The young dragoon; or, Every day life of a soldier, by one who has served (capt. Drayson).


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Página 92 - I will rather sue to be despised than to deceive so good a commander with so slight, so drunken, and so indiscreet an officer. Drunk ? and speak parrot ? and squabble ? swagger ? swear ? and discourse fustian with one's own shadow? — 0 thou invisible spirit of wine, if thou hast no name to be known by, let us call thee devil ! lago.
Página 136 - And there was mounting in hot haste: the steed. The mustering squadron, and the clattering car. Went pouring forward with impetuous speed, And swiftly forming in the ranks of war...
Página 124 - Hast thou given the horse strength ? Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder ? Canst thou make him afraid as a grasshopper ? The glory of his nostrils is terrible. He paweth in the valley, and rejoiceth in his strength : He goeth on to meet the armed men.
Página 19 - A Boy's Life Aboard Ship, as it is Told by Himself. Full of Adventure and Daring Deeds.
Página 5 - Angels and ministers of grace defend us! Be thou a spirit of health or goblin damn'd, Bring with thee airs from heaven or blasts from hell, Be thy intents wicked or charitable, Thou com'st in such a questionable shape, That I will speak to thee: I'll call thee Hamlet, King, father, royal Dane, O, answer me!
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Página 13 - PALESTINE : Its Holy Sites and Sacred Story. Amply Illustrated with Maps and more than 300 Wood Engravings, executed by Eminent Artists. . The design of the work is to provide a Consecutive History of Palestine, from the time of Abram to that of the final Destruction of Jerusalem under Titus. It also furnishes, in immediate association with the events recorded, a Topographical Description of the Land. "PALESTINE...
Página 21 - So many volumes now issue from the press low in tone and lax In morality that it is especially incumbent on all who would avoid the taint of such hurtful matter to select carefully the books they would themselves read or introduce to their households. In view of this design, no author whose name is not a guarantee of the real worth and purity of his or her work, or whose book has not been subjected to a rigid examination, will be admitted into
Página 10 - Let ua add, it is carefully and well printed, and very cheap ; and having said so much, we feel assured that further recommendation is unnecessary. It is good, useful, and cheap.

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