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Number of alien passengers arrived in the United States from 1S20 to 1S9G, the number of immigrants arrived from 1S50 to 1890. (Official.)


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N Otk.— Prior to the year 1820 no official records of the arrival of alionpatisengers were kept. It is estimated, however, that the total number arriving In the United States from the foundation of the government to the year 1820 was 250,000.

Up to the year 1856 no record was kept of immigrants in distinction from the arrival of alien passengers.

ed during the yea rending June 30, 1896, there came from

3.483 Ireland 40.262 Wales 1,581

68,060,45,137 Sweden 21,177

1,441 Austria Hungary ,65,103 The total number of European Immigrants for the last fiscal year was 329,067. Of the total number of im migrants for the year. 313,406 were males and 130,801 were females. The year ending June 30, 1882. was the year of the greatest immigration. Owing to the absence of law for the collection of statistics in relation to Immigrants by railroads, those from the British North American possessions and from Mexico are not Included since July 1, '885.

a Data not collected for 1896.

Of the number of immigrants arrlvt

England 19.492 Scotland.

Germany 31,885 Italy

Norway 8,885 China....



Hie following statement exhibits the amount of the debt of the United States Government in each year since 1790:

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Since 1889 the cash in the treasury is deducted from the assreirate debt, and bonds issued In aid of the 1'aritlc railroads are not included; these latter amounted on the 1st day of January, 1897, to 586.232,157.36. including interest paid by the Duited Stales.

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lour and a half per cent, (funded loan) payable after September

1. 1891 S 25,364.500 00

Four per cent. (funded loan i payable after July 1, 1907 55»,B38,WW 00

Four per cent , refunded certificates 45,890 00

Kive per cent, loan of 1904 100,000,01X1 00

Four per cent, loan of 1925 182,315,400 0J

Debt past due upon which interest has ceased since maturity


Old demand notes ?54,847 50

United States notes 346.li81.010 00

Fractional currency 6,890,504 14

Nal ioiial bank notes 18,870.333 .">()

Certificates of deposit, currency 50.830.000 00

Certilicatesof deposit, gold ,19.279.789 00

Ceriilicatcs of deposit, silver 370.883,504 00

Treasury notes of 1890 119.810,280 00

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Total debt.


Coin i 120,638,697 66

Bars.'.'.'.:::.'.':..'.'.'.'..'..' 5^565,384 86

'Dollars $384,584,572 00

Subsidla ry coin '. 14,215.765 62

Bars 110.815,340 53

United States'notes! '. S 85,318,258 00

Treasury notes of 18(H) 85.845,059 00

Gold certificates 1,392,360 00

Sliver certificates 14.227,7"4 00

Certificates of deposit, act June 8, 1S72 .500,000 00

National bank notes 14,278.969 8ti


Bonds, interest and coupons paid, awaiting reimbursement ...5 20,802 77

Minor coin and fractional currency 1,100,688 35

Deposits in National Bank depositories:

General account 12,384,251 47

Disbursing officers' balances 3,774,901 80

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Six per cent, bonds Issued In aid of railroads not included in the above statement. For these bonds the government holds a lien upon t he 6evoral Hues.

ssued to Union Pacllic Railway?

ssued to Central Pacific Kali road

ssued to Kansas Pacific Railroad

ssued to Western Pacific Railroad

ssued to Sioux City and Pacific Railroad.


S 27,236,512 00

25,885,120 00

6,303,000 00

1,970,560 00

1.628,320 00

il to Central liranch Union Pacific Railway 1,600,000 00

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04,023.512 00 $1,608,645 30

Total principal and interest I S66,232,157 30

Interest, accrued but not paid .

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