Modern methods of testing milk and milk products: a handbook prepared for the use of dairy students, butter makers, cheese makers, producers of milk, operators in condenseries, managers of milk-shipping stations, milk-inspectors, physicians, etc

Judd, 1907 - 222 páginas

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Página 19 - Whey is the product remaining after the removal of fat and casein from milk in the process of cheese-making.
Página 227 - Cloth. 3/2 x 8 inches $1.25 Modern Methods of Testing Milk and Milk Products By LL VANSLYKE. This is a clear and concise discussion of the approved methods of testing milk and milk products. All the questions involved in the various methods of testing milk and cream are handled with rare skill and yet in so plain a manner that they can be fully understood by all. The book should be in the hands of every dairyman, teacher or student. Illustrated. 214 pages. 5x7 inches $0.75 By THOMAS SHAW.
Página 18 - Cream is that portion of milk, rich in milk fat, which rises to the surface of milk on standing, or is separated from it by centrifugal force, is fresh and clean and contains not less than eighteen (18) per cent of milk fat.
Página 16 - Milk is the whole, fresh, clean, lacteal secretion obtained by the complete milking of one or more healthy cows, properly fed and kept, excluding that obtained within 15 days before and 5 days after calving, or such longer period as may be necessary to render the milk practically colostrum free.
Página 227 - On the farm of fifteen acres, which twenty years ago could not maintain one horse and two cows, there are now kept twenty-seven dairy cattle, in addition to two horses. All the roughage, litter, bedding, etc., necessary for these animals are grown on these fifteen acres, more than most farmers could accomplish on one hundred acres. Illustrated. 5x7 inches. 200 pages. Cloth $0.75 Practical Dairy Bacteriology By Dr. HW CONN, of Wesleyan University. A complete exposition of important facts concerning...
Página 17 - Pasteurized milk is milk that has been heated below boiling but sufficiently to kill most of the active organisms present and immediately cooled to 50° Fahr. or lower. 5. Sterilized milk is milk that has been heated at the temperature of boiling water or higher for a length of time sufficient to kill all organisms present.
Página 225 - CHICAGO ASHLAND BUILDING PEOPLE'S GAS BUILDING 315-321 Fourth Avenue ISO Michigan Avenue Any of these books will be sent by mail, postpaid, to any part of the world, on receipt of catalog price. We are always happy to correspond with our patrons, and cordially invite them to address us on any matter pertaining to rural books.
Página 226 - If you raise five acres of any kind of grain you cannot afford to be without this book. It is in every way the best book on the subject that has ever been written. It treats of the cultivation and improvement of every grain crop raised in America in a thoroughly practical and accurate manner.
Página 228 - Best methods of building the silo, filling it and feeding ensilage. Illustrated. 364 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth $1.50 The Study of Breeds By THOMAS SHAW. Origin, history, distribution, characteristics, adaptability, uses, and standards of excellence of all pedigreed breeds of cattle, sheep and swine in America. The accepted text book in colleges, and the authority for farmers and breeders. Illustrated. 371 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth $1.50 Clovers and How to Grow Them By THOMAS SHAW. This is the first...
Página 226 - Illustrated. 428 pages. 5}4x8 inches. Cloth $1.75 The Book of Alfalfa History, Cultivation and Merits. Its Uses as a Forage and Fertilizer. The appearance of the Hon. FD COBURN'S little book on Alfalfa a few years ago has been a profit revelation to thousands of farmers throughout the country, and...

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