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The character of Archbishop Whitgift
The examination of Henry Barrow
Barrow's petition to the Attorney-General
A further character of Archbishop Whitgift



Dean Nowell against the imposition of the habits..

The Lambeth articles

George Jobnson committed to Newgate

Bishop Hall's accusation of Francis Johnson

Johnsonian and Ainsworthian Brownists

Account of Gang-week

Heylin's contempt of the puritans

Harsnet made Bishop for opposing the puritans

The collegians cast off their surplices

Whitgift refuted Cartwright's sermons

Bishop Maddox censures Cartwright

Ballard's opinion of Wbitgift's writings

Whitgift's great inconsistency

Queen Elizabeth incensed against Bishop Aylmer

The character of the Earl of Warwick

Beza's character of Cartwright ......

Cambridge divines wrote to Cartwright

Bishop Aylmer's false accusation of Cartwright

Aylmer made his porter minister

Thomas Rogers recanted his puritanism

Sir Francis Knollys a patron of the pnritans

The Translation of the Bible

Anecdote of Wake and Sleep

The character of Nicholas Fuller, esq.

Thomas Woodcock committed to Newgate

Sir Peter Wentworth's character and imprisonment

Sir Robert Harley's character and death

Anecdote of Bishop Abbot of Salisbury

Hugh Broughton

Account of the famous John Speed

Roger Cotton remarkable for reading the Bible

A peculiar method of teaching Hebrew

Anecdote of Bishop Morton and H. Broughton

The character of Bishop Ravis


Bishop Neile inclined to popery

Freke a zealous persecutor

Scambler a zealous persecutor

The associations of the puritans

A little black edging offensive to Bancroft

Bishop Bilson's defence of the church

Warburton's absurd opinion of persecution

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