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AN ACT appropriating one hundred and twenty-five thousand dol

lars to defray the expenses of the fiftieth regular session of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, and other matters connected therewith.



$125,000 appro- SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Fray Legislative State of Indiana, That one hundred and twenty-five thous

and dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated to defray the expenses of the present General Assembly: Provided, That if any part of the amount thus appropriated shall remain after the expenses of the present Assembly are paid, the amount so remaining shall at once revert to the

general fiind.


diem and


See: 2. That it shall be the duty of the Auditor of mileage of Sen. State to audit the accounts and issue his warrants upon the Hoxenta direct and Treasurer of State for the per diem, mileage of Senators

and Representatives, as allowed by law, and also such additional allowances as may be provided by either House or Senate by resolution, upon the certificate, in the case of Senators, of the President of the Senate; and in the case of Representatives, upon the certificate of the Speaker of the House, setting forth the time served, and the amount of mileage and allowance to which such Senator or Representative may be entitled.

Sec. 3. That it shall be the duty of the Auditor of and State to audit the accounts and issue his warrants upon the House of Rep- Treasurer of State for the per diem of officers of the Senate

and House of Representatives, and their assistants and and paid.

appointees, including clerks and assistants to committees, and clerk of the State Librarian, appointed by authority of both houses. The pay of officers and employes shall be as now provided by law, or that may be otherwise fixed by this General Assembly.

SEC. 4. That no appropriation having been made for the purpose herein set forth, it is declared that an emergency exists for the immediate taking effect of this act, and therefore the same shall be in force from and after its passage.

Per diem of Offcers and Clerke of Senate

how audited



AN ACT to amend section fifteen of an act entitled "An act regu

lating prosecutions in cases of bastardy, and providing for the support of illegitimate children," approved May 6th, 1852.


make order for payment of


SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Sec. 16 amended. State of Indiana, That section fifteen of the above entitled act be amended to read as follows, to-wit:

SECTION 15. Such court shall, on such verdict and court shall judgment, make such order as may seem just for the securing such maintenance and education to such child, by the money for annual payment to such mother, or if she be dead or an etc., of child, improper person to receive the same, to such other person as the court may direct, of such sums of money as may

be adjudged proper, and shall render judgment for the same, specifying the terms of payment, and shall require of such defendant, if he be in custody, to replevy such judgment by Defendant shall good freehold surety, or in default thereof, shall commit in custody, to such defendant to jail; and should the defendant fail to mphes or indeco replevy or pay said judgment, and in default thereof be fault'thereof to committed to jail, and upon proof thereof being made to jail. the court, that the defendant has been imprisoned in the jail ing been impris. of the county for a period of twelve months from the date obed, in jail of his imprisonment, and that he is unable to pay or replevy may be released the same, he may be released from imprisonment by an order of the court made at any regular term of said court,

Ordor of release which order of release shall be entered upon the records of shall be entered said court.

be committed to


of record.


AN ACT to exempt benefits, claims and interest of the wives, chil.

dren and dependents of members of Masonic, Odd Fellow, and other charitable societies, and exempting certain policies of life insurance from the claims of creditors, and designating the place where such corporations shall be sued, and providing for changing the names of payees or beneficiaries, as may be agreed upon by the members of such societies or incorporations, and the societies or incorporations of which they are members.

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Benefits, claims or interest on

membership etc,


, provided otc.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the account of cer. State of Indiana, That all benefits, claims or interests, on tificates of

account of certificates of membership, policies or other eviin Masonic, odd dences of interest, in any Masonic, Odd Fellow or other et al benevolent benevolent or charitable association, society or incorporaassociation,

exempt tion, organized and incorporated under the laws of this State: of Provided, Such association, society or incorporation is organ

ized for the purpose of mutual benefit, for benevolent or charitable purposes, or for the purpose of mutual life insurance : And provided, Such benefits, claims or interests are made in favor of the wife, child or children, or other dependents of the holder of such certificate, policy or evidence of interest, shall be and are hereby made exempt from all claims of creditors and all judgments, and all other

claims against the holder of such certificate, policy or other Such benefits, evidence of interest. All such benefits, claims or interest, shall be for the made for the benefit and protection of the wife, child or

children, or dependents of parties so insured, or members of such society, so organized and incorporated, shall be for the sole use and benefit of the parties named as beneficiaries

or payees in the policy or certificate of membership, issued Rights of crediby such society, association or incorporation : Provided, cases not to be however, That nothing in this act shall be construed to

affect the rights of creditors in any policy of life insurance, where the insured shall have died previous to the taking effect of this act.

SEC. 2. All suits on account of benefits, claims or tions shall be interests against societies, associations or incorporations, brought where, named in the first section of this act, shall be brought in

the county where the principal office of such society, association or incorporation is located.



Suits against ench associa


shall be re. garded as

Sec. 3. All certificates of membership, policies or other Certificates of evidences of interest in any Masonic, Odd Fellow or other membership, benevolent, or charitable associations, society or incorporation, named in section first of this act, shall be regarded as contracts, etc. a contract between the person whose life is insured by such certificate of membership, policy or other evidence of interest, and the association, society or incorporation of which he is a member; and it shall be lawful for such association, Names of page society or incorporation to change the name or names of the may be changed. payee or payees, beneficiary or beneficiaries named in euch certificate of membership, policy or other evidence of interest, on such terms and conditions as the parties to the contract may agree to.

SEC. 4. It is hereby declared that an emergency exists Emergency, requiring that this act shall take effect immediately, therefore it shall be in force from and after its passage.



AN ACT to amend section seven of an act entitled “An act for the

incorporation and continuance of building, loan fund and saving associations, and repealing the laws on that subject, approved March 5th, 1857, and March 7th, 1873, and legalizing all such associations now in existence," approved March 11th, 1875.

(APPROVED MARCH 3, 1877.] SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Section 7 amen. State of Indiana, That section seven of the above entitled ded. act be and the game is hereby amended so as to read as follows, to-wit:

SEC. 7. That a borrower, who is not in arrears for dues, Borrower not in interest, fines, or assessments, may repay a loan, at

any time, by refunding the amount of money borrowed ; and in case and how of the repayment thereof, before the expiration of the sixth refunded to bor: year after the organization of the corporation, there shall be Payment so refunded to such borrower the full amount of his or her made shall be stock, including the premium or discount paid, less one-sixth pleto discharge of said premium or discount for every year of said six years debt then unexpired, and said payment, thus made, shall be a full not be issued, and complete discharge of both the original stock and debt, and satisfaction and no new stock shall be issued therefor; but the officers shall be entered. of said association shall enter satisfaction of such payment puted in of record: Provided, That when the stock is issued in sep- in separate ser. arate series, the time shall be computed from the date of the les. issuing of the series of stock upon which the loan was made.

arrears, may rea pay loan where



AN ACT for the organization of Camp Meeting Associations, and

providing for the government and management thereof.


Camp meeting


ciation shall be

ded, where, etc.

Recorders fee.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the nowcrorganized. State of Indiana, That any number of persons, not less than

fifteen, may voluntarily associate themselves, for the purpose

of holding camp meetings for religious services, by written What shall be articles to be signed by each person, who may be a member clere or associa: at the time of organization, specifying where said organ

ization shall be located; giving the corporate name selected by said corporation; giving the names and residence of the stockholders, and in what manner the person or persons shall be selected or appointed to manage the business affairs

of the corporation. Articles of a880- SEC. 2. Such camp meeting association shall file their filed and recor: articles of association in the office of the recorder of the

county in which such association may be located, which articles shall be recorded in the miscellaneous records of said county, for which such recorder shall be entitled to the

same fee as is allowed for recording deeds, to be paid by the Cortified copy of corporation; a certified copy of which record shall be conconcedeisbolivia clusive evidence of the organization; and such articles may dence of organ- be amended from time to time, as said association may deem

proper, and such amendments shall go into effect from the be amended. time they are filed in the recorder's office. Association SEC. 3. Such association shall, from the time such arti

cles are filed in the recorder's office, be deemed and held to Bights, powers be a corporation, and shall have and possess all the rights,

powers and privileges given to corporations by common law, to sue and be sued, to rent, lease, purchase, hold by deed or will, sell and convey such real and personal property as may be necessary and proper for the purpose of erecting buildings or any other proper object of the corporation.

SEC. 4. Such corporation may, at its discretion, divide

its corporate property into shares of such an amount as they may be whans. may determine, and designate the manner in which such

shares shall be held, sold, conveyed, assigned or transferred.

Articles of as. sociation may

shall be deemed corporation.


Corporate property may be divided into

forred, etc.

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