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The air all still, the lofty winds quight calm,
Adam and Abell singing of a Psalme;
Caines sacrifice alone upon the ground,
Untouh't at all still to their view they found,
Whereat (with joy) to see the God of power,
To smile on one, and on the other lower:
To veil his face unto their sinful sight,
Hearing his voice out from the dreadful light,
Home they depart in wonderment and peace,
Minding awhile from further worke to cease:
Whilst Cain alone retireth discontent,
Forsakes his God, and to the fields he went,
His envious mind still runs on this disgrace,
False to be found before his fathers face.

All working Power, deep searcher of the Reines,
Discerner of the inward heart and veines,
What secret act can from thy sight be hid ?

eye still saw what either brother did, How just art thou and full of mercies sweet, The eyes of all are cast downe at thy feet; The greatest men and monarchs of the earth, The first born seed, and noblest in their birth, The proud commanders in their formal coates, The homebred sheep thou dost deceive from

Goates: The eldest brother youngest in thy sight, Are both alike, so that their hearts be right, No outward form can make thee partialize, Thou lookst upon the inward sacrifice, Beholding Habels willing grateful gift, Which thou art pleas'd up to the clouds to lift ; When Cain (false hearted) tho’ he was first borne, Him thou forsakst, leaving his gift forlorne,

73. ( woful, fearful, is the dangerous state, Of every man so over charged with hate, Whom God by this cannot to good convert, But gives quight over to a stoney heart, Apostacy making a man to quake, God, Father, friends all utterly forsake: Prince, country, Kingdome, all the Land in hope, To run perhaps unto the Turke or Pope,

In discontent, for conscience, gaine or peife,
To sell their soules unto the Devil himselfe,

74. Some to their shame have had small cause to

boast, Of this foul sin against the Holy Ghost, Accurst and damn’d of all that ever fell, But few I know, but quick went down to hell, Amongst the Devils in everlasting paines, Loaden with Bolts of heavy burning chaines; Whilst those return'd like to a Dog that gurnes, That back againe unto his vomit turns Or beastly sow bemir'd in durty tilth, Clear water shuns to scoure away her filth, But it, a ditch with sor a unsavoury boar, She layes her down far worse than ere before.

75. How can we think or well conceive in heart, That those which once do from their country part, And shall forget the grounds wherein at first, With Pastors pure they were traind up and nurst, That do renounce their faith and every thing, Their oath allegiance to the State and King, And in this sinne without repentance fall ? How of that man can there be hope at all, When as his case what shew so ere he gaine, Is but the same with cursed envious Cain.

76. I must confesse Repentance is a worke, Of Gods great love, which cannot lie and lurke, Within the heart, but that it forth must shine, Like to a Light upon a Hill divine, Kindled by faith, a conscience clean and pure, That cannot once her former ways indure, But by good works doth blaze the same abroad, Without all guile, hipocracy or fraud Full of true love, avoiding babbling suites A tree thats good is ever known by th’ fruits.

77. But yet for him that from the Church is sold, And in his heart is neither hot nor cold, With God and Mammon can with both indent Whose mind on mischief is full set and bent

That what he cap into his hands doth get,
And all is fish which commeth in his net.
That doth forsake his own religion first,
The same I mean wherein he hath bin nurst,
Inconstantly another shall imbrace,
What ere he think he is in woful case.
Well may one judge his conscience may be ping'd,
For that one thing how many have been hang’d:
And he again that in his ripest yeeres,
Forsakes the same, as plain by Cain appeares,
And both of them he hath distasted quite,
May be in 's age a damned Pagan right.

Besides examples in the Scriptures pure,
Which aye shall last, eternally endure,
Of cursed atheist, in their bitter gall,
That Julian like from God and Christ did fall,
The monster vile within the Gospel curst,
Which hang’d himself, when all his bowells burst:
And divers others tedious here to name,
Whose ends have shewed just judgements on their

shame :
Hath not Experience in this Age of ours,
Branded Apostates of the heavenly powers,
With fearful vengence woful to behold,
Upon the Earth for being (impious) bold :
As amongst many, infinite to write,
But one neere us instead of all i'll cite,
Whose scandall foul about the world is blown
His story rife amongst us all well known.

Faustus by name, by birth a German bred,
Whose minor years were with religion fed,
In liberal arts his mind but young did wade,
A schoole Divine and Doctor after made

up as well as ever man could be
In learnings lore, and sweet divinities:
So was this Cain, the like was Judas fell,
All three no doubt with damned devils in Hell.
The foremost two with blood their hands defild,
But this a man, which never hurt a child.
How with a knife made he in veins to bleed,
Then with his blood to write the Devil a deed,

Conveying soul and body by the same
To be tormented in eternal flame,
Never repenting till 'twas too late,
Damn'd, woful, fearful, in a desperate state :
Cursing the hour of his untimely birth,
By God forsaken, taken from the Earth,
With exclamations, hideous fearful cries,
Sprites, Ghosts, and devils about the house their

His brain thrasht out on every post and wall,
Sad spectacle, dire, mournful, fearful fall,
When soul, life, learning, all at once he lost
A woful purchase to his painful cost:
His bowels mangled carrion like (and tore)
Imbued in filth, and stinking poisoned gore:
Next day (tormented) in this case was found.
(By Devils) cast out upon a dunghill ground.

When once the Prince of darkness in the deep,
By power divine, enjoined was to keep,
And that the Serpent hateful and accurst,
Was in the centre of the Earth downe thrust :
Their ugly spawne then hacht the vilest elfe
That ever crawld, besides the Devil himselfe,
Foul furious Envy, as but late I told,
With viperous snakes about her head all rold:
And she againe out from their baneful breath,
Hath brought an impe like ghostly fearful death,
Limb of the Devil still worst than all the rest,
Mishapen, vile, base Antichristian beast,
Monster of nature, false in every part,
Apostacie with crablike crawling heart:
Contagious, fell, most dangerous in her tongue,
From whom all treasons in this world first

sprung: The hateful deeds which some have pact together, Under religion, may be brought all hither : The secret actions infinite that lurke, Which in mans heart and gall together worke: The poisonings, murders, every cursed rape, For whom this Earth doth yawne her mouth and

gape, Seeking to swallow, in her lawes devowre, Within the midst of her dark wombe to poure

ace be guest :

The actors damn’d under oblivions night,
Not fit to breath, or to behold heavens light:
Base scum and dregs, the works of darknesse first
Proceeding from Apostacies at first.

But what make I with damned atheist vile,
My sacred verse with antichrist defile,
To rouse from Hell tormented hideous sprites,
Foul ghastly Ghosts which all the world affrights:

my dear muse should thus by fiends be crost, From heaven of late within the deepe be lost. Hells ugliest monster to unmaske, and lay All open thus, falling within my way, That little taste to every palate yields. And all this while Caine wanders in the fields. With passions working in his hateful breast, Sad, discontent, may in his Revenge all bloody with a poisoned dart, Starts


from hell, enters with his Hart. Base cursed Fury hacht by Envy first, Apostacie this damned hell hound nurst: The masked traine that all her life befriend her, Are guilt, Deceit, and Falsehood to attend her.

82. This monster, Caine close in his breast did hide, With all the rest of that damn'd rout beside: And home returns as if he had forgot, The discontent of lii discovered blot: The blurre late made in his religious cote, As out of minde he seemes not now to note, But full of forme and outward complement, As if his mind was all to goodnesse bent; With much respect unto his father first, And duty shewd to her his body nurst: Upon his brother (fawningly) he lookes, And learns him then to make the shepards hookes, To catch a sheepe running with all her speed, And he again helps him his land to weed. Thus Caine continues for a certaine space, Before his fathers and his mothers face, In outward guise, formality and speech, As if his heart had had no further reach:

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