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that respecting the killed of the two Bri. they not their reasons for it, think you? In tish ships, making their united comple short, Captain Stewart says that he capments appear greater than they were by 34 tured the two ships in forty minutes; and

what ground is there for disbelieving hin? "Three of the Cyane's men deserted to You are exceedingly offended at the the Americans; but, generally, the two boastings of the Americans. You have forcrews resisted the repeated offers to enlist got all Dibdin's songs, I suppose? You with the enemy. It was stated by the Bri- have forgot all the songs, and all the odes, tish officers, at the court-martial, that the and all the plays, of all the pensioned para: crews of the two ships were, for three sites? You have forgot Neptune coming weeks, kept constantly in the Constitution's in his watery car to surrender his trident hold, with both hands and legs in irons, and to that wonderous hero, King George the there allowed but three pints of water dur Third! You have forgot, doubtless, all ing the 24 hours. This, too, in a tropical the disgusting, all the sickeoing, all the climate! It was further proved, that, after loathsome, all the literary, vomit-producing the expiration of three weeks, upon the ap- flattery incessantly poured forth upon our plication of Capt. Douglas, one third of the navy, and all connected with it? Of all men were allowed to be on deck four hours the boasters upon the face of this earth, out of the 24, but had not the means of we have been the greatest, the most shamewalking, being still in irons; that, on mus less, the most contemptible and ridiculous. tering the crews when they were landed at However, it was not until 1814, that this Maranham, five of the Levant's boys were boasting assumed a regular official charac. missing ; that, upon application and search Then it was that the riclary of the for them, two of them were found locked Serpentine Rirer came to crown all the up in the American captain of marines ca. boastings of this nation of boasters. You bin ; that a black man at Marauhani was complain that Capt. Stewart, after captar. employed as a crimp and enticed one of ing the two English ships, “ was welcomed the Levant's boys to enter the American ser. at Boston by federal salutes; that he landvice. Upon these facts, let the reader em. ed under a salute; that he was escorted to ploy his own thoughts: if he possesses a the Exchange Coffee-house by troops, British heart, he will need no prompter." amidst the repeated cheers of citizens of

British heart," indeed! Where was the both sexes, who filled the streets, wharves, British heart when James Tompkins and and vessels, and occupied the bouses, his comrades were impressed! Where was while a band of music played national the British heart when they were so treated airs." You are exceedingly offended at day after day? But who is to believe this this, and seem to curse the manager of the story? It is nobody's story but yours; it play-house for having craved leave to ad. is your own miserable story ; and entitled bounce, that the gallant Captain Stewart to no belief. You have no British official and the officers of the Constitution would, account of the action. Does not this speak in their full uniform, honour the Theatre volumes! Would there not have been such with their presence. You seem to be enrag. official account of the action, if a good ex ed at this enthusiasm of the people, and at cuse could have been made out for this de this little trick of the men; and feat and capture! You take your details, yet not one word did you say about the you say, partly from the information of the victory on the Serpentine river ! British officers engaged. Why do you not On that famous sea in Hyde Park, the name one at least of the number. You two feets met, in order to give the foreign talk of Capt. Douglas, and you say, with a sovereigus, their whiskered followers, and species of national vanity that deserves not the enlightened people of this royal Wen, only beating but kicking, that “personal ocular demonstration of the superiority of consideration in battle was never the cha. British skill and valour. The Yankees were racter of a DOUGLAS.". A Douglas in- superior in number of ships, rod guns. deed! Why not of a Douglas, you ridicu. Long and obstinate was the fight, but, at Jous coscomb? Sad experience has taught last, as the newspapers told us, “ the shouts ine that roguery in collecting money is cha- of half a million of people communicated racteristic enough of " a Douglas," for to the sky that Britannia still ruled the Douglas' once robbed me in this way of a waves!" pretty many thousands of dollars. This, The citizens of Boston were very soon however, is a specimen of the nauseous afterwards taking their tutn ; but

, they had fattery which you never fail to bestow on something to boast of. One of their ships every Scotch officer that comes in your way. had taken two English ships, which, every

Your story about the breast of a Turk man must allow, ought to have taken her. might do well enough, if we could possibly There was really something to boast of. If believe the fact that you state ; but upon you had been there, indeed, to explain to what ground are we to believe you? You them, as you have done to me is pages are flatly contradicted by the American 466 and 467, that the Levant was a built of official account; and there is no English fir;" that the Cyane's " timbers tcere molto official account. Were not the English ten;" that her • breeching bolts drex outi" Government pretty good judges of what if you had been present at Boston to exthey ought to do in such a case ? If they plain all this, as nicely as you have explaindid not publish their official account, had ed it to me, how you would bave set the

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Yankees a laughing ! The play-house a few tons difference in point of size, or would have been the place for you to go that a few men or boys more or less, will to, where you would have occasioned more ever be thought of by their country a sufentertainment than all the other actors in ficient ground of apology for their pulling the scenery. If you had told the Bostoni- down of that flag, which has for so many ans, as you told me, “ that the Cyane was ages been borne triumphant through the so slow that every merchant vessel ran by seas. her, and that the Levant's officers declared To the government I say, that there that she could but just outsail her compan must be a new system of promotion, and a ion,” how the Yankees would have laugh- new rate and manner of distributing prize ed! They would have wondered, as I do, money. Captain Dacres was indignant at first, that there should have been two such seeing British seamen on board the Ameri. ships in that glorious great British navy; can frigate which had beaten and captured second, that " a Douglas," and a Gordon him. He was particularly offended at an Falcon, should have got into two such ships; Irishman, whom he saw sitting coolly makand, third, that, being in two such ships, ing buck-shot to fire at his countrymen. they should have gone in pursuit of the Alas! remember poor Cashman, who was Constitution, with a view to disable her, if hanged as a rioter, in 1817! Think of his not to take her.

fate and the buck-shot will sink out of your I have no room for more, and more, I sight Read his address to the judge who trust, is not necessary. I cannot, however, condemned him, and the buck-shot will conclude without bestowing my serious re- wholly escape from your miod : prehension on your endeavours to disguise, “ My Lord : I hope you will excuse a to gloss over, to palliate, the inglorious acts poor friendless sailor for occupying your of which you pretend to have written the time. Had I died fighting the battles of history.-When a disposition to do this is my country, I should have gloried in it; entertained by a people, that people is but I confess that it grieves me to think of manifestly destined to sink. The disposi- suffering like a robber, when I call God to tion arises from their not daring to look witness that I have passed whole days totruth in the face. It arises from their con- gether without even a morsel of bread, sciousness of inability to recover what they rather than violate the laws. I have serv. have lost. God forbid that such a dispo ed my king for many years, and often sition should become general in England; fought for my country. I have received but if you do not produce this mischievous, nine wounds in the service, and never before dishonourable disposition, it seems to me have been charged with any offence 1 it will be for want of ability, and not for have been at sea all my life, and my father want of desire. It is invariably the case was killed on board the Diana frigate. I that the greediness for praise is in an in came to London, my Lord, to endeavour to verse proportion to the merit of the party. recorer my pay and prize money, but being of this you have probably experienced unsuccessful was reduced to the greatest the truth; but there arises a further incon- distress, and being poor and pennyless, I venience, and that is, when you have begun have not been able to bring forward wit. to bestow unjust praise, you lay the foun nesses to prove my innocence, or even to dation of claiin upon you to proceed to all acquaint iny brave officers, or I am sure lengths in the same course. After writing they would all have come forward in my the book which you have sent to me, and behalf. The gentlemen who have sworn upon which I have made these observations, against me must have mistook me for some there is nothing in the way of praise that other person, there being many sailors in any officer in the navy has not a right to the mob; but I freely forgive them, and I demand of you ; and if you refuse, I see no hope God will also forgive them, for I sol. reason why you should not be liable to his emnly declare that I committed no act of lash.

violence whatever." To the officers of the navy I beg leave to This poor fellow made a will and left his observe, that I deem their profession highly prize money to his brothers! He had been hononrable; that I think it ought to be many months starving in London. He held in great esteem by the people ; that I was an Irishman, and as brave a man as deem the navy of the greatest importance ever died. There can be no doubt that if to the country; that I am convinced that Cashman had received, in time, the money it would require the greatest skill and due to him, he would never have been in most undaunted courage on their part to

the mob upon that occasion. enable them to maintain the dominion of I have not time to write any thing more the seas; and that to induce them to attain at present. I break off abruptly ; but a to this skill and to display this courage, man like you merits no ceremony from they are not, I trust, to be told that a few

WM. COBBETT. pounds difference in weight of metal, that



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" I know very well that those who are commonly called learned women, have lost all manner of credit by their impertinent talkativeness and conceit of themselves !-it is a wrong method and il choice of books that makes tbem just so much the worse for what tbey bave read."

Swift's Letter to a Young Lady. AH

H! my dearest Maria Louisa ! sign a coarser appellation ; culverkeys,

you who are still enjoying at the mentioned in Walton's Angler ; mithInstitution the lectures of the most ele- ridate mustard, or charlock; the prigant of all professors ; you who twice mula, or primrose ; violets, (you rea week have an opportunity of wit member Shakspeare's sweet lines hessing his ingenious experiments in

“ Violets dim pneumatics, aërostatics, and hydrostat But sweeter than the lids of June's eyes, ics, while he explains all the different Or Cytberea's breath ;')) 'ologies of the alphabet, from antholo- lolium and fumaria, or darnel and gy to zoology ! you who are, perhaps, fumatory, ingredients in the wreath of at this moment inhaling the gas of ni- the broken-hearted Ophelia ; together trous oxide or gas of paradise, how do with several fine specimens of the car. I envy you your sensations and asso- duus, or common thistle. ciations ! Most joyfully do I sit down On our arrival at Worthing, we dinto perform my promise of writing an ed with our friends the Tomkins famaccount of my journey to Worthing, ily, where we had the scapula of the not to indulge in the frivolous tittle- ovis, or a shoulder of mutton, with a tattle to which so many of our sex sauce of macerated cepæ, two birds of are addicted, but to attempt a scien- the gallinaceous tribe served with sitific journal worthy of our studies, and symbrium, or water-cresses, and the of the opportunities afforded us by our customary vegetables of brassica, lac constant attendance at so many of the tuca, and spinacia, through none of learned lectures in London. Nothing which the aqueous fluid had been sufoccurred on the road worthy of partic- ficiently allowed to percolate. There ular mention : the indications of the was also soup which retained so conbarometer, the mean temperature of siderable a portion of caloric, that it the thermometer, and the contents of scalded my palatic epidermis, and the the pluviometer, will be found in the piper nigrum, or black pepper,

with tables which we have agreed to inter- which it was seasoned occasioned change weekly. In the meadows

a very unpleasant degree of titillation through which we occasionally passed, in the whole of the oral region. In the I observed several fine specimens of afternoon, the water in the kettle not the mammalia class of quadrupeds, having been raised to 212 of Fahrensuch as the bos taurus, or common heit, or that point at which evaporaox; the ovis aries, of Linnæus, or tion commences, the thea viridis

, or sheep; the equus caballus, or horse ; green tea, formed an imperfect decocthe asinus, or ass, both Jenny and tion, in which state, I believe, its diaJack; and the caprea hircus, or com- phoretic qualities are injurious

. Mrs. mon goat, both Billy and Nanny. Tomkins declared she never drank By-the-by these vulgar methods of any thing herself but the simple elediscriminating genders are very unsci- ment; but I informed her that if she entific, and may often lead to mistakes. meant water, it was by no means a simLearned language cannot be too pre- ple element, but compounded of oxycise.

gen and hydrogen ; and I availed myIn the hedges, I recognised some cu- self of this opportunity for instructing rious flowers, particularly the bellis, of her that atmospheric air is also a mixthe order polygamia superflua, vulgò ture, containing about seventy-three the daisy'; the cardamine, to which parts of azotic, and twenty-seven of Shakspeare has given the vulgar name

oxygen gas, at which the ignorant credof the lady's smock ; the caltha, or ture only exclaimed, marigold, with its radiated discous seen myself a good many red gasbes flower, to which the lower orders as across the sky, particularly at sunset.”

“ Well, I have

These are

She was dressed in a gown woven tions, as I should be only subjecting from the filaments of the phalæna myself to similar remarks from others; bombyx, or silkworm, dyed in a red and when I was describing a resinous tincture of the small insect called coccus matter obtained by precipitation, she ilicis by Linnæus, which is found on shook her head and exclaimed, “ Imthe bark of the quercus coccifera. By possible, child, nothing is ever gotten way of changing the conversation, by precipitation : your poor dear fawhich was turning upon Mrs. T—'s ther was always telling you not to do proficiency in music, I asked her in al- things in such a violent hurry."~Upon lusion to the geological controversy, my explaining to a friend that antimowhether she preferred the Vulcanian py derived its name from its having or the Neptunian systenis, when the sil- been indulged in too freely by some ly girl replied with a stare that she had monks, she cried “ There, my dear, not heard of either of the tunes !! you must be mistaken, for monks, you

But, my dearest Maria Louisa, I know, can have nothing to do with may confess to you, that I am daily matrimony ;” and once when the promore and more horrified by the sad fessor showed me a lump of mineral blunders of mamma, who has not, like earth, and I enquired whether it was us, received the benefits of scientific friable, she ejaculated “ Friable, you instruction, and yet, while she sits at simpleton ! no, nor boilable neither ; the window knitting, will every now why, it isn't good to eat." and then catch a word which she fan- but a few specimens of her lamentable cies she understands, and betray the ignorance ; in point of acute misapmost pitiable ignorance in her attempts prehension she exceeds even Mrs.Malto join the conversation-For instance, aprop herself and you cannot conceive while I was this morning explaining to the humiliation to which I am conMiss Tomkins the difference between stantly subjected by these exposures. hydrogen and oxygen, she exclaimed, As to the experiments, I have not without taking her eyes from her work, yet ventured upon many, for having “ Well, it's a liquor I never taste my- occasioned a small solution of continuself, but in my time Booth’s was reck- ity in the skin of my forefinger by an oned the best gin.” We had been accidental incision, I have been oblige visiting a house in which I complained ed to apply a styptic secured by a ligof an unpleasant empyreuma. “Child !" ature. By placing some butter, howcried mamma, “I think an empty ever, in a temperature of 96, I succeedroom a very unpleasant thing certainly, ed in reducing it to a deliquescent but you may depend upon it, there was state ; and by the usual refrigerating not one in the whole house.” While process, I believe I should have reI was maintaining that bismuth and converted it into a gelatine, but that cobalt were different ores, she imagin- it refused to coagulate, owing, doubted in her imperfect hearing, and still less, to some defect in the apparatus. more deficient comprehension, that I You are aware that a phosphorescent was talking of the two London coach- light emanates from several species of es, and added with a nod, “ Yes, my fish in an incipient state of putrefacdear, they start at different hours, the tion, to which has been attributed the Sidmouth at six in the morning, and iridescent appearance of the sea at the Cobourg at eight in the evening.” certain seasons. For the illustration After dinner, I took occasion to ob- of this curious property, I hoarded a serve that cheese was obtained from maçkarel in a closet for several days, curd by separating the whey by ex- and it was already beginning to be pression, when she told me there was most interestingly luminous, when no way of expression, no, not all the mamma, who had for some time been talking in the world, that would ever complaining of a horrid stench in the make a cheese!! Alluding to a short house, discovered my hidden treasure, essay I had written upon the reflection and ordered the servant to toss it on a of light, she interrupted me by desir- dunghill, observing that she expected ing I would not indulge in light reflec- sooner or later to be poisoned alive

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by my nasty nonsense. Mamma has ent glorious struggle would never give no nose for experimental philosophy; the least encouragement to a Mussulman. no more have ), you will say, for yes But geology, or to speak more accuterday I was walking with a prism be rately geognosy, my favourite study, fore my eyes, comparing the different ah! 'my dearest Maria Louisa, could rays of the spectrum with Newton's you imagine that I would leave my retheory, I came full bump against searches for a moment unprosecuted? open door, which drove the sharp No, no, I have pursued them with enedge of the glass against the cartilagi- thusiasm. Providing myself with a nous projection of the nose, occasion- hammer and basket, I mounted a doing much sternutation, and a consider. key, and, George accompanying me able discharge of blood from the nasal upon his favourite colt, we proceeded emunctories. The mucus of the nose to the Downs, where we soon discovis certainly the same substance as our ered a chalk-pit, 'exhibiting strata tears, but being more exposed to the of fint in a horizontal direction, air becomes more viscid, from the and some describing an angle of fortymucilage absorbing oxygen. By means five degrees, occasioned apparently by of nitrate of silver, I have also formed partial subsidence of the soil. Being some crystals of Diana, and I have obliged to beat my donkey severely to been eminently successful in making get him forward, George observed that detonating powder, although the last I was giving him a specimen of wacke, explosion happening to occur at night, and as the colt whinnied, and the ass just as our next-door neighbour Alder- made a grunting noise, he added that I man Heavisides was reading of the tre- might now make an addition of whirmendous thunderbolt that fell in the gen- stone and gruntstein to my collection. tleman's garden at Holloway, he took it A piece of granite in a state of disintefor granted he had been visited by a gration, displayed an interesting union similar phenomenon, and in this ap- of quartz, feldspar, and mica; and I prehension shuffled down stairs upon stumbled upon a bit of sandstone or grit

, his nether extremity, being prevented divided by fissure into parallelopipeds

. from walking by the gout, ejaculating While I was admiring it, George came all the way “ Lord have mercy upon us! galloping up to inform me be had just fire ! murder!"_Upon discovering the discovered two beautiful specimens, cause of his alarm, he declared that one of amygdaloid, or toadstone

, and the blue-stocking hussey,(meaning me) the other of primitive trap, and as I ought to be sent to the Tread-mill, and had just been reading of the latter in mamma says she fully expects we shall Mr. Jameson's Sketch of the Wernerishortly be indicted for a nuisance.

an Geognosy, I eagerly hastened to the In conchology, I cannot boast of any spot. Guess my disappointment

, my very important additions to my collec- dearest Maria Louisa, when I found tion, having encountered few of what the former to consist of a large toad Hatchett calls the porcellaneous class, squatted upon a great pebble ; and the and none of the multivalves. Among latter to be nothing but a hole dug in the bivalves, however, I have met the turf, and provided with a springe some curious specimens of the Ostrea to catch wheat-ears, which George edulis, or common oyster, the cardium with a horse-laugh maintained to be or cockle, as well as several of the an indisputable example of priniwinkle and periwinkle class. While tive trap. By way of making amends

, walking with my cousin George, who, however, for this unfeeling joke, he as you well know, laughs at all my declared, with a very serious face

, that studies, and loses no opportimity of he had passed a perfect specimen of making a bad pun,we were accosted by quartz, and assisting me to dismount, a fisherman who asked us to buy some he clambered with me to the top of a beautiful specimens of the mytitus, or steep hill, and pointing to a sheep-pond common muscle, but George would not appealed to my own candid bosoun let me purchase, declaring that he was a whether it did not contain staunch Hellenist, and during the pres many quarts of dirty water.

a great

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