of fordicers all the powers and authority given to incorporated cities for and member. the appointment of policemen, whose duties shall be to pre- Policemen may serve order at such camp-meetings; to arrest any and all and their dution persons who shall violate any of the criminal laws of this in what cases State, or shall be drunk or disorderly in said grounds, and arrasts may be shall take such person, within twelve hours from the time Trial of parties of such arrest, before some justice of the peace of the 50 arrcsted. county in which such corporation is located, whose duty it shall be to hear and determine any charge made against such person, and punish all offenses against any of the laws of this State, as in other cases. And the appointment of such policemen shall be their sufficient authority to arrest, Arrests may be for any of the offenses contemplated by this act, on view or or upon upon affidavit filed before any justice of the peace of such davit. county, and warrant issued thereon.

SEC. 6. Such corporation shall keep a record of its pro- Corporation ceedings in a book kept for that purpose; a copy of any record of its entry therein, certified by the Secretary, shall be received perceiro and in evidence in any court of this State, in all cases affecting of entry shall be the interest of such corporation or any officer or appointee thereof.

SEC. 7. The capital stock of such corporation shall not Amount of Cap: exceed the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars, which may sbares. be divided into such shares as such corporation may deem proper.

made on view



certified copy



AN ACT supplementary to an act approved March, 14, 1867, entitled

“An act to repeal all general laws now in force for the incorporation of cities, and to provide for the incorporation of cities, prescribing their powers and rights, and the manner in which they shall exercise the same, and to regulate such other matters as pertain thereto."

[APPROVED MARCH 5, 1877.] Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Incorporated State of Indiana, That any city incorporated under the gen- population of eral laws of this State, on attaining a voting population of 16.00 obe eteers fifteen thousand voters, as shown by the poll books of any ed by a common general, city or State election, ehall be governed by a Com- Board of Alder mon Council and a Board of Aldermen.

shall govera.



Such city shall be divided into

of how many.


when elected and term of ofice

out full term etc

When wards may be re-dis

SEC. 2. That, previous to the next annual city election, wards, contain: such city shall be divided, by the Common Council, into proting popula- wards containing eight hundred (800) voters each, as nearly

as practicable; no ward containing less than six hundred (600) nor more than one thousand voters; and each ward

shall be entitled to one Councilman, who shall be elected number of,

at the annual election on the first Tuesday in May, for the term of one year. The said Councilmen and the Mayor

shall constitute the “Common Council” of said city : ProCouncilmen vided, That the Councilmen holding over, on the going into etc., shall serve effect of this act, shall serve out the full term, for which

they were elected, in and for the wards in which they may live, in redistricting said city, and that there shall be no election for Councilman in those wards at the first election under this act.

SEC. 3. Where any ward has increased in population, so tricted and the as to contain over one thousand legal voters, it shall be carnet to go into divided; or where two or more contiguous wards shall each effect.

contain over eight hundred legal voters, the Common Council and Board of Aldermen may redistrict such wards into wards averaging eight hundred voters each ; such action, in forming new wards, to go into effect at the next annual election, when Councilmen shall be elected according to such new redistricting.

SEC. 4. Said city shall be divided into five equal Alderfive aldermanic manic districts, formed of contiguous wards; and two AlderAldermen, No. men shall be elected in each district at the first annual when and election under this act; one of whom shall serve two years, terms and one shall serve one year, as designated on the ballots

at said election. And one Alderman shall be elected in

each district, at each annual election thereafter, to serve Alderman, must the term of two years ; said Aldermen must be freeholders in district élec- in the districts which they are elected to represent. In case ted to represent. of vacancies in the Board of Aldermen, the persons elected Vacancies in Board of Alder. to fill such vacancies shall serve only the unexpired portions

of the terms of their predecessors. Any member of the men may be es: Board of Aldermen may be expelled, by a three-fourths vote

of the whole number elected, for malfeasance in office, but

not a second time for the same offense. Concurrent SEC. 5. The concurrent action of the Common Council

and Board of Aldermen shall be necessary for the passage of any ordinance, appropriation of money, order, or resolution for the government or regulation of said city, and in the appointment of all appointive officers, commissioners, trustees, and boards required, or authorized by act of the General Assembly, or ordinances of the city'; for the appointment of such officers, commissioners, trustees, and

Such city shall

divided into

how to be elec-
ted and
of office.


men. Members of



action of Common Council and Board of Aldermen necessary for passage of ordi. Dance, etc.

cil and Board of

meet in convention for

cers, etc.

, etc.

Matters and

mon Council




boards, the Common Council and Board of Aldermen shall Common Coun: meet, in joint convention, in the Council Chamber on the Aldarmen shall first Friday evening after the first annual meeting of the most en dondolat Common Council, at eight o'clock, and shall proceed to the election of oftelection of such officers, commissioners, trustees and boards, by ballot; and such joint convention may adjourn from time to time until its work is completed.

Sec. 6. The powers and duties of the Common Council, In what cases as defined in the act of March 14, 1867, and subsequent action of Board acts, shall remain in force under this act, except, that the olcelldermeneis concurrent action of the Board of Aldermen is required in every case, except in regard to the qualifications of its members and its order of business, to give effect to the action of the Common Council; but all ordinances for the appropriation of moneys, the improvement, widening, open- busince which ing or closing of streets or alleys, the construction of public troduced and buildings, bridges, viaducts and tunnels, the annexation of passed in comterritory, the increase, decrease and government or regulation before being preof the police and fire departments, and fixing the rate of of Aldermen. taxation, shall be first introduced and passed in the Common Council, before being presented to the Board of Aldermen; and if any ordinance, order or resolution is amended by the In case of Board of Aldermen, the Common Council may concur in or ordinance, etc., reject such amendments; but no ordinance, order, or resolu- by Board of Altion shall become the law, or operative, until it has been When ordinance passed in both bodies, and signed by the Presidents of the law or Common Council and of the Board of Aldermen, and promulgated according to law.

Sec. 7. At the first annual meeting, the Board of Alder- President of men shall elect one of its members President, who shall pre- men, his elecside at all meetings, and sign all ordinances, orders and tion and duties. resolutions passed by the Board. A President, pro tem., shall be elected in case of the absence or disability of the President, who shall perform all the duties of President. The City Clerk shall have charge of the hooks and records City Clerk shall of the Board of Aldermen. All minutes and records of its records of Board meetings shall be kept by a Deputy Clerk, appointed by the of. Alderonen City Clerk, and approved by the Board of Aldermen and Deputy Clerk City Council, who shall keep a journal of their proceedings, and his duties. and enter the ayes and noes on any motion, question, resolve or ordinance, at the request of any member; and their deliberations shall be public. And the Board of Aldermen shall compensation determine, by ordinance, the compensation for their services, for services. which shall not exceed one hundred and fifty dollars per year.

SEC. 8. In case of death or resignation, or non-election When Prendetit of Mayor, the President of the Board of Aldermen shall dermeu shall discharge the duties of the office of Mayor, until a Mayor of choices or Maya

discharge duties is chosen or [and] qualified.




Board of Alder

and appoint

for such Board


of Board of Al


Powers and dn

SEC. 9. In such city, all the powers and duties of the Oouncil shall be Common Council, as defined in previous acts of the General joint netton" of Assembly of the State of Indiana, shall be exercised by the

joint action of the Common Council and the Board of Alder

exercised by

action Common Coun. cil and Board of Aldermen. men. Each ward sball constitute voting prcinct.

tiops. Emergency.

SEC. 10. Each ward of such city shall constitute a voting precinct for all municipal, State, county and township elec

SEC. 11. Whereas, an emergency exists for the immediate taking effect of this act, therefore the same shall be in force from and after its passage.


AN ACT to amend section eight of an act entitled "An act to repeal

all general laws now in force for the incorporation of cities, and
to provide for the incorporation of cities, and prescribing their
powers and rights, and the manner in which they shall exercise
the same, and to regulate such other matters as properly pertain
thereto," approved March 14th, 1867.

Sec. 8 amended,

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SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the
State of Indiana, That section eight (8) of an act entitled
"An act to repeal all general laws now in force for the
incorporation of cities, prescribing their powers and duties,
and the manner in which they shall exercise the same, and
to regulate such other matters as properly pertain thereto,"
approved March 14, 1867, be so amended as to read as

SEC. 8. The officers of such city shall consist of a
Mayor, two Councilmen from each ward, a City Clerk,
Assessor, Treasurer, Civil Engineer, Street Commissioner

and Marshal, and, if the Common Council deem it expediWhat officers to ent, a City Attorney, and a City Judge. The City Attor

ney, and the Street Commissioner, [and] Civil Engineer Street Commis: shall be appointed by the Common Council : Provided, dispensed with. That the Common Council may dispense with the Street

Commissioner, and require the Marshal to perform his duties. Length of term All such officers shall hold their respective offices for two cers shall serve. years, and until their successors are elected and qualified,

except as herein provided. After the first general election
on the first Tuesday in May, said officers shall respectively

Officers of City shall consist of whom,

be appointed.

for which offi.


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shall not so hold over without written consent of their sureties,

election and

hold their offices as follows, to-wit : The Mayor, City Judge, Clerk, Marshal, Treasurer, and Assessor, two years each: And provided, That the term of office of the Clerk, Treasurer, and Assessor shall commence on the first Monday in September following the general election in May, and that th term of office shall be two years from such Monday in September: And provided further, That the city officers who Clerks, Treasurers, and Assessors, now in office, and whose until first mon terms expire in May, shall hold their respective offices until day in Septemthe first Monday in the month of September next ensuing the expiration of their term in May; and that such Clerks, Such officers Assessors and Treasurers, as may elect to so hold, shall procure, from their sureties, a written consent to the aforesaid extension; otherwise their terms of office shall etc. terminate in May of the original term for which they were elected.

The City Attorney, Street Commissioner, and Civil Engineer, two years each, subject to removal by said Common Council at their pleasure; and the Councilmen Councilmen, shall be elected by the legal voters of their respective wards, terms or office. and ope Councilman, from each, to be determined by lot, at the first regular meeting after their election, shall hold his office one year, and the other, to be determined in like manner, shall hold his office two years; and, annually thereafter, ove Councilman shall be elected by the legal voters of each ward, and all of said officers shall hold their respective offices during their respective terms, and until their successors are elected and qualified. The said Clerk, What officers Assessor, Treasurer, and Marshal, with the consent of the may appoint

deputies. Common Council, may appoint one or more deputies when necessary: Provided further, That the Common Council of City Auditor a city, governed by this act, may order the election of an his term of Auditor, who shall be elected as other city officers are elected, and until his successor is elected and qualified; and the Common Council shall have power to prescribe the manner of qualifying for such office, and to prescribe the powers and duties thereof, which shall in no wise conflict with the provisions of this act: And provided further, Councllman That no person shall hold the office of Councilman, unless, of the ward from at the time of his election, he is a resident of the ward from which he is which he is elected; and in case of the removal of any in case of reCouncilman from the ward from which he was elected, the woman of CounCommon Council shall have power to declare his office Ward. vacant, and order a special election to fill the vacancy.

Whereas, the acts of the General Assembly, passed subse- Emergency. quent to the act whereof the present is amendatory, upon the subject of the assessment, levy, and collection of taxes, by incorporated cities, has changed the time of making

may be elected,




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