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1893. Reality-What Place it should Hold in Philosophy. JAMES McCosu, N. J., with discussion. 1893. Can Psychology be Founded upon the Study of Consciousness alone, or is Physiology Needed for

the Purpose? JOSIAH Royce, Mass., with discussion. 1893. The Soul as the Basal Concept of Rational Psychology. G.T. ORMOXD, N.J., with discussion. 1893. The Theory of the First Principle in the Eleventh Book of Aristotle's Metaphysics. AUGUS

TINE F. HEWIT, D.C., with discussion. 1893. Self-Activity in Education. J.G. SCHURMAN, N. Y., with discussion. 1833. Wundt's Psychology of the Will. E. B. TITCHENER, N. I., with discussion. 1893. Child Study as a Basis for Psychology and Psychological Teaching. G. STANLEY HALL, Mass. 1893..Child Study as the Basis of Pedagogy. WM. H. BURNHAM, Mass. 1893. The Dominant Seventh in Education. HATTIE E. HUNT, Conn. 1893. Mental Waste and Economy. G. T. W. PATRICK, Iowa, with discussion. 1893. Dreaming and Poetic Invention. JAMES SULLY, England. 1893. The Language of Children. F. TRACY, Mass. 1893. Application of the Laws of Physical Training for the Prevention and Cure of Stuttering. E, M.

HARTWELL, Boston, with discussion. 1893. Observation and Study of Movement and Mental Status. FRANCIS WARNER, London. 1893. Some Association Tracks Involved in Reading and Spelling. THOMAS W. BALLIET, Mass., with

discussion. 1893. Constitutional Bad Spellers. ADELAIDE E. WYCKOFF, N. Y. 1893. The Theological Life of a California Child. EARLE BARNES, Cal., with discussion. 1893. The First Two Years of tho Child. MILLICENT W. Suixx. 1893. A Plea for Special Child Study. W. L. BRYAN, Ind. 1893. Eye and Ear Mindedness. Report of Tests Made by W. L. BRYAN, Ind., with discussion.


1881. Effect of Student Life on the Eyesight. A. W.CALHOUN, Ga. 1887. Relation of Mental Labor to Physical Health. (Discussion.) 1889. Relation of Mental Labor to Physical Health. W. N. IIAILMANN, Ind. 1891. Physical Education. (Discussion.) REPORT OF COMMITTEE OF NATIONAL COUNCIL. 1892. Educational Equipoise. Mrs. F. W. LEITER, Ohio. 1892. Scientitic Value of Physical Culture. A. B. POLAND, N.J. 1892. Physical Education in our Schools. R. ANNA MORRIS, La. 1893. A Perfect Physical Education is Indispensable in order to Produce an Ideal Education. L. M.

TÖRNGREN, Sweden. 1893. Address by E. M. HARTWELL, Boston (treating of physical education). 1893. Somo Unsolved Problems in Physical Education. T. D. Wood, Cal. 1893. Training of the Human Body. AxGELO Mosso, Italy. 1893. Psychological Aspects of Exercises with and without Apparatus. G. W. Fitz, Mass. 1893. Physical Exercises for School Purposes. J. GARDNER SMITH, N. Y. 1893. The Regulation of Athletic Sports in Colleges. R. TAIT MCKENZIE, Montreal. 1893. The North American Turnerbund: Its llistory, Aims, and Achievements. Hugo MUEXCH, St.

Louis, with discussion. 1893. Physical Education of the Deaf and Dumb. ALBERT GUTZMAN, Prussia. 1893. Tho Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics in Stockholm. L. M. TÖRNGREN, Sweden. 1893. History of Physical Education in Denmark. JOAKIM LARSE:1, Copenhagen. 1893. Gymnastics in the Kingdom of Saxony. MORITZ ZETTLER.


1886. The Results of Education in the Indian Territory. R. L. OWEN. 1886. The Education of the Mongolian or Chinese. Rev. S. L. BALDWIN. 1886. Education of the Mexican. W. H. ASHLEY, New Mexico. 1886. Educational Work Among the Colored Race. W. II. BARTHOLOMEW, Lonisville, Ky. 1889. Educational Progress of the Colored People in the South. JOSEPH II. BURRI'S, Rodney, Miss. 1889. The Higher Education of the Colored Race-What has been Dono— What can be Done. W.$.

SCARBOROUGH and W, OWEN. 1889. Normal School Work among the Colored People. B. T. WASHINGTON, Ala. 1890. The General Statement of the Race Problem. A. A. GUNBY, La. 1890. Education and tho Race Problem. J.C. PRICE, N. C. 1890. The Education of the Negro in the South. J.A.B. LOVETT, Ala. 1890. The Race Problem in Civilization. IIENRY W. BLAIR, N. H. 1891. Indian Education. ORONHYATEKHA, Ontario. 1891. In Search of an Education, MOMOLU MASSAQUOY, Prince of the Vey Nation, Africa. 1893. Race Characteristics. G. W. HICKS, Jamaica. (Discussion.)

XXX.-ROUND TABLE CONFERENCES AND DISCUSSIONS. 1801. The Organization of Higher Education. Conference conducted by Nicholas MURRAY BUT.

LER, N. Y.

1891. Tho Study of Children. Conference conducted by G. STANLEY HALL, Mass. 1891. Educational Psychology. Conference conducted by WALTER L. HIERVEY, N. Y. 1892. How do Concepts Arise from Percepts? Remarks by Geo. S. FCLLERTON, and Letter of G. H.

HOWISON, Cal. 1892. The Freedom of the Will: Does it Concern Spontaneity or Choice? W2. M. BRYANT. 1892. Cosmic Suicides. MCBRIDE STERRETT. 1892. Promotions in City Schoois. (Discussion.) 1892. The Uses of Literature in Elementary Education. (Discussion.) 1892. Apperception." (Discussion.)

XXXI.-SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. 1872. The Early Withdrawal of Pupils from School-Its Causes and Its Romedies. W. T. HARRIS, Mo. 1891. School Statistics. Report of Committee of National Council. (Discussion.)

XXXII.-SCHOOL DISCIPLINE. 1870. Motives and Means which should be made Prominent in School Discipline. (Discussion.) 1890. Forms of Discipline and Discipline of Forms. R. L. WIGGINS, Tenn. 1892. Discipline in High School. R. E. DENFIELD, Minn.


1873. School-Honse Plang. A.J. RICKOFF, Ohio.
1892. The Health of School Children as Affected by School Buildings. G. STANLEY HALL, Mass


1872. Extent, Methods, and Valne of Supervision in a System of Schools. H. F. HARRINGTON, New

Bedford, Mass. 1873. School Boards and School Superintendents—Their Relation. J. H. BINFORD, Va. 1880. The Development of the Superintendency. CHARLES FRANCIS ADAMS, Jr, 1881. City and Town Supervision of Schools. R. W. STEVENSON, Ohio. 1885. Inaugural Address. LEROY D. Brown, Ohio. 1885. County Superintendency. Joux W. HOLCOMBE, Ind. 1886. County Superintendents. E. B. McElroy, Oregon. 1880. Teachers' Institutes. D. C. TILLOTSON, Kans. 1887. The Problems of To.Day. Richard EDWARDS, III. 1887. School Supervision in the U. S. and other countries compared. Jous HANCOCK. 1890. School Superintendence in Cities. E. E. WHITE, Ohio. 1899. State Supervision: What Plan of Organization and Administration is Most Effective? JW.

PATTERSON, N. H. 1893. Appointment and Tenure of Office of Superintendents. (Discussion.)

XXXV.-SCHOOL VENTILATION. 1882. Information Necessary to Determine the Merits of the Heating and Ventilation of a School

Building. JOHN S. LILLINGS, U.S. A. 1862. The Chemical Examination of Air as Applied to Questions of Ventilation. Dr. CHARLES SMART,

U.S.A. 1891. School Ventilation and Physical Education. Report of Committee of National Council. (Dis. cussion.)

XXXVI.-SCHOOL INSTRUCTION, SUBJECTS OF. 1871. How to Teach Geography. Mary HOWE SMITH, N. Y. 1872. English Literature-Its Placo in Popular Education. F.H. UNDERWOOD, Mass. 1872. English Grammar in Elementary Schools. M. A. NEWELL, Md. 1875. Comparative Orthoepy. W.C. SAWYER, Wis. 1875. Language Teaching-Its Importance and Methods. HENRY F. HARRINGTON, Vass. 1876. Report on Orthoeps. Prof. W.C. SAWYER, Ohio. 1876. The Study of Anglo-Saxon Language and Literature. Dr.J. M. GAENETT. 1877. The English Langnage in Elementary Schools. ZALMON RICHARDS. 1877. The Study of Social Economy in Public Schools. MAURICE KIRBY. 1880. What Constitutes a Practical Course of Study. EDGAR A. SINGER, Philadelphia. 1880. What We Should Seek to Accomplish in Reading Exercises. E. O. VAILE, Ill. 1881. Revision of the Common School Curriculuun. M. A. NEWELL, Md. 1881. Common School Studies. AND.J. RICKOFF, Yonkers, N.Y.

1882. Some Fundamental Inquiries Concerning Common School Studies. John M. GREGORY, Ill. 1888. The Place of Literature in Common School Education. HORACE E. SCUDDER, Mass. 1888. Practical Value in Life of a Taste for Good Literature. MARY L. BEECHER, Tenn. 1888. Practical Methods of using Literature in Teaching Children to Read. LEROY HALSEY, Mich. 1888. Ought Young Girls to Read the Daily Newspapers? W. T. Harris, Mass. 1891. Aims in Teaching Civil Government. FRANK A. HILL, Mass. 1891. Methods of Teaching General History. Mrs. MARY SHELDON BARNES, Ind. 1892. Teaching Current Events in school. E.O. VAILE, Ills. 1892. History in Elementary Education. M. A. NEWELL, Md. 1892. The Chief Aim in the Study of History. W.A. EDWARDS, III. 1892. Usage the Authority in Language. BRAINERD KELLOGG, N. Y. 1892. History and Literature in Grammar Grades. J.H. PHILLIPS, Ala. 1893. Should the Amount of Time Givon to Languages in Our Secondary Schools (as they are) be

Diminished in Order to Make Room for a More Extended Course in Physics, Botany, and

Chemistry? CECIL F. P. BANCROFT, Mass. 1893. Should Language Studies be Limited in Secondary Schools as They Are in the Interests of the

Sciences ? D. W. ABERCROMBIE, Mass., with discussion. 1893. Which should Come First, Latin, or some Modern Language? W. W. SMITH, N.J. 1893. Methods of Teaching History to Children. Mrs. Mary H. PEABODY, N. Y. 1893. Should Rural Schools Introduce Agriculture, Chemistry, Agricultural Botany, or Arboriculture ?




1887. Examinations as Tests for Promotion in Public Schools. H. S. TARBELL, R. I.
1887. Method of Conducting Examinations in Ordinary School Work by the Class Teacher.

Gove, Col.
1887. School Examinations. GEORGE A. LITTLEFIELD, R. I.

Discussion. School Examinations. C. C. ROUNDS, N. H. 1890. Examinations as Tests for Promotion. WM. H. MAXWELL, N. Y. 1890. Recitation Estimates. A. R. TAYLOR, Kans. 1892. Promotions in City Schools. Round Table Discussion.


1879. The Present State of the Spelling Reform Association. F. A. MARCH.
1879. Spelling Reform in England. E. JONES.
1879. The Etymologic Objection to Spelling Reform. S. S. HALDEMAX.
1879. Spelling Reform in Journalism. S. N. D. NORTH, N. Y.
1880. The Relation of Educators to the Spelling Reform. F. A. MARCH.
1880. The Duty of our Colleges toward Spelling Reform. W. G. BALLANTINE, Ohio.
1881. The Necessity for Spelling Reforin. T. R. VICKROY, St. Louis, Mo.
1891. Spelling Reform. I. W. WEBSTER, Minn.
1891. Spelling Reform. T. E. VICKROY, Mo.


1872. Examination of Teachers. Hon. JOHN SWETT, Cal.
1883. Examination of Teachers. ELI T. TAPPAN.
1887. Teachers' Tenure of Oflice. REPORT OF COMMITTEE. (Discussion.)
1889. Licensure of Teachers. (Discussion.)
1889. Individuality of the Teacher. J. M. DEWBERRY.
1893. Who shall Appoint Teachers, and on whose Nomination? H. S. TARBELL, R. I.


1871. Place and Use of Text Books. S. G. WILLIAMS. 1880. Text Books and Their Uses. W. T. IIARRIS. 1880. Practicai Use of Reference Books. MARY W. HINMAN. 1886. Text-Books in Elementary Schools. REPORT OF COMMITTEE. 1888. The General Functions of the Stato in Relation to School Books and Appliances. JOHN SWETT,

Cal. 1888. If there should be Uniformity in Text-Books, should it be by State Contract, by State PublicaXLI.--WOMAN'S WORK IN EDUCATION.

tion, or by State Decree. ALBERT W. MARBLE, Mass. 1888. Should the State Furnish Books and Appliances Free? R. W. STEVENSON, Ohio. 1888. Free Text Books for Free Schools, THOMAS TASH, Me. 1888. State Uniforinity of Text-Books. L. S. CORNELL, Col. 1892. The Text- Books of Comenius. WM. H, MAXWELL, N. Y.

1884. Woman's Work in Education. Mrs. MARY WRIGHT SEWELL. 1884. Woman's Work in Education. Louisa HOPKINS. 1881. Woman's Work in Education. Miss FRANCES E. WILLARD. 1893. University Education for Women in England. Mrs. HENRY FAWCETT. 1893. A Few Words of Retrospect and Forecast. DOROTHEA BEALE, England. 1893. University Association of Women Teachers. CONSTANCE ELDER, England. 1893. Women Students in the Scottish Universities. LOUISA STEVENSON, Edinburgh. 1893. Women's Education in New Zealand. Mrs. STEADMAN ALDIS. 1893. Educational Work for Women in Australia. LOUISA MACDONALD, Sydney. 1893. Recent Development of Education for the Women and Girls of India. E. A. MANNING, AUTHOR INDEX TO THE VOLUMES OF ADDRESSES AND PROCEEDINGS



ANGEL, James B.-- Relation of the University to

Public Education, 1887. APGAP, E. A.–Technical Education, 1879. ARMSTRONG, J. W.-Philosophy and Principles

of Methods, 1871.-Science in Common

Schools, 1874. ARMSTRONG, S. C.-- Normal School Work among

tho Freedmen, 1872.--Education of the In

diang, 1884. ASHLEY, W. H.-The Education of the Mexican,

1836. ATHERTON, G. W.- The Relation of the General

Government to Education, 1873. ATKINSON, Geo. H.— The Best Culture for Citizen

ship, 1888. ATKINSON, W. P.-The Place of Classical Studies

in an American System of Education. Is there too much Time Spent in Classics ! 1866.–Liberal Education in the Thirteenth

Century, 1873. AUSTIN, L. II.-Province of the Western High

Schools, 1891.


ABDOTT W.R.-The Profession of the Teacher,

1874. ABERCROMBIE, D. W.-Should Language Studies

be Limited in Secondary Schools as they are in the Interests of the Sciences? (with discus.

sion), 1893. ABONN, Frank.-Drawing by a New Method,

1890.- The Highest Office of Drawing, 1891. ACKLEY, M. N.-The True American Idea of

Labor, 1888. ADAMS, Chas. F.- The Development of the Super.

intendoncy, 1880. ADAMS, Chas. K.-College Dormitories, 1879.

Schools of Political Science, 1883. ADAYS, Herbert Baxter.-University Extension,

1891. ADAMS, T. D.--The Bearing of Popular Educa

tion on Civilization, 1863. ADLER, Felix.- Technical ard Art Education in

Public Schools, 1881. ALBEE, G. S.-Condition of Psychology in Normal

School, 1887. ALDEN, John.-How shall Pupils bo Taught to

Teach ? 1869. ALDIS, Mrs. Steadman.-Women's Education in

New Zealand, 1893. ALLEN, Charles.-The Training School an Ad.

junct of the Normal School, 1888. ALLEN, Fordyce.-Course of Study for a Normal

School, 1809. ALLEX, Jerome.-The Necessity of a Normal

Schoolin a System of Instruction, 1881.-Open. ing Address in the Higher Department, 1886.Report on Art Department, 1887.- What should be Domanded of, and upon Whom is to be Conferred, the Degree of Doctor of Ped.

agogy? 1893. ALLENSWORTH, Allen.- Military Education in

BACHELOR, Daniel.- The Educational Value of

thio Tonic Sol. Fa System, 1887. BAILEY, Henry T.--Historic Ornament and

Design in Grammar and High Schools, 1888.-- Drawing from the Flat to Learn the

Technique of Representation, 1893. BAKER, Joseph H.-The Philosophical view of

tho United States, 1891. ALLIEVO, Giuseppe.--The Division of Labor in

the C'niversity, 1893. ALLYX, Robert.-The Importance of Religious

Motives in Moral Instruction, 1887; The Edu

cation of Girls, 1891. ANDERSON, W. E.--Organization and System

against Originality and Individuality, etc., 1890.-Qualifications and Supply of Teachers,

1891. ANDREWS, I. W.-Classical Studies in American

Education, 1868.- The Study of Political Science in Colleges, 1891.-Historical Bearing of the Ordinance of 1787 upon Political Life in the United States, 1887.


Practical Education, 1888.-Report on Sec.

ondary Education, 1891.
BALDWIN, Joseph.- The Distinctive Work of the

Normal School, 1888.- The Most Valuable
Culture for Making Good Citizens, 1888.-
Practical Culture of the Moral Virtues. Re-
port of Committee of the National Council,

BALDWIN, S. L.-The Education of the Chinese,

BALLARD, Thos. P.-Civil Service and the Public

Schools (discussion), 1887.
BALLIET, Thomas W.-Somo Association Tracks

involved in Reading and Spelling (with dis

cussion), 1893. BAYCROFT, Cecil F. P.-Should the Amount

of Time Given to Languages in onr Secondary Schools (as they are) be Diminished in Order to Make Room for a More Extended Course

in Physics, Botany, and Chemistry, 1893. BANNING, Thos. A.-Lessons of the Ordinance of

1787, 1887.

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